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S. Mané
D. Ings
0 - 5
Roberto Firmino
J. Milner
0 - 4
S. Mané
0 - 3
Mohamed Salah
0 - 2
S. Mané
G. Wijnaldum
0 - 1

Match Stats

44% 55%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 6
Total Passes 475 606
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There may still be one more leg to go, but Liverpool are as good as through to the quarter-finals thanks to an excellent attacking display. Porto really struggled to break down their opponents, limiting them to speculative and poorly executed chances on goal. In the end, it was an increedibly easy evening for the Reds, who never looked like losing once they had doubled their lead just before the half-hour mark.
90' + 2' It's all Liverpool at the moment as they comfortably hold onto possession inside their own half of the pitch. Porto have offered very little tonight and are set to suffer their heaviest ever defeat at home in a European competition.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.
89' Liverpool can't quite clear their lines, allowing the home side to pick up the ball just outside of the Reds' box. Waris then pokes a pass into the penalty area and towards Paciencia, who tries to latch onto the ball but loses out to Karius before the linesman's flag is correctly raised.
87' Porto quickly push forward from the restart and set up Oliveira to shoot, but the midfielder's audacious effort from 30 yards out is woefully hit and sails high over the top of the crossbar.
D. Ings
85' It was Ings who poked a pass over to Mane and picked out the Senegal international in a decent position, and it's a well-deserved assist for a striker who has suffered terribly with injuries since joining Liverpool.
S. Mané
85' GOAL! Liverpool aren't done yet! Mane is left in far too much space just outside of the Porto penalty area, allowing him to burst forward before firing an excellent strike straight past Sa. A fantastic evening just got a lot better for the Reds, who are running riot!
83' Mane almost makes it 5-0! Once again, Robertson, who has been great tonight, whips a wonderful cross into the heart of the penalty area and straight to Mane. The Senegalese does well to meet it ahead of his marker, but he can't quite hit the target with his first-time volley.
82' Plenty of empty seats can now be seen all over the stadium, and it's no wonder why. It's been a truly terrible evening for Porto, who were expected to give Liverpool a really tough time but have been second best since the first whistle. As a result, their Champions League journey is as good as over.
D. Ings
Roberto Firmino
80' And the second is Ings, who takes the place of Firmino to make his Champions League debut.
J. Gomez
T. Alexander-Arnold
79' With little over 10 minutes remaining, Liverpool have made their final two substitution. The first player to come on is Gomez, who replaces Alexander-Arnold.
78' Telles darts down the left flank and looks to have got himself into a good position just outside of the box, but he's caught in a sandwich between Alexander-Arnold and Matip and drops to the ground. He immediately screams for a free-kick, but the referee isn't at all interested and waves play on.
76' Salah drifts out to the right wing and quickly sends a deep cross into the penalty area and over to Robertson. The full-back immediately moves the ball onto Firmino with his head, but the Brazilian can't quite hit the target with his effort on goal and sends it looping over the crossbar.
J. Matip
J. Henderson
75' Meanwhile, Henderson has made way for Matip for Liverpool, who look as if they're going to play with a back three for the remainder of the game.
Gonçalo Paciência
Tiquinho Soares
74' Porto have made their third and final change, with Paciencia coming on to take the place of Tiquinho.
73' Corona makes a run into the right-hand side of the Liverpool box as he tries to latch onto a long pass forward from Ricardo, but it's poorly executed by the full-back and rolls out for a goal-kick before it can find the Mexican.
71' Chance for Tiquinho! The striker, who has really struggled to get into the game tonight, latches onto the ball inside the box and quickly tries to test Karius, but Van Dijk is there to deflect the ball behind with a well-timed interception at the near post.
J. Milner
69' That was a really good run and pass from Milner, but, once again, Porto were all over the place at the back. They were caught far too easily on the break, with both Milner and Firmino finding themselves completely unmarked inside the final third of the pitch.
Roberto Firmino
69' GOAL! Liverpool are running riot! The Reds break away quickly once again and hit Porto on an excellent counter-attack. Milner is left in acres of space over on the left flank and charges into the box before cutting a pass back to Firmino, who shoots and easily beats Sa with a low strike that finds the bottom corner of the net.
