Guinness Night Football Cameroon: What the fans had to say

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Guinness Night Football Cameroon
‘Guinness are extraordinary’ – locals react to the GNF extravaganza Douala

Fans and players were at the heart of Guinness Night Football’s finale in Douala earlier this month, as those aficionados of Guinness and football alike were treated to an evening to remember.

Supporters particularly enjoyed the possibility to network and socialise around a Guinness alongside the chance to play foosball, PlayStation, and enjoy an evening of live music and entertainment.

Of course, the GNF five-a-side tournament was the centrepiece of the night, but this wasn’t the only thing that left an impression on fans.

"It was really, really, really cool," one supporter began. "I was emotional, what a great atmosphere. The adrenaline, it was magical."

The performance of Salatiel, and the skills showcase from Indomitable Lioness Njoya Ajara, were also among the highlights.

"In fact, I really enjoyed the evening when Salatiel performed," added another fan, 'becuase I love him so much.

"Otherwise, I enjoyed everything, the DJ, it was all good."

"I have to hail Guinness for the initative," concluded another supporter. "The most important thing is that I had a lot of fun."