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The Gunners will attempt to book their place in the last eight of the competition and keep their hopes of Champions League football alive


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Arsenal may have won 5-1 on aggregate but they were certainly made to work hard for their place in the quarter-finals. Milan were far more attack-minded tonight and caused plenty of problems for the Gunners, but an impressive performance from Arsene Wenger's men helped guide them into the last eight of a European competition for the first time in eight years.

Arsenal Milan

90 mins: A poor touch from Mustafi sends the ball straight to Suso, but the Spaniard is also let down by a heavy first touch and denies himself the opportunity to get a shot away.

90 mins: Ramsey is left in a pocket of space just outside of the Milan penalty area and quickly shoots, but his thumping effort is closed down well by Romagnoli and fails to trouble Donnarumma.

90 mins: The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.

89 mins: Milan are able to push forward on a late attacking move after Arsenal lose possession, but Suso's chipped cross into the hosts' box fails to set up Silva, despite the Portuguese's best efforts.

88 mins: Wilshere almost makes it 4-1! The midfielder dances his way past two defenders before managing to shoot from the edge of the penalty area, and his curling strike bounces agonisingly wide of the far post after beating Donnarumma.

86 mins: GOAL! Welbeck secures Arsenal's place in the last eight! Great play by the home side sees Wilshere break into the left-hand side of the box and chip a cross into a dangerous area. Ramsey's header is saved by Donnarumma, but Welbeck is there to bundle the ball over the line at the far post.

84 mins: Wilshere links up nicely with Ramsey on the edge of the Milan box as he threads a pass through to the Welshman. Ramsey twists and turns as he tries to get a shot away, but he isn't quite able to do so and Bonaventura is eventually able to win possession back for the visitors.

82 mins:  Bonucci can't quite latch onto the set-piece, allowing it to sail over to Suso. The Spaniard spins and finds Locatelli, who quickly shoots but can't guide his strike through a sea of red and white shirts.

81 mins: A poor attempted clearance from Ospina flies out of play for a throw-in deep down the left flank. It's sent to Bonaventura and over to Rodriguez, who then forces Elneny into poking the ball behind for a corner.

79 mins: Meanwhile, Ozil has been replaced by Kolasinac in an understandably defensive change from the home side.

79 mins: Locatelli has come on to take the place of Kessie in the Milan midfield.

77 mins: And now Suso goes close! The resulting corner is fired back into the penalty area and over to Suso, who shoots from the right-hand side but can't quite hit the target with his bouncing strike.

76 mins: Great save by Ospina! A curling cross is fired into the middle of the Arsenal box and manages to find Silva in a promising position. The striker can't get a head on the ball but it smashes Mustafi, who almost scores an own-goal but is saved by a diving stop from Ospina.

75 mins: There's a brief break in play as Bellerin gets checked after being caught in the ribs by a flailing arm, but he's quickly able to get back to his feet and continue.

73 mins: Milan quickly push forward from the restart and bring Borini into play deep down the right flank. The on-loan Sunderland player then crosses, but it's poorly executed and sails safely behind for a goal-kick.

Hakan Calhanoglu Arsenal Milan

71 mins: It was Ramsey who cut inside and found Xhaka, who had been left in a pocket of space in a dangerous position. That's the goal that should see Arsenal into the quarter-finals.

71 mins: GOAL! Costly mistake by Donnarumma! Xhaka unleashes a thumping low strike from 25 yards that should be dealt with by Donnarumma, but somehow the Milan goalkeeper pushes the ball into the ground and over the line.

70 mins: Meanwhile, Calhanoglu has been replaced by Bonaventura for Milan.

69 mins: Arsenal have brought on Elneny to replace Mkhitaryan as they aim to protect their lead.

68 mins: What a chance for Kalinic! Bonucci bursts into the Arsenal half of the pitch and curls a wonderful cross right onto the head of Kalinic. The striker only has Ospina to beat, but he can only find the hands of the goalkeeper. He should have done much better with that!

67 mins:  Milan have made an attacking switch, with Kalinic coming on to replace Cutrone.

65 mins: Rodriguez sprints down the left wing and cuts a dangerous pass into the penalty area. It looks set to reach the onrushing Borini, but Wilshere is just about to latch onto the ball ahead of the makeshift full-back before being fouled.

63 mins: Montolivo gets himself into a decent position over on the left flank and swings a cross into the middle of the Arsenal box, where it finds Cutrone. The striker can't do anything with the ball, though, and he allows it to bounce behind for a goal-kick.

61 mins: Suso picks up the ball in acres of space and quickly skips towards the hosts' penalty area. He then goes down under a tackle from Mustafi, but there's no contact whatsoever and he earns himself a booking for diving.

59 minutes: What a chance for Cutrone! Silva chips a wonderful curling cross into the heart of the box and straight to Cutrone, who manages to unleash a thumping volley but somehow sends it just wide of the near post.