68' Liverpool aren't able to fully clear the ball from their own half of the pitch, and Porto push forward once again. This time it's Waris who cuts inside from the left flank and manages to get a shot away, but it's poorly hit and trundles straight into the hands of Karius.
66' Ricardo does well over on the right flank once again before cutting inside and poking a pass to Corona. The substitute is easily able to skip past Van Dijk and send a low pass across the face of goal, where Lovren blasts the ball behind for a corner that's comfortably dealt with.
64' Firmino goes close to making it 4-0! The Brazilian sprints towards the far post and manages to get a toe on a curling Alexander-Arnold cross, but he can't quite hit the target with his acrobatic effort and Porto are just about able to hold on once again.
A. Waris
Y. Brahimi
62' Porto have made their second alteration of the night, with Brahimi making way for Waris.
61' Ricardo breaks down the wing and fires a deep cross over to Tiquinho, who gets a head on the ball but can't do much with it. An attempted clearance ends up finding Oliveira, who shoots but sends his long-range effort high over the crossbar. That rather sums up Porto's poor evening.
59' Despite being 3-0 up, Liverpool are still pressing with impressive intensity as they continue to cause real problems for the home side. Porto look rattled when in possession, denying them the opportunity to carve out many clear-cut chances on goal.
57' Corona, who has looked decent since coming on, gets himself in a good position over on the right flank and swings a cross into the penalty area, where it finds Tiquinho. The Brazilian quickly chests the ball down to Marega, who shoots but sends a tame effort straight to Karius.
55' Porto lose the ball once again and Liverpool burst forward on yet another great counter-attack. It's Salah who flies forward once again, but this time he can't quite find Firmino inside the box and the home side hold on.
S. Mané
53' GOAL! It's another for Liverpool! An attempted Porto attacking move breaks down and the visitors immediately hit the hosts on a swift counter-attack. Salah bursts through the middle of the pitch before setting up Firmino, whose shot is saved by Sa but pushed over to Mane, who then easily knocks the ball into the back of the net to extend his side's lead.
52' Ricardo is clattered into by Milner midway down the right wing, resulting in a free-kick for Porto in a promising position. It's sent short and worked over to Herrera, who tries to pick out a team-mate with a chipped pass but can only find the head of Robertson.
50' Alexander-Arnold gets himself into a decent position out wide after some good play from Liverpool over on the right flank, but his eventual cross towards the penalty area is slightly underhit and makes life easy for Marcano.
48' Porto aren't quite able to deal with a bouncing ball midway inside their own half of the pitch, and attempted header back to Sa fails to find the goalkeeper. Salah tries to rush onto the ball, but Reyes is just about able to beat the Egyptian to the ball at the vital moment.
J. Corona
46' Porto have made one substitution during the half-time break, with Corono coming on to replace Otavio.
46' We're underway once again!
The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half.
Even with 45 minutes left to play, you sense this tie is as good as wrapped up for Liverpool. Klopp's men would have been expecting to be given a tough time by their opponents but a really poor first-half performance from Porto has left the hosts on the ropes. They've really struggled to carve out too many chances on goal, while at the other end lacklustre defending has made life far too easy for the Reds.
45' + 1' Salah goes close! Milner bursts through the middle of the pitch and sends a clever pass into the penalty area, where Salah is waiting. The Egyptian tries to run onto it, but Sa is there to dive onto the ball before the linesman's flag is eventually, and correctly, raised for offside.
45' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
44' Best chance of the game for Porto! Brahimi is left in a pocket of space in the middle of the pitch, and he quickly breaks towards the Liverpool box on a decent run. He then pokes a pass into the penalty area and towards Tiquinho, who shoots but sends his low strike just wide of the near post.
43' A poor attempted clearance from Reyes can only find Salah, allowing the Egyptian to keep putting pressure on the home side's back line. He quickly works the ball over to Milner who then pokes it to Firmino, but, after doing really well to wriggle away from two players, the Brazilian can't guide his strike past an outstretched foot.
41' Porto lose the ball inside their own half of the pitch, and once again Liverpool are able to break at speed. Mane can't make it into the box and Wijnaldum quickly takes over, but the Dutchman's chipped pass is overhit and only results in a goal-kick.
