VOTE NOW: Goal Ultimate 11 powered by FIFA 21 - Who is the best right winger in the world?

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We want to know who is the best right winger in the game currently

We at have teamed up with the gaming series FIFA 21 to identify the top 11 players existing in the game today.

Join us in the poll sponsored by FIFA 21 and vote for your favorite right winger (off the five below) but before that here is a quick snippet on the players:

Lionel Messi: His name means a lot to football fans. Considered by many as the GOAT. Always ready to make the difference, whatever are the circumstances. Overal FIFA 21 Rating: 93

Mohamed Salah: Won the Premier League trophy. His season was outstanding and he is now considered as one of the best players in the world. Overal FIFA 21 Rating: 90

Riyad Mahrez: Riyad is again considered as one of the greatest players in England, especially after his move to Manchester City. Very talented, and with Guardiola, he is getting even better. Overal FIFA 20 Rating: 85

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Serge Gnabry: The variety in his attack is frightening and compliments the likes of Lewandowski and Müller exceptionally, which in turn allows Hansi Flick’s team to play an attacking and fluid brand of football.. Overal FIFA 21 Rating: 85

Jadon Sancho: A winger has to possess many attributes to be considered as one of the best in the world. He has to be creative, to have a very good output to be able to create space by his movement, whether it is by his ball-carrying ability from deep or by his ability to run into depth beyond the defensive line. And Sancho is already close to it, hence why he is so effective. Overal FIFA 21 Rating: 87