Two teams from Super League, and three from Premier League are facing points deductions

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FMLLP CEO Kevin Ramalingam 7/12/2016
Zulhilmi Zainal
Five teams in the M-League are facing punishments, including points deductions after failing to adhere to the rules set by FMLLP

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Football Malaysia Limited & Liability Partnership (FMLLP) has released a statement saying that they will take actions on five teams in the M-League that failed to comply with the regulations set by the organisation prior to the start of the 2017 season. 

FMLLP requires all teams to submit confirmation letter, latest documents and a letter stating that all salaries and arrears were settled up November 2016, the latest EPF and SOCSO statements, the latest update on fine settlements of teams officers, and players as well as other rules.

However, five teams failed to fulfill the criteria given by the original deadline (December 31st 2016) and despite extending the deadlines to March 31st 2017, the teams still failed to comply with the rules.

The five teams, two from the Super League and three from the Premier League, are now facing punishments from FMLLP, including, but not limited to points deduction.

FMLLP insisted that they take the matter seriously, considering that all the league’s rules and procedures were presented before the season started, as well as an ample time were given for teams to prepare all the documents.

Any points deduction punishment meted out could potentially harm the chances of the teams involved, to qualify for the Malaysia Cup.


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