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Cleophas Shimanyula: Robert Matano is old and doesn't know David Majak

20:39 GMT+3 25/05/2019
Tusker coach Robert Matano.
Cleophas Shimanyula insists that the Brewers should be docked points once the truth about the controversial player comes out

Kakamega Homeboyz chairman Celophas Shimanyula had hit out at Tusker coach Robert Matano over his sentiments surrounding striker David Majak.

On Saturday, coach Matano warned Shimanyula to stop intimidating the striker, who is at the centre of a controversy, after signing for the Brewers in the April transfer window.

“Majak is legally our player and is not a criminal, if he [Shimanyula], thinks otherwise, he should file a case with responsible authorities for action to be taken,” Matano told Goal.

“He signed this player, did not pay him and the player moved to Mount Kenya United; we signed him as a free agent and I wonder why the issues are coming now.”

However, Shimanyula has now told Matano to stop wading into an issue that he does not understand and warned him to ‘respect his age.’

“Matano is not my calibre to start answering me on behalf of Tusker. I am an investor, who owns several businesses, Kakamega Homeboyz included, and have employed countless workers,” Shimanyula told Goal.

“Football to me is not a business but entertainment and Matano should know that if Tusker fires him today, he will be looking for me to give him a job at Homeboyz.

“Matano is my good friend but he should just retire honourably, he is an old man and should respect his age. He doesn’t know what he is saying in regards to Majak. I know the player in and out and very soon the truth will come out.”

Shimanyula insists that Majak faked his name in order to sign for Tusker and that Brewers’ will soon be docked points by the Kenyan Premier League (KPL) for continuing to field the player.

“I don’t need to have to waste my time on something that is not true. I am the one who signed this player first and the paper he is using is not legitimate. Tusker should have stopped fielding the player when I raised the alarm but now that they have insisted, you will see what will happen,” Shimanyula continued.

“I will continue to follow this matter until the end because I have all the documents from the players. It is the reason I am asking Matano to stop jumping at things that he doesn’t understand.

"What I don't understand is under what capacity is Matano talking on the matter, is he the Tusker spokesman or a coach?"

Majak has scored five goals since signing for the Brewers in April.