Kuantan FA staring at heavy punishment for going AWOL

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Kuantan FA did not turn up for the Premier League match away to PDRM and now faces the possibility of being handed a heavy punishment for doing so.

It was not the scene fans wanted to see as PDRM geared up for their Premier League encounter against Kuantan FA at Shah Alam Stadium, only to find that they were the only team that literally turned up.

Their opponent, Kuantan were not present at the stadium and as such, the match was declared a 3-0 win for PDRM. The action, or rather the lack of one, by Kuantan is being taken seriously by Malaysia Football League (MFL), who are likely to impose a heavy punishment for this.

The MFL secretariat with the MFL board of directors and Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) will discuss as to whether expulsion from the Premier League is the right punishment for errant Kuantan.

In the statement released yesterday, MFL informed that they have already helped pay one month's salary using the team's 2018 grant in hope that it will give an opportunity to the Kuantan management to solve their predicament and continue to participate in the league.

In fact, MFL already received promises that new sponsors are coming in to solve the problem but the matters remained as it is. MFL are also looking to ensure that on top of the punishment to the team, individuals involve in the team could also face sanctions preventing them from being part of the football scene in Malaysia.

On another note, PDRM's social media team made light of the matter and took the opportunity to post up some wonderfully humourous pictures of an empty pitch.