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90' + 3'
S. Surridge
Yellow Card
J. Wilshere
Yellow Card
N. Redmond
0 - 3
45' + 1'
N. Redmond
S. Armstrong
0 - 2
M. Djenepo
N. Redmond
0 - 1

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44% 55%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 5 5
Total Passes 384 491
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Southampton have secured a trip to Wembley for the semi-final, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out who they'll play. Before that though, they face Burnley in the Premier League after the international break. As for Bournemouth, their attention now turns to their promotion push after getting knocked out and they face Middlesbrough in their next game.
Southampton cruise through to the FA Cup semi-final with a 3-0 win over Bournemouth. Djenepo opened the scoring following a quick-break when he picked out the bottom corner before Redmond scored his first of the game on the stroke of half-time, firing over Begovic into the far top corner. Southampton rounded off the scoring in the 59th minute after Armstrong hit the post and Redmond scored on the follow-up. They could've had two more, but VAR ruled out an own goal and Adams' strike for tight offsides.
S. Surridge
Yellow Card
90' + 3' Surridge chased down Salisu after the defender made his clearance and barged into him to win it back, so he's shown a late booking.
90' + 2' Stacey is deep on the right, but he spots Surridge making a run into the box so plays a long ball over the top looking for him. Salisu watches it all the way though and makes a good interception.
D. Nlundulu
C. Adams
90' Adams is also making way, with N'Lundulu replacing him.
K. Ramsey
K. Walker-Peters
89' Double change for Southampton now and Walker-Peters is being taken off, with Ramsey on for him.
88' SAVE! Anthony pulls away from Bertrand to swing a cross into the middle of the box and Stephens slips at the near post. It comes through to Surridge in the middle and he flicks his header down the middle, but Forster is there to just stop it from crossing the line.
87' It's patient play from Southampton to work it out from the back and Adams finds space to run into down the right. He gets away from Mepham and chips a cross in from the byline, but it's over Redmond's head and there's no one at the far post for the Saints.
N. Tella
M. Djenepo
85' Third change for Southampton now and it's Djenepo that's making way for Tella.
J. Wilshere
Yellow Card
84' Diallo is away down the right and has a lot of space to run into, so Wilshere slides in, catching him late, and picks up a yellow card.
82' Stacey gets lucky after giving the ball away again as Djenepo's heavy first touch gives it straight back to him. He gets distance on his clearance this time, and it almost plays Solanke in on goal, but Stephens gets there just ahead of him.
80' Ward-Prowse swings a corner into the box for Southampton, with Carter-Vickers rising highest to clear it at the far post. He heads it out as far as Diallo, who hits the shot first time, but his effort is always swerving wide of the target.
78' GOOD SAVE! Danjuma does well to dribble past Salisu as he gets into the box and he goes for goal from a tight angle on the left. He keeps the shot low, hitting it across goal, but Forster gets down quickly and pushes it away with a strong hand.
G. Kilkenny
P. Billing
77' There's another change for Bournemouth now as well, with Billing coming off for Kilkenny.
M. Salisu
J. Vestergaard
77' Vestergaard follows him off the field, with Salisu coming on in his place.
J. Stephens
J. Bednarek
77' Double change for Southampton now and it's both the central defenders making way, with Stephens on for Bednarek.
75' CLOSE! It's another great run by Armstrong as he gets away from Wilshere and Mepham to drive into the box. He touches it onto Redmond just as he's fouled and the forward curls his shot to the far post, but it's just wide of the target.
J. Vestergaard
Yellow Card
74' Billing was right behind Vestergaard to intercept it when he took a heavy touch, so the defender dragged him down to the floor and is shown a yellow card.
73' GOOD SAVE! Armstrong tries to pick out Redmond's run, but it's blocked by Wilshere and comes back to him. He takes it around the midfielder before drilling a shot on goal when the space opens up, and Begovic pushes it away for his far post.
71' Redmond has been directly involved in three goals in a single game in all competitions for the first time since May 2015 for Norwich City v Fulham in the Championship (one goal, two assists).
69' It's another loose pass by Stacey which is intercepted by Djenepo and he has time to turn as he waits to pick out Armstrong's run. He squares it into him, only for Carter-Vickers to nick it off him on the edge of the box.
C. Mepham
Diego Rico
67' Third change for Bournemouth now and it's Mepham that's coming on for Rico.
65' Djenepo is back on his feet after his treatment and he's making his way to the side of the pitch with the medical team. He's going to be able to carry on.
63' Djenepo has stayed down after an aerial challenge with Wilshere and he's holding his head. It looks like Wilshere just caught him with his arm and he's receiving treatment on it now.
61' Bournemouth just can't get out of their own half at the moment and they can't cope with Southampton's high press. Their confidence has been knocked by that third goal and they can't keep hold of the ball.
