PSG sign 'one of the best' FIFA players in the world

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Johann "ManiiKa" Simon has signed with PSG's eSports team ahead of the release of FIFA 18

PSG have signed one of the best players in the world... of FIFA!

With eSports, otherwise known as competitive gaming, continuing to grow in popularity, numerous clubs are putting together teams comprised of the finest FIFA players on the planet.

The release of FIFA 18 draws ever nearer - those buying the Icon or Ronaldo edition will have access on September 26, while those buying the standard edition will be able to get their hands on the game three days later - and PSG have confirmed the acquisition of Johann "ManiiKa" Simon.

ManiiKa enjoyed an excellent season on FIFA 17, winning the French Orange Ligue 1 cup, and finishing in the top three players in the world on the game mode FUT Champions, which pits the best against the best.


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“I am truly honored to join one of the best clubs in the world which has always been my beloved club," he told the club's official website.

 “I have accomplished one of my biggest dreams, signing for the PSG e-Sports, and I hope to accomplish another one by becoming the world champion wearing that prestigious shirt."

PSG claim that ManiiKa's possession-based style of play will reap rewards this season; he'll have a star-studded team to use, too, with both Neymar and Kylian Mbappe to tear up the wings in real life and on the game in 2017-18.