Bellingham, Gavi and the NXGN wonderkids set to light up the 2022 World Cup

Musiala Bellingham Gavi GFXGetty/GOAL

The World Cup is great for so many reasons, but perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the tournament is the stage it provides for young or previously unheralded players to announce themselves to a global audience.

There are few bigger thrills as a football fan than falling in love with a player you previously knew little about, and that is multiplied when said player is only a teenager and still has their whole career in front of them.

The good news is that there will be plenty of starlets on show at Qatar 2022, and though some are more well-known than others, they are all capable of making a massive impact on the tournament.

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So, let NXGN introduce you to the most promising youngsters at this year's World Cup...