The best adidas football boots you can buy in 2022

Adidas Football Boots
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When it comes to football boots, adidas are one of the best in the business. Their top models, which include innovative spiked Predator boots and super speedy X Ghosted boots, can be found on the feet of elite players in the world’s best football leagues.

Alongside Nike and Puma, they are killing it in the design game lately. But luckily, you don’t have to be an elite player to wear these boots. Here are the best football boots, alongside budget alternatives, currently available from adidas. 


Firm ground football boots have blade-shaped studs which help dig into the grass to give an excellent grip. This type of boot is the most popular sold and is especially useful for well-maintained pitches in the summer. But don’t go putting them away in the cupboard until next year - they’re also ideal for when the ground has frozen in winter.

Best overall firm ground boots: adidas Predator Edge+

Adidas Predator Edge

These groundbreaking boots have dozens of grippy stripes on the strike zone called Zone Skin that help with the first touch and ball control. They are laceless, which means there’s less interference between your feet and the ball. The studs finish off the boto with good traction on the pitch.

Get them from adidas for £230.00

Best budget firm ground boots: adidas Copa Sense.3

Adidas Copa Sense

There's no need to break the bank for a quality shoe, with this sleek white and blue colourway ensuring an excellent combination of modern ideas and classic style. With a stretchy tongue build and 13-stud set-up on the sole, its control and response are intelligently wrought, ensuring a suitable, snappy result for any player.

Get them from adidas for £70.00


Soft ground boots have long, round, conical studs. These studs make sure you don’t slip over when playing in wet and muddy conditions, which, let’s face it, is quite often in places like the United Kingdom.

Best overall soft ground boots: adidas Kaiser 5 Cup

Adidas Kaiser 5

Sometimes, you've got to go old-school to get results. The Kaiser 5 Cup looks like it's stepped straight out of yesteryear, complete with a full-grain leather upper and monochrome scheme – but its TPU outsole and removable stud system indicate a boot that's ready to adapt to modern challenges whatever the weather.

Get it from adidas for £85.00

Best budget soft ground boots: adidas Predator.3

Adidas Predator Soft Ground

The engineered and mid-cut design of the adidas Predator.3 is created to be comfortable on soft ground. But it's the special Demonscale on the upper which helps generate better control on the ball. Meanwhile, the light outsole maximised traction of soft ground pitches. While £70 is not what you would typically call budget-friendly, it is the best price for a pair of adidas soft ground boots.

Get them from Sports Direct for £70.00

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Multi ground studs are configured with multiple features to give you the best of all worlds. They’re designed to provide peak performance across a variety of pitch surfaces. While they can be used on regular grass, it's worth remembering that the studs are shorter than firm and soft ground boots, so you will lose a bit of traction. 

Best overall multi ground boots: adidas Predator Edge.2

Adidas Predator Edge

The need to adapt is at the core of this shoe, coated with a Zone Skin upper to ensure superior grip in control of the ball. Additional low-cut design means that it's not a complicated boot to slip in and out of either – and its soft-coated exterior allows for a more comfortable delivery wherever you may go on the pitch.

Get it from adidas for £120.00

Best budget multi ground boots: adidas Speedflow.2

Adidas X Speedflow.2

It's not just the eye-catching blue and pink colourway that set these boots apart - the re-engineered upper on the Speedflow range has been designed for effortless speed in any direction. adidas up the tempo with a combination of materials, including mesh, microfibre, and a primeknit close collar.

Get them from Pro Direct Soccer for £90.00


Artificial grass is sometimes referred to as “All Weather Grass” and is sometimes followed by numbers which refer to the generation of artificial grass used, e.g. 3G, 4G and sometimes 5G. These studs are hollowed out short studs, which helps reduce strain on knees and ankles. You shouldn’t wear firm ground boots on artificial grass because they will send hard shocks through your joints as you play. 

Best overall artificial grass boots: adidas Predator Edge+

Predator Edge Artificial Grass

The laceless Predator Edge+ collection includes an option for artificial grass surfaces, with a knitted collar to lock you in. A Power Facet on the split outsole forefoot allows you to add that extra strength and power on strikes. Whilst the outsole will give you that extra traction on artificial surfaces.

Get them from adidas for £230.00

Best budget artificial grass boots: adidas Predator Freak .1

Adidas Predator Freak

For those who love the look of the Predator Freak but prefer a more traditional lower cut ankle entry, there is a happy medium for you. adidas have configured the top-of-the-range .1 model for artificial grass, which means you can get that Premier League look with multiple generations of artificial grass. These come with the showstopping Demonskin 2.0 spikes, so the ball isn’t going anywhere when you get possession. 

Get them from Sports Direct for £145.00


Having boots specially designed for astro turf may sound redundant when artificial grass boots exist, but they have different purposes. The studs on astro turf boots are short, plentiful, and rubber. There’s also bounce in the sole to give back when the pitch can’t. 

Best overall astro turf boots: adidas Copa Sense .1

Adidas Champions League Copa Sense

These turf boots have a lugged rubber sole, which means they have lots of ups and downs and indentations, so they’re perfect for providing traction on turf. They’re made from a soft leather with different grooved markings on each part of the boot to help streamline dribbling, shooting and passing. The sides have Touchpods, which are foam-filled pods that absorb impact and help with ball control.

Get them from adidas for £180.00

Best budget astro turf boots: adidas X Messi.4

Adidas Messi Turf Boots

Want to emulate Lionel Messi's wizardry on the pitch? Then these gold and black astro turf boots will help you do just that. The textile upper adorned with the Messi logo is lightweight and durable. The rubber outsole has deep moulded lugs to help you gain the best traction on synthetic pitch surfaces.

Get them from Sports Direct for £35.00


Indoor football boots are sometimes known as futsal boots. They’re not just any old trainers - the rubber soles are specially designed not to leave marks on the floor when playing indoors. They also have a bounce in the sole, which is helpful on such a hard surface.

Best overall indoor boots: adidas Predator Edge

Adidas Predator Indoor

The adidas Predator Edge comes with a grippy outsole specifically designed for flat indoor surfaces. Meanwhile, the bounce cushioning at the back of the boot provides unmatched comfort and flexibility.

Get them from adidas for £110.00

Best budget indoor boots: adidas X Speedflow .1

Adidas Speedflow Indoor

These X Speedflow .1 indoor boots look just as sleek as the studded version, which is rare for an indoor model. The midsole of these boots is made from Lightstrike cushioning, which provides bounce to help with responsiveness indoors. They have a semi-transparent upper to help keep your feet cool and comfortable when breaking into pacy runs.

Get them from adidas for £42.00

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