Adam Lallana reveals how Roberto De Zerbi is different to Jurgen Klopp and claims Brighton dressing room is as strong Liverpool's title-winning group

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  • Lallana's close bond with De Zerbi
  • De Zerbi's demanding coaching style
  • Comparing De Zerbi to Jurgen Klopp

WHAT HAPPENED? Lallana, a seasoned footballer with a wealth of experience, has formed a strong connection with the Brighton manager. Lallana, who joined Brighton from Liverpool in 2020, describes his relationship with De Zerbi as akin to that of an older sibling.

According to Lallana, De Zerbi is exceptionally demanding, much like Jurgen Klopp, his former manager at Liverpool. However, the two coaches have different approaches to the game. While Klopp focused on the emotional aspect of football, De Zerbi is tactically obsessed. Lallana acknowledges that both coaching styles are effective.

AND WHAT'S MORE? Lallana emphasizes the high demands De Zerbi places on the players, sometimes even prompting him to reassure his teammates about the intensity of training sessions. Despite the rigorous training regimen, he emphasises that De Zerbi's approach comes from a good place. Moreover, Lallana lauds the unity and strength of Brighton's dressing room, likening it to the camaraderie of the Liverpool team during their title-winning period.

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WHAT THEY SAID: "My relationship with Roberto is like he’s an older sibling, an older brother I’ve never had. He’s demanding as hell but I just always want to impress him and make sure he’s not disappointed in me. His demands are extremely high. As demanding as Jurgen [Klopp] I’d say, but in a different way," said Lallana [via Daily Mail].

Lallana further elaborated on the manager's impact: "The manager’s demands are, well... there are times you walk off the training pitch, there are times I’ve had to speak to lads and say don’t worry [about the intensity of what’s just happened]. It’s coming from a good place."

Regarding the strength of Brighton's dressing room compared to his time at Liverpool, Lallana added: "It’s not just me, the whole group is [invested]. It runs itself, that dressing room... it’s easily as strong as the Liverpool dressing room when we won everything. Milly [James Milner] will back that up."

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Lallana's insights shed light on the dynamics within Brighton's squad and the impact of a demanding yet effective manager like De Zerbi. It also highlights the importance of leadership and mentoring, with Lallana stepping into such a role during his injury spell.


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WHAT NEXT? Brighton's commitment to excellence, as praised by Lallana, suggests a positive trajectory for the club. Under the guidance of De Zerbi and with experienced players like Lallana, Brighton aims to continue its upward journey in English football.