39' More patient play from Liverpool sees them comfortably run rings around their opponents in the middle of the pitch. With two goals under their belts, the Reds don't look in too much of a hurry to push forward, and they seem content to take it easy and deny the hosts a chance to enjoy extended periods of possession.
37' Wijnaldum muscles his way down the right wing after doing well to control a loose ball, and he thinks he's won his side a free-kick after being barged off the ball. The referee doesn't agree, however, and Porto are presented with an opportunity to regain possession after being away from it for so long.
35' A Porto corner fails to result in a chance on goal, and Liverpool immediately burst forward on a determined counter-attack. Robertson finds Mane and sets up the Senegalese to try and find Firmino, but his pass is slightly underhit and Telles gets a foot on it.
33' It hasn't quite worked for Porto in advanced areas, as they're struggling to get Tiquinho involved in the game. Every time the striker receives the ball he's immediately closed down by either Lovren or Van Dijk, with both of the centre-backs doing well to deal with the Brazilian.
31' Van Dijk brings down Tiquinho from behind with a poor challenge, resulting in a free-kick for Porto in a promising position 30 yards away from goal. They're unable to make it count, though, as Telles' cross is overhit and sails behind for a goal-kick.
Mohamed Salah
29' GOAL! Liverpool have doubled their lead! A thumping strike from Milner beats Sa and ends up smashing the far post, but the ball bounces straight to Salah. The Egyptian controls it beautifully and beats Sa with a lovely flick before making it 2-0 with the easiest of finishes.
27' Porto quickly push forward from the restart as they try to find a way back into the game, but they're unable to carve out a chance on goal and end up conceding a throw-in, gifting possession straight back to Liverpool.
G. Wijnaldum
25' Wijnaldum did well to muscle his way into the hosts' box before knocking the ball over to Mane, but Porto should have done much, much better defensively. They allowed the Senegalese to push into the penalty are all alone, before Sa totally mistimed his dive and let the ball squirm under his body.
S. Mané
25' GOAL! Liverpool lead! Just moments after spurning a good opportunity to tee up Wijnaldum, Mane is presented with a great opportunity to put his side in front. It's one he's able to make count, as his low shot is fumbled by Sa and rolls into the back of the net.
24' Oliveira picks up the ball midway inside the visitors' half of the pitch and immediately sends a wonderful lofted pass over to the right wing. Otavio controls it well and sends a cross into the heart of the penalty area, where Tiquinho tries to meet it but can't get the better of Karius.
22' Almost a chance for Firmino! Robertson darts onto the ball outwide and quickly whips a lovely cross into the middle of the Porto box. It looks set to find Firmino at the near post, but Marcano is just about able to beat the Brazilian by the narrowest of margins.
20' Vital interception by Reyes! A poor attempted clearance from Sa fails to find a team-mate, allowing Liverpool to counter-attack quickly. Firmino and Salah link up really well before the latter tries to pick out Mane in front of goal, but Reyes is there to put the ball behind with a sliding clearance.
18' Mane is caught late by Herrera, resulting in a free-kick for Liverpool that's quickly taken. The Reds work the ball around patiently before Van Dijk eventually sends a lofted pass over to Alexander-Arnold, who is quickly closed down and can't do much with the ball, forcing him into playing it back into his own half of the pitch.
16' Alexander-Arnold is caught out by Brahimi over on the left flank and allows the Algerian to cut inside and dart towards the byline, but the full-back does well to recover in time and shepherds the ball behind for a goal-kick.
14' Marega does well to charge deep down the right wing before firing a low cross into the Liverpool penalty area. It should be easily cleared by Van Dijk but the defender ends up scuffing the ball straight up into the air and down to Tiquinho, who can't quite control it and loses out on the opportunity to spin and shoot.
12' Porto quickly lose possession and Liverpool push forward once again. Firmino gets involved in the thick of the action as he links up with Robertson, who shoots from 25 yards out but can't quite keep his thumping strike down enough.
11' A lofted pass from Lovren is fired over the top of the Porto back line and into the path of Mane, who makes a good run into the box to meet it. The Senegalese controls the ball well and tries to tee up Salah, but Marcano is there to get a toe on the ball before the Egyptian can.
