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B. Santalab
A. Keogh
Diego Castro
Yellow Card
J. Hoffman
I. Vujica
N. Kilkenny
J. Davidson
2 - 0
A. Keogh
Diego Castro
1 - 0

Match Stats

52% 47%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 7 2
Total Passes 539 472
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Final Series
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FULL TIME: PERTH GLORY 2 NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - The Glory have managed to re-establish their winning ways, as they have beaten the Jets 2-0. They came into the second half with a goal up their sleeves and their intention was to secure the two points. Kilkenny did that in the 47th minute and the Glory never looked back. The Jets tried everything to rescue the game, but in the end Reddy has recorded yet another clean sheet.
90' + 4' Petratos attempts to get past Lowry, as he floats it into the box, but he puts a little too much onto it, forcing Jair to run onto it. Nothing eventuates from the play.
90' + 2' Although the Jets have been queuing up for goal, they have not been able to find a way to beat Reddy.
90' We have four minutes of stoppage time to play for the match.
88' Castro with a thumping shot on goal, as the ball takes a huge deflection off Topor-Stanley, but the officials did not pick it up.
B. Santalab
A. Keogh
86' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - The Glory empty their bench as Keogh comes off and regular super sub Santalab is on.
85' Time is fast becoming a factor playing against the Jets. They need something to happen for them and they need it in a hurry.
Diego Castro
Yellow Card
83' YELLOW CARD GLORY - Castro is awarded a yellow card after his reaction to the alleged handball in the box.
83' Vargas kicks it for goal and it looks to have come off the hands of Spiranovic inside the box. The Jets appeal for the penalty. The VAR has a look at it. It has been given the all clear by the VAR. No penalty.
81' Castro rolls it through for Keogh, who runs out of room and ends up running the ball over the line. 
79' The Jets are starting to throw everything at the Glory, but are just not getting their way.
77' Petratos swings it into the box, but nobody is home for the Jets. This must be getting really frustrating for them.
75' The pace of the game has slowed down for a bit. The Jets must take advantage of this.
73' The Jets need to start to take some chances, they have nothing more to lose here and it could reap them a reward.
71' Chianese with a quick shot on goal and he hits the crossbar and it rebounds back into play. So close for Chianese.
J. Hoffman
I. Vujica
69' SUBSTITUTION JETS - Third and final change for the Jets as Vujica is done for the night and Hoffman is the fresh man on the ground.
K. Sheppard
67' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets make their second change as the barely sighted Sheppard comes off and he is replaced by Jair.
66' Kilkenny floats it into the box, but Boogaard rises up and heads it away for safety for the Jets.
64' Petratos has heard the call, as he lashes one from the distance and it just curls away from goal.
62' Petratos needs to do more, to provide a spark around the ground for the Jets.
J. Chianese
Fábio Ferreira
60' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - The Glory make their second change of the night as Ferreira is off for an early shower and he is replaced by Chianese.
58' There is just nothing happening for the Jets offensively. Their attackers are just having a horrible day.
56' Perth are happy to just slow down the pace of the game and play it to their rules, so they can bank the three points.
54' O'Donovan is one on one with Reddy as he runs towards him and slips it past him, but the offside flag was raised in the air.
53' Ugarkovic sends it into the Jets attacking box, but Keogh is there to make the defensive save for the Glory.
51' Perth are looking for a third goal. This could be the one that breaks the Jets.
49' Things have gone from bad to worse for the Jets. They need to restore pride and respect into this squad.
N. Kilkenny
47' GOAL GLORY (Neil Kilkenny) Perth Glory 2 Newcastle Jets 0 - Davidson lays it off to Kilkenny inside the box. Kilkenny lifts the ball for goal and it dips at the right time, finding the corner of the net. The Glory have a handy 2-0 lead over the Jets.
D. Petratos
L. Jackson
46' SUBSTITUTION JETS - The Jets also make a change with Jackson coming off and being replaced by Petratos.
I. Franjić
A. Grant
46' SUBSTITUTION GLORY - Perth Glory make their first change of the match, as Grant makes way for Franjić.
46' SECOND HALF - We are back under way for the second half as the Jets kick off to get us back under way.
