Goal Ultimate 11 powered by FIFA 19 | Cristiano Ronaldo is the best left winger in the world!

We asked you who the best left winger is and you responded

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo was voted as the best player in the world in his position, beating out strong opponents becoming the next player to cement his position in the Goal's Top eleven powered by FIFA 19 as we attempt to identify who you think are the best footballers around the world.

Ronaldo led the table with 44% of the votes (4000) beating out the rest of the competition. Coutinho was close with 42% of the votes (3750) followed by Hazard, Neymar and Sanchez with 600, 520 and 106 votes respectively. 

Stay tuned to this space as we ask for your help to identify the best players in their respective positions globally.

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