9' What a chance for Otavio to open the scoring! Liverpool are caught out at the back, allowing Marega to charge into the penalty area and poke the ball over to Otavio. The latter skips away from Alexander-Arnold and shoots, but Lovren is there to deflect the ball over the crossbar with an outstretched leg at the vital moment.
7' Mane is left in a pocket of space out wide, allowing him to break down the left flank and into a decent position on the edge of the box. He then tries to set up Robertson to cross, but his pass towards the full-back is a poor one and easily cleared by Ricardo.
5' Another decent attack from the home side almost results in a chance on goal, but Liverpool do well to deal with the danger before quickly pushing forward. Firmino isn't able to break into the hosts' half of the pitch, though, as he's quickly closed down and dispossessed on the halfway line.
3' After an even start to the game from both sides, it's Porto who push forward on the first attacking move of the evening. Brahimi charges down the left wing and wins a corner of Alexander-Arnold, but Telles can't quite pick out a team-mate in front of goal with his curling cross.
1' We're off! Liverpool get us underway, attacking from left to right.
The two sides are making their way out onto the pitch, with just a few minutes to go until kick-off.
Meanwhile, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has also made three alterations to the team that featured in their last outing, with Joel Matip, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the suspended Emre Can making way for Dejan Lovren, James Milner and Jordan Henderson.
Sergio Conceicao has decided to make three changes to the Porto side that beat Chaves on the weekend, with Ricardo Pereira, Ivan Marcano and Yacine Brahimi coming into the starting line-up to replace Maxi Pereira, Felipe and Jesus Corona, respectively.
Liverpool substitutes: Simon Mignolet, Alberto Moreno, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip, Adam Lallana, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Danny Ings.
Liverpool XI (4-3-3): Loris Karius; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Dejan Lovren, Virgil van Dijk, Andrew Robertson; James Milner, Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane.
Porto substitutes: Iker Casillas, Maxi Pereira, Oliver Torres, Goncalo Paciencia, Yordan Osorio, Abdul Waris, Jesus Corona.
Porto XI (4-2-3-1): Jose Sa; Ricardo Pereira, Diego Reyes, Ivan Marcano, Alex Telles; Sergio Oliveira, Hector Herrera; Moussa Marega, Otavio, Yacine Brahimi; Tiquinho Soares.
There’s just under 15 minutes left to go until kick-off, so let’s have a look at how the two teams will be lining up tonight…
The visitors’ need to score means that all eyes will be on their front line, with Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino once again set to play important roles for their side. They scored 11 goals between them during the group stage and will have to be at their best tonight. Porto, meanwhile, are without in-form striker Vincent Aboubakar, who has scored 24 times this season but misses out due to injury. That could prove to be a huge blow for the hosts.
Back-to-back defeats at the end of last month were slightly concerning for Liverpool, but they head into tonight’s big clash unbeaten in three games thanks to Sunday’s easy win away to Southampton. Only one of their last 10 encounters on the road ended in a loss, and on just one occasion in the last two months have they failed to find the back of the net - something you feel they really must do this evening.
Porto are currently averaging three goals per game at home, and that could prove problematic for a Liverpool side that have struggled to keep things tight at the back this season. They only conceded six times during the group stage but five of those goals came against nearest challengers Sevilla, who managed to fight back from 3-0 down to secure a memorable draw at home to the Reds in November.
Only Besiktas have managed to beat Porto at home since Juventus did almost exactly a year ago, and all of the Portuguese side’s last eight games in front of their own fans have ended in victories. The Dragoes were thoroughly impressive in their 5-2 demolition of Monaco back in December, and they’ll be aiming to make home advantage count as they try to take a much-needed lead with them to Anfield in two weeks’ time.
Tonight’s clash brings together two sides that dazzle up front while occasionally causing panic at the back, meaning we’re set to witness a fantastic encounter. Only Paris Saint-Germain outscored Liverpool during the group stage, and the Reds were one of just four teams to head into the knockout round unbeaten. Jurgen Klopp’s men should be pushed to their limits this evening, though, as the Estadio do Dragao has proved to be an intimidating fortress in recent months.
Good evening and welcome to our live text commentary of today’s Champions League last-16 first leg between Porto and Liverpool at the Estadio do Dragao.