Reported Orlando Pirates target Ofori wants 'to go back' and complete the season

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Richard Ofori - Maritzburg United April 2020
The Ghanaian is eager for football to resume in a season he has been impressive in, amid links to the Buccaneers

Maritzburg United goalkeeper Richard Ofori is keen to get back to football action, saying abandoning the current Premier Soccer League (PSL) season "will lead to a lot of confusion."

The Ghana number one is against the season being called-off although he said he is ready to accept such a decision if the PSL deems it the best course of action.

In a campaign in which fifth-placed Maritzburg still have chances to finish in the top three from their remaining six league games, Ofori wants the season to continue. 

For a team that was nearly relegated last season, Maritzburg's run has been partly contributed by Ofori, who boasts of 10 clean sheets this term, a series of performances which reportedly continues to impress Orlando Pirates and an unnamed Belgian club.

Ofori could be keen to pick up from where he left off before football was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, as he says cancelling the season would invite some complications for the PSL in terms of relegation and promotion.

“It is a very difficult situation,” Ofori was quoted as saying by Phakaaathi.

“I think we just have to go back and play because they can’t say they are ending the league, as that will lead to a lot of confusion.

"Teams have already lost a lot of money. And those who will be relegated will feel bad. And those who are in the first division who feel they can still get to promotion will feel bad.

"It’s a difficult decision for the [PSL] board to decide, but at the end of the day whatever decision they take we can’t say no. They know best and the importance of everything.”

Opinion has been divided across the South African football landscape on whether to continue with the season or cancel it.

Ofori says he is "not scared" about the resumption of football amid the coronavirus outbreak but cannot proclaim if his teammates are also ready for the return of the game.

“I can’t speak for everyone but for me, I am not scared. The decision will be made having considered everything [risks]. I have already psyched myself for whatever happens. If they cancel, or decide to continue, I will be fine,” continued Ofori.

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It is not only the Ghanaian who has been linked with a big move from Maritzburg next season but defenders Siyanda Xulu and Rushine de Reuck as well. 

Interestingly, all the players are also being connected with Pirates.