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Klopp ‘really good at a few things’ but welcomes assistance at ‘unbelievably big’ Liverpool

20:53 GMT+3 25/05/2019
Jurgen Klopp Bayern Munich Liverpool 13032019
The German coach revels in a role as leader at Anfield, but is aware that a helping hand can be vital for those trying to deliver positive results

Jurgen Klopp considers himself to be “good in a couple of things, really good in a few things” but is appreciative of the priceless assistance that he gets at “unbelievably big” club Liverpool.

The German tactician, as manager at Anfield, is the undisputed leader on the red half of Merseyside.

He is more than happy to fill that role, with his vast experience and self confidence allowing him to thrive as a figurehead.

Klopp is, however, aware that he would not be as successful or as highly regarded were it not for those he has surrounded himself with.

The Liverpool boss told the club’s official website as he counts down the days to a Champions League final clash with Tottenham: “I try everything to be as successful as possible. I live 100 per cent for the boys, with the boys, what we do for the club. I think that’s leadership in the first case.

“As a leader you cannot be the last who comes in and the first who goes out; you don’t always have to be the first coming in or the last going out, but you have to be an example.

“We have enough confidence and that’s very important for a leader. If I would expect from myself that I know everything and I’m the best in everything, I couldn’t have confidence. But I don’t expect that. I know I’m good in a couple of things, really good in a few things, and that’s enough. My confidence is big enough that I can really let people grow next to me, it’s no problem.

“I need experts around me. It’s really very important that you are empathetic, that you try to understand the people around you, and that you give real support to the people around you. Then everybody can act.

“That’s what leadership is: have strong people around you with a better knowledge in different departments than yourself, don’t act like you know everything, be ready to admit, ‘I have no clue in the moment, give me a couple of minutes and then I will have a clue probably.’

“That’s how I understand it but it’s no real ‘philosophy’, it’s just my way of life.”

Klopp has bought into the Liverpool way of life, becoming an icon to a fan base of millions in the process, and he is fully aware of the spotlight he finds himself working under.

He added: “This club is so unbelievably big, it’s incredible. It feels really good and gives us a lot of power and, for me, absolutely no pressure.

“I sometimes try to imagine how it is in all the living rooms all over the world; millions and millions of people when we are playing are completely concentrated on what we are doing.

“During the week they follow us wherever we go, they read everything about us, and it’s very positive – it’s the best thing you can do in your spare time actually… if you love football, obviously.

“I like it a lot that we have such a positive moment and the people really have a lot of good, good moments during the season. Hopefully it may continue like this.”