N. Redmond
59' REDMOND HAS A SECOND! Stacey's pass into Wilshere is short and Adams intercepts it. He touches it into Armstrong, who drills his shot against the near post. Redmond reacts quickest in the middle and places his low shot into the far bottom corner, with Begovic well-beaten. 3-0 Southampton!
58' Bournemouth's passing in their own half has become sloppy and this time it's Diallo that wins it back in midfield. He slides it into Ward-Prowse, but his shot is quickly closed down by Cook.
J. Anthony
Rodrigo Riquelme
56' Riquelme is also being taken off, with Anthony on in his place.
S. Surridge
B. Pearson
56' There's a double change for Bournemouth now and Pearson is the first to make way, with Surridge replacing him.
55' DISALLOWED! It's another tight call that's going against Southampton here and it's been a long check by VAR. The ball came off the back of Adams before falling to Armstrong, who had just drifted into an offside position to get to it so it won't count. Still 2-0!
53' ADAMS SCORES! Yet again, Bournemouth are caught out by Bednarek's long ball over the top which Adams nods down. He gets it back from Armstrong before drilling a low shot into the bottom-left corner from just outside the box and Begovic can't get close to it. VAR is having a look at this one as well though...
52' Bournemouth are keeping the pressure on Southampton here as Rico swings a cross into the box. It's cleared by Vestergaard, but only as far as Billing. He touches it out to Stacey and his cross into the far post is put out for a corner by Walker-Peters.
50' Bednarek goes long with another good ball over the top and this time, he's looking to pick out Redmond's run through the middle. Carter-Vickers watches it all the way though and he manages to hook it clear for the hosts.
48' CLOSE! Rico's cross is cleared by Bednarek but Wilshere is there to win it back for Bournemouth. Billing plays it back to him and he tries to whip his shot into the near top corner, but he ends up curling it into the side netting.
46' Bournemouth get us back underway for the second half!
Hasenhuttl's side didn't create too many clear cut chances in the first half, but they were clinical on the counter-attack and caught out Bournemouth. He'll be hoping they can pick up where they left off just before the break. As for Bournemouth, they had a couple of good chances, but they didn't take advantage when they were on top, and Woodgate will want a big improvement after the break.
Southampton lead Bournemouth 2-0 at half-time. The visitors thought they had an early goal when Walker-Peters' cross was turned into his own net by Carter-Vickers, but it was disallowed by VAR for a tight offside. Djenepo did break the deadlock after a quick counter-attack when he fired into the far bottom corner. Then, on the stroke of half-time, Redmond fired a great shot over Begovic and into the top corner to double the lead.
S. Armstrong
45' + 1' Armstrong cushioned the ball down for Redmond which is what catches out Rico and helps to open up the space for the forward.
N. Redmond
45' + 1' REDMOND SCORES! Rico commits himself when he tries to intercept the throw-in which leaves Redmond with a lot of space to run into through the middle. He takes it past Cook, who slips and that gives him the space to lift it over Begovic and nestle his shot into the far top corner. 2-0 Southampton! 
45' Solanke does brilliantly to close down Vestergaard and win the ball back at the byline on the right, but he doesn't have support with him. He ends up pulling it back for Riquelme, but he can't find a way past Bednarek.
43' It's a great ball over the top from Walker-Peters for Adams, but there's just too much on it for the forward. Cook knocks it back to Begovic but Adams is still chasing it down and the goalkeeper just manages to clear his lines in time.
41' Carter-Vickers does well to play himself out of trouble as he's closed down by Ward-Prowse and Adams but he squeezes a pass out to Wilshere. He turns straight into Bertrand and the hosts are struggling to get past Southampton's high press.
39' Southampton look a lot more comfortable now that they're in the lead and they're keeping the ball much better than before. It's patient play from the visitors as they try to find a way in behind Bournemouth.
N. Redmond
37' Redmond pulls away from his defender to cut inside from the right and he finds a lot of space to run into through the middle before picking out Djenepo.
M. Djenepo
37' SOUTHAMPTON LEAD! Southampton have barely been able to get out of their own half in the last few minutes, but they lead after a great counter-attack. Redmond plays in Djenepo, who is onside, and he goes past Cook before hitting his shot across goal and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Southampton!
35' Riquelme is causing Southampton more problems at the back after Solanke makes a driving run into the box from the right and lays it off to him. He tries to flick it over Bednarek, but can't bring it down again and Forster comes to collect it.
33' It's well worked by Bournemouth with Riquelme playing a one-two with Solanke to pull away from Diallo to get into space on the edge of the box. He drills a shot to the bottom-right corner, but Forster gets down to save it.
31' CLOSE! The free-kick is swung into the right side of the box for Bournemouth and Adams' header is straight at Cook, who chests the ball down before drilling it to Riquelme. He takes the shot first time, aiming for the near top corner, but curls it just wide of the post.
J. Bednarek
Yellow Card
30' Danjuma is away from Bednarek and he stretches to try and win the ball. He gets nowhere near it though and picks up the first booking of the game.
