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I-League 2018-19: Chennai City FC's Akbar Nawas: AIFF needs to look into refereeing

04:59 WAT 29/01/2019
Akbar Nawas
The Chennai City FC coach took a dig at AIFF over poor refereeing...

Chennai City FC coach Akbar Nawas put a question mark on the standard of refereeing in the I-League and said that the All India Football Federation (AIFF) should look into the matter.

The dejected Chennai City manager who saw his side go down 1-0 against host Real Kashmir FC on a chilly January day in Srinagar said that AIFF has to look into refereeing as they are not consistent enough in their decision-making.

“I have said it before we are not looking for the title. We came here to play quality and committed football but we got something else. Everyone saw what transpired in the middle. The AIFF has to look into this as they can go sit and watch the video of the game. I don’t want to get in trouble by blaming referees but AIFF needs to improve refereeing in the league,” said Akbar.

Despite saying that he was not going to comment anything against referees, the Singapore-based coach could not keep a check on his emotions. 

“I don’t want to say anything against referees but there were too many decisions that they didn’t make (sense). There should have been more yellow cards against Real Kashmir players and there was also one confirmed penalty that wasn’t awarded to us. They can’t do it as a similar penalty was awarded to Real Kashmir in Coimbatore. What the referee did and what he didn’t, it is up to AIFF to look into. They can go see it in the video,” he said.

Certainly dejected by the two defeats out of two matches against Real Kashmir which has thrown the league wide open at the top, the tactician also blamed Real Kashmir for playing rough football.

“They are physical and that is ok but they go towards the legs of the players. This is not football. We are trying to play good quality football but if the opposite team plays like this, then you can’t do what you want to do in the field. It is difficult to play against a side that does things like this,” he said. 

“Everything aside, one shouldn’t take anything away from Real Kashmir. They are the best defensive side in the league and they have proven that again and again. We will go back and sit and think on what went wrong. After that, we will continue to play as we have done so far. For us it is about the quality and committed football in the middle,” he added.