Arsenal Milan

58 minutes: Milan appeal for a penalty! Calhanoglu picks up the ball in space and immediately heads towards the Arsenal penalty area. He isn't closed down quickly enough and is able to pick out Silva, who can't control the ball but goes down after tangling with Bellerin. He screams for a penalty but the referee immediately tells him to get back to his feet.

56 mins: Huge miss by Ramsey! Milan lose the ball over on the left wing and Arsenal counter-attack once again. Ozil breaks into the penalty area and cuts a pass over to Ramsey, who immediately shots but sends his strike high over the crossbar.

54 mins: Big opportunity for Suso! A low cross into the Arsenal box fails to find a black shirt but bounces out to Suso. The Spaniard quickly shoots, but he ends up firing his first-time effort a few yards wide of the far post.

53 mins: An attempted Milan attacking move breaks down, allowing Arsenal to quickly counter-attack. Mkhitaryan sprints through the middle of the pitch and works the ball over to Ozil, who crosses towards the far post but can't quite pick out the onrushing Welbeck.

51 mins: Chance for Mustafi! The set-piece is a well-executed one and curls right onto the head of Mustafi, who beats Bonucci in the air but can't quite hit the target with his looping header.

50 mins: And now Mkhitaryan goes close! This time it's Ozil who picks the ball up in a promising position and pokes a pass over to Mkhitaryan, who unleashes a curling strike that Donnarumma does well to push behind for a corner.

49 mins: Bellerin and Mkhitaryan link up nicely on the edge of the visitors' box, setting up the former to burst towards the byline. He then cuts a clever pass back to Ramsey, who shoots after taking a touch but can only chip the ball into Donnarumma's hands.

48 mins: Milan string together a decent series of passes deep inside the Arsenal half of the pitch as they try to carve out a chance on goal. Kessie is eventually able to get a shot away from 20 yards out, but it's comfortably stopped by Ospina.

46 mins: We're underway once again!

The two teams are making their way back out on to the pitch ahead of the start of the second half. Neither side have made any substitutions during the half-time break.

What did our Arsenal correspondent Chris Wheatley think of the first 45 minutes?

"Arsenal passed it around impressively in the opening stages with the same intensity we've seen in recent games. Çalhanoğlu's excellent strike was cancelled out by a poor dive from Danny Welbeck who stepped up to take the subsequent spot kick.

"There'll surely be an inquest from AC Milan after the game as to why the referee decided to award a penalty, but Arsene Wenger certainly won't care. Milan need two goals to get back in the match and I can't see that happening in 45 minutes."

STAT: Danny Welbeck scored his first goal in European competition since October 2014, when he netted a hat-trick against Galatasaray in the Champions League.

HT: Tonight's tie was always going to be an exciting one, and that's certainly proved to be the case so far! Arsenal have impressed this evening but found themselves a goal down after a 25-yard screamer from Calhanoglu somehow got the better of Ospina. They immediately got back into the game with a controversial penalty, though, and it's left Milan needing two goals to go through.

Welbeck Arsenal Milan

HALF TIME: Arsenal 1-1 AC Milan

45 mins: Milan then try to hit Arsenal on a counter-attack of their own but Monreal pulls off a cynical challenge that stops them from doing so, resulting in a yellow card being shown to the defender.

45 mins: And now Wilshere almost makes it 2-1! Milan are slightly sloppy inside their own half of the pitch, allowing Wilshere to pick up possession and burst forward once again. He then shoots from 25 yards out, and his rocket of a strike forces Donnarumma into making a good diving save.

45 mins: Mkhitaryan goes close! A looping cross from Monreal sails over to the far post and perfectly picks out Welbeck. The striker quickly knocks the ball down to Mkhitaryan, who gets a head on it and sends an effort on goal just wide of the near post.

45 mins: The fourth official has indicated that there will be two minutes of added time.

44 mins: Excellent save by Ospina! The resulting set-piece fails to result in a chance on goal, but Milan quickly push forward once again. Suso whips a lovely cross back into the box and over to the far post, where Calhanoglu forces Ospina into making a smart stop. The linesman's flag is then raised for offside just as Silva tries to unleash a follow-up strike from a few yards out.

43 mins: Suso sends a clever pass into the Arsenal penalty area and towards Cutrone, who latches onto the ball and shoots but has to settle for a corner after being closed down quickly by Xhaka.

42 mins: Mkhitaryan does well out wide as Arsenal burst forward, and he wins a free-kick for the home side after being cynically pulled back by Borini as he tries to break down the wing.

40 mins: Calhanoglu was particularly upset about the decision that went against his side, and he's received a booking for dissent.

