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Stand Red - Here's a chance for Liverpool fans to step into the hallowed Anfield Boot Room

04:57 GMT+3 13/03/2020
Liverpool Anfield 2019
Augmented Reality is set to help Stand Red application users to step into the Anfield Boot Room and explore it...

A picture says a thousand words. But an experience is worth a million more. The ability to step inside one of Liverpool FC’s most impressive eras is what every Reds fan yearns of. 

To be beside the legendary manager Bob Paisley – who won 20 trophies in nine mesmerizing years though - is reverential.  This is what Standard Chartered’s Stand Red initiative seeks to do. 

As part of the centenary commemoration of the legendary Anfield hero’s birthday, Standard Chartered has envisaged a revolutionary project to bring Paisley in to the 21st century, to millions of his adoring Liverpool supporters, through a competent cocktail of cinema and technology. 

We detail the incredible innovation in technology and creativity that Standard Chartered has ideated as part of the #StandRed initiative, taking aficionados inside the hallowed Anfield Boot Room. 

Using Augmented Reality (AR), users on the Stand Red application get to interact with the content on screen, paving the way for a non-linear storyline experience. Simply put, the AR is structured so that users can step into the boot room and freely explore it, interacting with the respective hot spots as they wish to. 

This is truly differentiated from the “Show and Tell” feature that has been a staple in historical content delivery. 

Thanks to the AR engine, a fan stepping into the boot room will get a glimpse of the Club’s golden era with newspaper headlines from the past indicating the significance of a particular event in Paisley and Liverpool FC’s history.

The experience is unique to every fan entering via the app, leaving them with an intimate sense of awe and wonder in being able to ‘physically’ enter the Boot Room – a sense Standard Chartered thoughtfully sought to craft.      

This was achieved leveraging technology from Unity, a widely used cross platform 3D game engine. 

In AR, objects, lighting, space and time are significantly important to immerse a user and it was kept at the forefront of thought while developing the idea. The Boot Room itself was modelled as detailed as possible based on old imagery and stories to provide users with as much realism as possible.

Device motion capture, camera scene capture and advanced scene processing are some of the mechanisms that all work together hand-in-hand with AR technologies present on the latest devices within the iOS and Android ecosystem, to delve the user into a surreal experience. 

The fan is the protagonist in the story – he needs to enter the bBoot rRoom to experience the greatness of the Club. 

Paisley beckons – it’s time for Liverpool FC’s as well as football aficionados to experience the Club’s history anytime, anywhere. You can step into the Boot Room today by download the FREE Stand Red app from your Apple App or Google Play stores today!