Man City to pay barrister as much as Kevin De Bruyne with £10,000-per-hour wages necessary amid Premier League charges

Kevin De Bruyne Manchester City 2022-23Getty
  • Investigation alleges more than 100 violations
  • Man City face calls for relegation
  • Pannick has worked with club before

WHAT HAPPENED? Pannick could cost City as much as £10,000 an hour to defend the organisation as an independent commission determines whether to punish them over the findings of a four-year Premier League investigation, according to The Lawyer. Disciplinary measures for violations of financial rules could be as harsh as a points deduction or relegation, so the club are willing to pay any amount to fund a strong defence.

THE BIGGER PICTURE: If paid at his highest requested fee, Pannick would make as much as star midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

AND WHAT'S MORE: There is no set timetable for when the independent commission, appointed by the Premier League's judiciary panel, must finalise its ruling on Manchester City. The proceedings will happen in private.


Haaland De BruyneGettyPep Guardiola Manchester City 2022-23GettySheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan Manchester CityGetty Images

WHAT NEXT FOR MAN CITY? The club will try to focus on the pitch as turmoil unsettles them off of it, with a crucial game against Arsenal set for next Wednesday after a weekend clash with Aston Villa.

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