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Jalan Besar Stadium - Home of the Lions

00:01 GMT+3 14/09/2019
Ikhsan Fandi, Singapore, AFF Championship, 21112018
The Jalan Besar Stadium feels more like home....

Singapore football witnessed a momentous night on Tuesday as Singapore defeated Palestine to go top of Group D in their 2022 World Cup Qualifying campaign.

Played at a sold-out Jalan Besar Stadium which saw over 6,000 fans throng the stadium, the Lions knew they firmly had the 12th man backing them - giving them a major boost to seal the victory.

In a game where tempers were frayed, the home fans made their voices heard as they supported their national team with fervent chants.

Post-game, match winner Safuwan Baharudin, mentioned how playing at the Jalan Besar Stadium and seeing all those 6,000 fans gave him and his teammates a huge bout of confidence.

As someone who covered the game, one can't help but feel how the modest Jalan Besar Stadium at times feels more like home for players and fans compared to the state of the art National Stadium - which seems heavily commercialised.

In recent times, Singapore football has been plagued by a number of issues but none more mystifying than its own national having trouble to train at its own National Stadium, thus causing the players to feel alienated from it. The fact that the fans are quite a distance away from the pitch also doesn't help in contributing towards a passionate atmosphere at the stadium.

Now compare this to the modest Jalan Besar Stadium where fans are closer to the action combined with the fact, that most of our national team players are familiar with the surroundings - and you can make out which stadium is truly the home of the Lions.

Additionally, the heartland feel surrounding the Jalan Besar Stadium also makes it feel as if the stadium belongs to every Singaporean son and daughter. Maybe the national team should continue playing at the Jalan Besar Stadium - not only is it the home of the Lions - but home to every citizen who lives and breathes football in this country.