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Jude Bellingham is built different: England have finally created a generational talent with the swagger to dominate at major tournaments

Jude Bellingham famously wore the No.22 shirt early in his career as he and his youth coach at Birmingham City wanted him to be the complete midfielder, combining aspects of a No.4 (holding), No.8 (box-to-box) and No.10 (playmaker).

But after his thunderous headed goal against Serbia gave England a winning start in Euro 2024, perhaps the number should be upgraded to 31. Because his goal was the hallmark of a classic No.9, drawing comparisons with Alan Shearer and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Even taking away the fact he scored the only goal of the game, Bellingham was England's standout performer in Gelsenkirchen, at times playing in every role aside from goalkeeper. And if, for whatever reason, he ever had to put on the gloves and guard the net, one imagines he could give Jordan Pickford a run for his money.

England's overall performance against Serbia made for familiar viewing, a strong start giving way to a lack of control. But for another reason it felt entirely unique. Now the Three Lions have a player they have never had before. He might hail from Birmingham, but Bellingham is built differently to the rest of his compatriots.

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