The best leather football boots you can buy in 2022

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If you're looking to get onto a football pitch for the first or the five-hundredth time, or if you fancy a refresh of your wardrobe, it's always a great occasion to pick up a fresh set of football boots.

There are more boots than ever to choose from today, but arguably, you still can't beat the feel of an old-fashioned leather boot.

Today's leather boots come with all the added features of modern boots, so you won't be missing out on any cutting-edge improvements that have been made over the years.

We've rounded up the best leather boots you can get on the market today, depending on what you want out of your game – alongside answering the most commonly asked questions by players looking to get the most out of their purchase.

The football boots included in this article

Are leather boots best?

Whether leather boots are better than their synthetic is debatable. Still, it's hard to deny that they produce superior stability widely treasured by some of the game's leading players.

Their leather uppers tend to be rigid in support and able to weather frequent usage. In contrast, their construction makes them heavier than the rest of their counterparts - a double-edged sword that makes them typically heavy-set but more traditionally durable.

Their well-honed construction, honed over decades of boot-making techniques, means that while some may consider them old-fashioned, they stand the test of time.

What surfaces can leather boots be used on?

Leather boots can be used on any surface, so what kind of leather boot you need depends on what surface you intend to play on.

A studded option is preferable if you're playing on turf surfaces, while indoor courts will require a springy rubber sole instead. Luckily, leather boots can be found for every terrain.

If you're looking for football boots suitable on other surfaces, read GOAL's comprehensive round-up of the best football boots in 2022.

What is the difference between leather boots and others?

Several differences – some large, some subtle – exist between leather boots and boots designed from other materials. Studded soles, for example, are a non-starter when it comes to indoor courts.

Leather boots tend to be wrought with more obvious markings and may well be marginally heavier than expected - but they will still deliver the same functionality and support found with other boots, possibly even more so.

With that in mind, here are the best leather football boots that you can get right now.

Best overall leather boots: Adidas Copa Sense+

Adidas Copa Sense +

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

Adidas' Copa Sense+ is a top-of-the-line leather shoe that delivers superb comfort and ball control - balancing stability and softness for a top-drawer moulded finish that takes the breath away.

A suede-like inner lining beneath a leather Primeknit upper delivers the quality material touch you'd demand. At the same time, foam SensePods bulk up the space between heel and ankle to offer more command. Meanwhile, its laceless finish means you'll be able to strike the ball sweetly.

Get them from Adidas for £230.00

Best budget leather boots: Umbro Tocco Club

Umbro Tocco Club

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

There's no need to break the bank for a pair of leather boots - and these Umbro shoes, designed for the traditional firm ground terrain, are proof that you do not need to skimp on quality when buying a great pair.

An inventive stud formation produces additional grip over more complicated terrain, while a pre-moulded internal heel allows for an uncomplicated, locked-down fit that reduces overall slippage. This is all topped off with a knitted collar for extra security.

Get them from Umbro for £25.00

Best firm ground leather boots: Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

The Copa Mundial, made famous on the stages of Spain 1982, is still a superb leather boot all these years later. That it has stood the test of time is a testament to the quality infused throughout its design.

The premium, soft K-leather upper boldly features Adidas' iconic three stripes, while the signature tongue covers the top of the laces and the inner is lined with nylon. It's simple but effective, providing durability, comfort and a cushioned first touch.

Get them from Adidas for £130.00

Best indoor court leather boots: Umbro Speciali Eternal Team NT

Umbro Speciali Eternal

Surface suitable for: Indoor court

Those who play their games in sports halls can also get a top pair of leather boots with the Umbro Speciali Eternal Team NT, which delivers on its promises.

Marrying a full-grain leather vamp and memory foam insert to create a comfortable fit provides intelligent response over challenging terrain - and a removable sockliner insert helps mould it to the foot with satisfaction.

Get them from Umbro for £65.00

Best Adidas leather boots: Adidas Copa Sense.1

Adidas Copa Sense.1

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

If you fancy a neat alternative to the Copa Sense+, how about its sibling? The Copa Sense.1 puts a more traditional spin on its relative, with a laced finish to keep you fixed with a more secure, old-school fit.

Shock absorbing TouchPods help create superior control and ball reception, while SoftStuds deliver a flexible response to terrain and traction. It's a robust, excellent all-around boot with the Adidas seal of approval.

Get them from Adidas for £162.00

Best Nike leather boots: Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Surface suitable for: Artificial ground

Built for the pragmatic footballer, the Tiempo is a top-drawer leather shoe featuring a cushioned insole with NikeGrip tech for traction and a Flyknit tunnel for a tailored fit, making sure you'll have a close, superior game.

Raised textures and soft foam pods on the upper allow for greater precision when dribbling or receiving passes, making for a great all-around boot suitable for players in all positions.

Get them from Nike for £204.95

Best Umbro leather boots: Umbro Tocco Pro FG

Umbro Tocco Pro

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

The Tocco Pro is another superb leather boot from Umbro, enhancing its multi-directional skills with a more rigid, grander exterior for even better control and command.

A full-grain upper delivers bolstered touch while its geometric sole gives overall pivot quality. A 'wishbone' outsole makes sure that it can endure heavy-duty usage, no matter where you move on the pitch.

Get them from Umbro for £170.00

Best old-school leather boots: Adidas Kaiser 5 Liga

Adidas Kaiser 5

Surface suitable for: Firm ground

The Kaiser 5 Liga is a tidy, low-cost reminder of how Adidas has stayed ahead of the game.

Its full-grain leather build is married with a fast-dry synthetic lining that ensures a reliable, supple fit complete with a wonderfully soft feel. It has a die-cut EVA insole for lightweight comfort, further enhancing the response that it gives players whether they're on the front foot or the back.

Get them from Adidas for £85.00

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