HALF TIME: PERTH GLORY 1 NEWCASTLE JETS 0 - The Glory go into the half time break holding a 1-0 lead over the Jets. Perth dominated most of the first half but a 16th minute goal from Keogh is the difference between the two teams. The Jets may need to change their attacking structure, to find a way for O'Donovan and Sheppard to contribute.
45' + 4' Castro attempts to lift the ball into the box but it is blocked by Jackson, who concedes the corner kick.
45' + 2' Ridenton and Castro collide in the middle, with a shin on shin challenge. It is a painful one, but there should not be any long lasting effects from the challenge.
45' We have three minutes of additional time to play for the first half.
43' Ridenton with a push on Neville in the middle and the referee quickly blows the whistle.
41' The Glory are looking for a second goal before half time. They have the momentum right now.
39' Perth Glory have had 59.1% possession and the Jets have had 40.9%.
37' Juande lifts it over the top towards Ferriera, who runs it into the box. The flag stays down, which means the spotlight is on Moss to make the save and he dives into the ball. Great save by Moss.
36' Ferriera flashes it across the face of goal for Davidson, but he has put a little too much onto it. 
34' Moss with the big kick out from the goal line, as he looks to recharge the Jets, with the ball deep into attack.
32' O'Donovan with a silly fould on Lowry, as he places his hands in his back. Could've been promising for the Jets.
30' The Jets must find a way of changing things around. They are really playing well below their usual selves.
28' Play is back under way after the drinks break.
26' After the stoppage, the ref calls for a drinks break, which will allow the players to refresh themselves.
26' Keogh runs onto it deep inside the box and the offside flag has been raised.
24' The Jets need to get O'Donovan more involved in the game, as he has been quiet.
22' Ferriera takes it through the middle, but he loses the ball. He keeps on running and retains possession, only to lose it again inside the box.
20' Keogh is outside of the box, as he fires a shot on goal but it takes a deflection of a Mariners defender and Central Coast are able to clear it away.
18' Castro figures in the play once again, but this time he is stripped of the ball inside the box. 
A. Keogh
16' GOAL GLORY (Andy Keogh) Perth Glory 1 Newcastle Jets 0 - Castro with a great run through the middle, as he pushes it deep into attack with Keogh able to tap it in past Moss and into the back of the net.
14' The Glory are starting to turn things around, after a slow few minutes.
12' Ferriera fires it in for goal but it is saved by Moss. There was a bit of power packed behind that shot.
10' The Jets keep pushing the ball into attack but at the moment Reddy has all the answers.
8' The Glory are showing they are a force to be reckoned with tonight. 
6' The Jets are probably slightly ahead at this stage in terms of possession, but the Glory look good on the exchange.
4' It has been a slow start from both teams as they look to find their feet into the game.
2' Perth Glory will be keen to capture the three points to keep their noses ahead of the Victory in top spot on the ladder.
1' FIRST HALF - The Jets kick off to get us under way. The heat policy will be in effect today, as the temperature is still at 34 degrees.
TEAMS - NEWCASTLE JETS (5-3-2) STARTING XI - Glen Moss (GK); Daniel Geogievski, Lachlan Jackson, Nigel Boogaard, Nikolai Topor-Stanley, Ivan Vujica; Matthew Ridenton, Ronald Vargas, Steven Ugarkovic; Kaine Sheppard, Roy O'Donovan. SUBS - Lewis Italiano (GK), Jason Hoffman, Dimitri Petratos, Jair, Mitchell Austin. 
TEAMS - PERTH GLORY (4-3-3) STARTING XI - Liam Reddy (GK); Scott Neville, Alex Grant, Shane Lowry, Jason Davidson; Juande, Matthew Spiranovic, Neil Kilkenny; Fabio Ferriera, Diego Castro, Andy Keogh. SUBS - Tando Velaphi (GK), Ivan Franjic, Joel Chianese, Brendon Santalab, Jake Brimmer. 
Should the Jets manage a victory today, it will be the first time in their history they would have managed back to back wins at HBF Stadium.
The Glory have played out goal-less draws in each of their last two A-League fixtures. The last time they played out three goal-less draws was all the way back to 2007.
Welcome to HBF Park for the match between Perth Glory and the Newcastle Jets.