40 mins:  Milan scream for a penalty, but nothing is given! A bouncing cross is fired into the Arsenal box and towards Silva, who is lurking at the near post. The ball deflects off the striker and into the arm of Chambers, and the Milan players immediately appeal for a penalty of their own. The referee isn't convinced, though, and only awards them a corner.

39 mins: GOALWelbeck steps up and calmly slots a wonderful strike into the bottom left-hand corner of the net to re-establish Arsenal's two-goal aggregate lead.

39 mins: PENALTY! Welbeck breaks into the box and latches onto a poked pass from Mkhitaryan ahead of Rodriguez. He's then caught by an outstretched arm from the full-back, which sends him crashing to the ground. The referee initially allows play to go on but eventually points to the spot, much to the disbelief of the Milan players. Hugely controversial call!

37 mins:  Great save by Donnarumma! Arsenal quickly push forward from the restart and set up Ramsey, who shoots from the edge of the box and forces Donnarumma into making a lovely diving stop.

35 mins: Very little pressure was being put on Calhanoglu when he received the ball from Rodriguez, who was also able to get forward far too easily. Wenger won't be too happy with his side's defending there.

35 mins:  GOAL! Milan have taken the lead! Rodriguez breaks down the left wing and pokes the ball over to Calhanoglu. He's in a pocket of space 25 yards away from goal and quickly shoots, and he beats Ospina with an excellent strike that swerves into the far corner of the net.

35 mins: Suso does well to get himself into a good position deep down the right flank after being set up by Kessie, but his attempted cross over to the far post is poor and fails to cause any problems for the home side.

33 mins: Silva skips past Mustafi as he heads into the Arsenal penalty area. He then just about manages to latch onto a flicked pass from Cutrone, but the linesman's flag is raised as soon as the Portuguese tries to find a team-mate.

Wilshere Wenger Arsenal Milan

31 mins: Suso, who has looked lively with the ball at his feet, twists and turns out wide as he tries to find a way into the hosts' box. He's unable to do so, though, as he's dealt with well by the Arsenal defence and is eventually dispossessed.

29 mins:  A looping corner can't quite find an Arsenal player inside the visitors' penalty area, but it does bounce out to Ramsey. He decides not to shoot and crosses instead, but he's marshalled out of play by Cutrone and ends up firing the ball behind for a goal-kick.

27 mins: Xhaka picks up the ball midway inside the Milan half of the pitch and quickly chips it into the box. Monreal rushes towards the pass and looks set to reach it, but Borini gets there ahead of the Spaniard and ends up being fouled from behind.

25 mins: Welbeck goes close! Arsenal immediately hit their visitors on the counter-attack after dealing with the danger. Welbeck sprints into the left-hand side of the penalty area and manages to get a shot away, but Donnarumma is there at the near post to save his thumping effort.

24 mins:  Silva charges towards the Arsenal box, where he pokes the ball over to Calhanoglu. The Turkey international is then able to curl a deft cross over to Cutrone, who gets down low but can't guide his header past Chambers.

23 mins: Suso twists and turns over on the right wing and eventually wins a corner for his side. It's swung into the penalty area and heads towards Silva, who rises high but can't quite get his head on the ball.

21 mins: A curling cross from Bellerin can't quite find Ramsey, but it falls to Ozil over on the left-hand side of the box. The German quickly cushions the ball down to Mkhitaryan, who then unleashes a cross-cum-shot that swerves a few yards wide of the far post.

19 mins:  Almost a great chance for Cutrone! This time it's Montolivo who sends a clever pass over the Arsenal back line and towards Cutrone. The striker manages to latch onto the ball inside the penalty area, but he's immediately dispossessed by Ospina before the linesman's flag is correctly raised.

17 mins: Ozil is put under pressure by Rodriguez, forcing him into running the ball out for a throw-in. It's taken quickly and eventually worked over to Kessie, who tries to pick out Cutrone with a chipped pass but can only find the hands of Ospina.

15 mins: Mkhitaryan is dispossessed and Milan quickly counter-attack. Silva darts down the left flank and into a promising position, but he's dealt with well by Mustafi and is forced into sending the ball back towards the halfway line.

13 mins: Arsenal move the ball around nicely as they patiently work their way forward. Ozil then tries to poke a pass into the penalty area, but it's poorly hit and fails to find its way past Borini.

Koscielny Arsenal Milan

11 mins:  Substitution - Laurent Koscielny replaced by Calum Chambers

10 mins:  This doesn't look good for Koscielny, who is down on the floor holding his side. He seemed to tweak something rising for the ball a few minutes ago, and it's left him in serious discomfort.

9 mins:   Ozil and Bellerin link up well out wide, setting up the latter to whip a deep cross over to Mkhitaryan. The Armenian meets it well and looks set to shoot, but he instead tries to tee up Wilshere and loses the ball on the edge of the penalty area.

7 mins: Suso latches onto a misplaced header from Mkhitaryan and immediately skips round Monreal. He heads down the right wing and then crosses, but his ball into the box is a poor one and sails behind for a goal-kick.

