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How much does the Champions League winner get? Prize money, TV rights & other rewards

16:50 WAT 31/05/2019
Harry Kane Dele Alli Tottenham 2018-19
Liverpool or Tottenham will land a massive cash windfall as well as the European Cup if they win at the Wanda Metropolitano on Saturday

Liverpool and Tottenham will face off on June 1 in the Champions League final at the Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid, in the biggest club football event of the year.

Since rebranding the European Cup, UEFA has successfully made the competition the one to watch for football supporters, with an estimated worldwide audience of more than 350 million from over 200 nations expected to tune in for the encounter between the two Premier League sides.

While the players will necessarily be chasing all the kudos and glory that comes with being a European champion, club executives are no doubt feverishly calculating the windfall it could net their respective sides. Tottenham, particularly, have been frugal in the transfer market recently, having built a new stadium, and could enjoy a significant cash injection if they were to cause an upset.

But just how much will each side win?

How much will the Champions League winners earn?

UEFA confirmed the prize money for the 2018-19 Champions League last June, stating that the winning finalist will earn €19 million (£16.8m/$21.2m) for coming out on top in the final. Meanwhile, the runners-up will scoop €15m.

Both clubs, however, have already accumulated a good deal more prize money en route to the final. Simply for qualifying for the group stage, they earned €15.25m. Each knockout round they progressed in thereafter earned them between €9.5m and €15m, totalling €32m.

Additionally, each point that the sides earned in the group phase was worth €900,000, meaning that Liverpool earned €8.1m and Tottenham took home €7.2m.

Should Jurgen Klopp’s side win the final, they would take €74.35m in prize money, slightly more than the €73.45m that Spurs stand to earn.

Furthermore, teams that qualified for the 2018 UEFA Super Cup – Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid – received an additional €3.5m, with a €1m bonus for the winners.

How much money will Liverpool and Tottenham earn in Champions League television revenue?

Another important money-making factor for both clubs will be the market pool, which is effectively revenue generated by UEFA for television rights.

European football’s governing body estimates that for the 2018-19 season, there is an available €292m to distribute between the participating Champions League teams based on the value of the television market, which is highest in England.

Moreover, the figures set to be distributed to Liverpool and Tottenham from the market pool are based on five factors defined by UEFA as:

  1. the actual final amount in the market pool
  2. the composition of the field of clubs participating in the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League
  3. the number of clubs from any given association competing in the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League
  4. the final position of each competing club in their previous season's domestic championship
  5. the performance of each club in the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League.

This system ensures that the clubs from bigger nations that UEFA see as being able to draw more income receive a larger share of the pot, meaning that both the Reds and Spurs stand to gain handsomely from the system.

Estimated figures suggest they will take €35.3m each from the market pool, taking the potential windfall from the competition to €110m for Liverpool and €109m for Spurs.