Best laceless soccer cleats for kids in 2023

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Kids can find laces tricky, so the last thing you want them to contend with when learning a new sport is fiddly strings. This is why laceless soccer cleats are an amazing option for little ones who want to play a beautiful, fuss-free game - laceless cleats can also eliminate the chance to injury if the laces are undone.

They've become increasingly popular, and you might see some top players donning them. But, it's not a style that every brand adopts, adidas and Nike are leaders in laceless soccer cleats, which is why the selections below are mainly from these particular companies.

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Our top three:

Best overall kid's laceless soccer cleats: Nike Junior Air Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 Pro

Best budget kid's laceless soccer cleats: PUMA Ultra Match

Best kid's black laceless soccer cleats: Nike Nike Junior Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 KM Academy


Do professional soccer players wear laceless cleats?

Laceless cleats have become a common sight on professional soccer fields across the globe - for a few reasons. One of them is that big brands like Nike and adidas have made them a widely available option, laceless options are almost always part of new boot releases. Laceless cleats are also super easy to slip on and off which players like and the absence of laces, give creative players a bigger strike zone for cleaner shots.

What's the difference between laceless and laced cleats?

The apparent difference is that laceless soccer cleats don't have a lace fastening on the shoe, which means no more laces coming undone whilst you're on the pitch. This means that the very construction of the soccer cleat is designed not to be reliant on laces to fasten and lock you into the cleat.

What are the benefits of laceless soccer cleats?

The main benefit of laceless soccer cleats is that you no longer have to worry about tying the shoes to your foot or the laces becoming loose. Laceless cleats wrap around your foot and are built to easily slip in and out of, making your life easier. They also have a comfort advantage, giving a more sock-like fit around the foot.

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