5 mins:   Mkhitaryan's curling cross from the corner perfectly picks out Koscielny, who rises high in the middle of the penalty area but can't hit the target with his looping header.

4 mins: Bellerin breaks down the right flank after latching onto a good pass from Xhaka. He then tries to get the better of Rodriguez, but he can't find a way past the full-back and has to settle for a corner.

2 mins:  Early chance for Silva! Milan immediately push forward as they quickly put the home side under pressure. A low cross is fired into the box and picks out Silva, who then fires a first-time shot just wide of the near post and into the side-netting.

1 min:   And we're off! Arsenal get us underway.


The players are out on the pitch and we're ready to kick off. Let the battle commence. 

10 minutes til KO:  Here's one for you- should Arsenal qualify, they will reach the quarter-final of a European competition for the first time since 2009/10 in the Champions League!

15 minutes to go! Let's run through the lines up again...

Arsenal XI (4-2-3-1): David Ospina; Hector Bellerin, Shkodran Mustafi, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal; Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka; Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere, Henrikh Mkhitaryan; Danny Welbeck.

Arsenal substitutes: Petr Cech, Calum Chambers, Sead Kolasinac, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Mohamed Elneny, Eddie Nketiah, Alex Iwobi.

Milan XI (4-4-2): Gianluigi Donnarumma; Fabio Borini, Leonardo Bonucci, Alessio Romagnoli, Ricardo Rodriguez; Suso, Franck Kessie, Riccardo Montolivo, Hakan Calhanoglu; Patrick Cutrone, Andre Silva.

Milan substitutes: Marco Storari, Mateo Musacchio, Cristian Zapata, Manuel Locatelli, Lucas Biglia, Giacomo Bonaventura, Nikola Kalinic.

STAT : No Italian side has ever won an away match in London in the Europa League (P6 W0 D3 L3), with five sides failing to win – Roma, Juventus, Lazio, Inter Milan and Fiorentina (twice).

Last week’s defeat was certainly a disappointing one for Milan, who have thoroughly impressed over the last couple of months. Arsenal are the only side to have beaten them in 2018, and they’ve won seven of their last eight games across all competitions heading into tonight’s hugely important clash.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Aaron Ramsey both found the back of the net in Italy , bringing an end to a worrying four-game losing run in the process, and a clearly confident Arsenal side then went on to comfortably beat Watford on the weekend. With two away goals under the hosts’ belts, the first one tonight will be crucial.

Many Arsenal fans would have been expecting the worst when their side travelled to San Siro last week, but an out-of-form Gunners pulled off an excellent 2-0 win to give them a great chance of reaching the quarter-finals.

The job is only half done, though, and it could end up being a tricky night for them if Milan are at their best.

30 minutes until KO: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang may be cup-tied for tonight's game, but that hasn't stopped him having his say. The Arsenal striker spent time at Milan as a youngster and has spoken to the official Arsenal site about his memories in the Italian capital.

“When I was at Milan, I was very young, with very little experience. But it was there that I learned how to become a professional. I was lucky because there were lots of top players there at the time, like Maldini, Nesta, Kaka, Seedorf, Ronaldo. 

"I was quite shy as a person, but I was keen to watch what these top players did and I learned a lot that way.”

Did you know?  Arsenal have progressed from each of their 11 previous European knockout ties when they’ve won the first leg away from home (excluding qualifiers). They have never failed to progress in a European tie (including qualifiers) when they’ve won the first leg by two or more goals, progressing 24 times!

45 minutes to go!  The stage is set - a moody looking Emirates Stadium awaits...

Emirates vs AC Milan

1h til KO: What has Arsene Wenger had to say about this evening's opponents? The Arsenal boss told the matchday programme: “I’ve always admired AC Milan. I was coaching in France at the time that they had the likes of Ruud Gullit and Marco van Basten. I was friendly with Arrigo Sacchi and I would go to watch games.”

1h15m til KO: Hello and welcome to Goal's LIVE commentary of Arsenal and AC Milan's Europa League clash!

The Gunners hold a 2-0 lead from the first leg of the tie and have home advantage here this evening.

The stage is set, the teams have now been announced, and the players are warming up! Grab a drink, get yourself comfortable and follow our LIVE updates of the game here.

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Arsenal starting XI: Ospina, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Welbeck Subs : Cech, Chambers, Kolasinac, Elneny, Maitland-Niles, Iwobi, Nketiah

MILAN XI vs Arsenal

AC Milan starting XI:  Donnarumma, Borini, Bonucci, Romagnoli, Rodriguez, Kessie, Montolivo, Suso, Hakan, Cutrone, Andre Silva Subs : Panchina: Storari, Musacchio, Zapata, Biglia, Bonaventura, Locatelli, Kalinic

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