Bukayo Saka England 2023 HIC 16:9Getty

Forget Mo Salah and Rodrygo - Bukayo Saka is the best right winger in the world!

Gareth Southgate bit his lip when he was asked after England’s 2-0 win against Ukraine whether there was any other right winger in the world who is playing at the level of Bukayo Saka right now.

“I’m not going to get drawn into where he sits in world football,” Southgate laughed. “That would start to put us in danger of doing all the things that we shouldn’t be doing with him. 

“He’s progressing brilliantly and he’s a joy to work with. We should leave it at that.”

It was as diplomatic a response as you would expect from someone like Southgate. 

But in all honesty, he could have just said that Saka is at the top of the world pile right now because no-one would have argued with him.

Mohamed Salah can step aside, so can the likes of Ousmane Dembele and Rodrygo. Saka is currently the best right winger on the planet. It’s that simple.

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