28' Bournemouth win it back deep in their own half again and are trying to break quickly down the right and catch out Southampton. Stacey chips it over Djenepo to Riquelme, but he can't find a way past Bertrand.
26' It's Ward-Prowse standing over the free-kick again and this time, he's going for goal. He curls his shot up and over the wall, but Begovic gets down to hold onto it at his near post.
25' Southampton have a free-kick on the left which Ward-Prowse swings into the box, but it's cleared by Rico at the near post. Southampton win it back and they've won another free-kick in a similar position to the first.
23' Bournemouth break quickly with Solanke playing in Danjuma with a throughball down the left of the box. It's a tight angle, but he goes for goal anyway and Forster makes the save at his near post.
21' CHANCE! The corner is initially cleared by Danjuma, but his header falls to Armstrong on the edge of the box. He takes the shot on the volley, but scuffs it and his effort bounces wide of the post.
19' Solanke heads down Cook's pass and it bounces towards Billing, but he takes a heavy first touch which takes it bouncing away from him. He has both Southampton defenders with him and he can't reach it.
17' Bournemouth have progressed from just four of their 29 FA Cup ties against top-flight opponents, though they did beat Premier League side Burnley in the last round.
15' GOOD CHANCE! It's another great run from Armstrong down the right as he rides the challenge from Rico and cuts inside to get into the box. He pulls back a cross from the byline to Bertrand, who takes the shot first time, but he fires it wide of the far post.
14' Southampton are keeping the ball well and are keeping Bournemouth penned back in their own half. They're passing it around on the halfway line at the moment as they try to open up some space in behind the hosts.
12' DISALLOWED! They're checking to see if Walker-Peters was onside when Bednarek played the pass and it's a tight call. The lines are showing that he was just ahead of his defender and the goal doesn't count. Still 0-0!
10' OWN GOAL! It's a brilliant pass over the top from Bednarek to pick out Walker-Peters' run down the right and he brings it down with a great first touch. He cuts into the box before squaring it towards Adams at the far post. Carter-Vickers slides in to intercept it but ends up putting it into his own net, but this is being looked at by VAR...
8' It's a great run by Armstrong down the right as he pulls away from Rico and squares it to Adams at the near post. His first touch is heavy, but he just manages to keep it in play, but he chips his cross into the side netting.
6' The corner is swung into the box for Bournemouth and Armstrong meets it, but his clearance loops up to Cook in the middle. He heads it towards goal, but it's straight at Forster down the middle.
4' Southampton are keeping the ball better now and Bertrand is trying to set Djenepo off down the left, but he can't find a way past Stacey. He gets a second chance and fizzes a low cross towards Adams, but Cook intercepts.
2' Bournemouth have made a bright start to the game and are making good progress down the left. Rico finds himself in space and swings a cross into the box, but it's too close to Forster, who holds onto it.
1' Armstrong gets the game underway for Southampton!
Kick-off is just moments away for this one...
There are two changes for Bournemouth as well after the win against Swansea, with the injured Junior Stanislas and suspended Jefferson Lerma dropping out for the visit of Saints. Pearson and Riquelme are promoted from the bench.
Southampton show just two changes to the team that lost 2-1 at home to Brighton last week, with Takumi Minamino cup-tied and Tella dropping to the bench as Djenepo and Redmond are brought in for another clash with a south-coast rival.
SOUTHAMPTON SUBSTITUTES: Mohammed Salisu, Will Ferry, Alexandre Jankewitz, Kayne Ramsay, Nathan Tella, Caleb Watts, Jack Stephens, Alex McCarthy, Daniel N'Lundulu.
SOUTHAMPTON (4-4-2): Fraser Forster; Jan Bednarek, Ryan Bertrand, Jannik Vestergaard, Kyle Walker-Peters; Stuart Armstrong, Ibrahima Diallo, James Ward-Prowse, Moussa Djenepo; Nathan Redmond, Che Adams.
BOURNEMOUTH SUBSTITUTES: Jordan Zemura, Jaidon Anthony, Chris Mepham, Sam Surridge, Christian Saydee, Mark Travers, Gavin Kilkenny, Nathan Moriah-Welsh.
BOURNEMOUTH (4-2-3-1): Asmir Begovic; Steve Cook, Diego Rico, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Jack Stacey; Jack Wilshere, Ben Pearson; Philip Billing, Arnaut Danjuma Groeneveld, Rodrigo Riquelme; Dominic Solanke.
Victory here would secure a trip to Wembley for one of these sides. With that in mind, let's take a look at how the sides line up for this one.
The Saints are looking for some respite amid a poor run of form in the Premier League but face a tricky task against their south-coast rivals, who hammered Swansea 3-0 last time out and are two points shy of the play-off places in the Championship.
Hello and welcome to our LIVE coverage of this FA Cup quarter-final tie between Bournemouth and Southampton at the Vitality Stadium!