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90' + 3'
K. Walker-Peters
D. Alli
6 - 1
Son Heung-Min
E. Lamela
5 - 1
Son Heung-Min
4 - 1
Lucas Moura
3 - 1
Lucas Moura
2 - 1

Match Stats

62% 37%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 11 2
Total Passes 575 342
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After a tumultuous first half Tottenham upped the ante and were able to put Rochdale to the sword. A hat-trick from Fernando Llorente along with a brace from Son Heung-min and a late strike from Kyle Walker-Peters secured the emphatic win. Rochdale were given hope in the first half when Stephen Humphrys cancelled out Son's opener and then Andrew Cannon hit the post. However, the Premier League outfit turned on the class in the early stages of the second period to advance. Tottenham will now face Swansea in the quarter-finals of the competition.
90' + 4' The referee ends the contest.
D. Alli
90' + 3' Alli offloads to Walker-Peters, who completes the finish.
K. Walker-Peters
90' + 3' GOALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! WALKER-PETERS FINDS THE NET! Spurs notch their sixth of the game as Walker-Peters blasts an effort through Lillis into the net. Alli squeezed a pass through to the full-back and he smashed his strike through the on-rushing keeper to score.
90' + 2' Alli weaves his way past three challenges in the box. However, he cannot force a strike past Lillis, who gets down to make the save.
90' + 1' Lamela feeds Walker-Peters down the left flank, but the snow stops the ball and his eventual cross is cleared by McGahey.
90' There will be three minutes of added time.
87' OVER! Delaney latches on to Done's cross from the right flank, only to head his effort well over the bar.
86' Foyth is put under pressure by Thompson and he sends a pass into the corner to Walker-Peters. The full-back has to battle to keep the ball away from the corner under duress. He manages to clear his lines, although the home side win a corner anyway as Foyth heads a cross from Rafferty behind.
83' CHANCE! Henderson latches on to Camps' cross into the box, but he can only direct his diving header straight at Vorm.
K. Walker-Peters
Lucas Moura
82' Walker-Peters replaces Lucas for the home side.
81' Thompson raids down the right flank and gets bundled off the ball by Rose. The visitors win a free-kick and will have an opportunity to lift a cross into the box.
78' The tempo of the game has dropped over the last few minutes, with the home side keen to see out the game without any drama.
D. Adshead
A. Cannon
76' Adshead replaces Cannon for Rochdale.
73' OFF THE POST & SAVE! Lamela curls his effort over the wall, and is only denied a goal by the post. Alli pounces on the rebound, but it gets to him quickly and he can only fire his effort straight at Lillis.
72' Lucas is brought down on the edge of the box and the home side are awarded a free-kick in a dangerous position.
71' Lamela raids down the left flank and tries to beat the challenge of McGahey. However, the defender holds firm to make a good challenge to stop his progress.
69' Cannon has space down the right flank, but he lifts his cross over the bar on to the roof of the net.
D. Alli
Son Heung-Min
67' Alli replaces Son for the home side.
E. Lamela
65' Lamela raids forward before picking out Son at the back post to convert.
Son Heung-Min
65' GOALLLLLLLL!!!!! SON HAS HIS SECOND!!!! Tottenham have their fifth goal as Son converts from close range. Lucas releases the run of Lamela down the left flank. The Argentine spots Son at the back post and picks him out with an incisive pass. The winger is left with a simple tap in to complete the score.
J. Thompson
M. Kitching
64' Thompson replaces Kitching for the visitors.
64' Vorm has to be sharp off his line to clear ahead of Henderson in the final third.
M. Dembélé
H. Winks
62' Dembele replaces Winks for the home side.
61' SAVE! Son speeds into the right inside channel and tries to force the ball between Lillis and the near post, but the Rochdale keeper makes the block with his legs.
Son Heung-Min
59' Son bursts into the right inside channel and lofts a cross into the middle for Llorente to head home.
59' GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!! LLORENTE HAS A HAT-TRICK!!!!!! The Spaniard notches his third goal of the half inside 15 minutes. Spurs carve open the visitors down the right flank as Son collects Sissoko's pass. He hangs a cross into the middle, which Llorente attack unopposed to head home from close range. All too easy for the Premier League outfit.
S. Davies
S. Humphrys
58' Davies replaces Humphrys for the visitors.
57' Humphrys is down and may have to make way here. That will be a blow for the visitors.
55' While the deficit was only one goal Rochdale may have had an opportunity. However, now that Spurs have the two-goal cushion they'll be looking to take their foot off the gas.
Lucas Moura
53' Lucas raids down the right flank and tees up Llorente for his second of the game.
53' GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! LLORENTE NOTCHES HIS SECOND!!! Finally Tottenham have control of the game. Son releases Lucas down the right inside channel and he cuts the ball back across the face of goal for Llorente. The forward has a simple finish, guiding his effort past Lillis at the near post.
51' It's still snowing heavily at Wembley, which is making life extremely interesting especially for the defenders.
48' Lamela is late in his challenge with Camps. Fortunately for the Argentine the referee takes mercy on him and does not show him a second yellow card.
Lucas Moura
47' Lucas raids forward before offloading a fine pass for Llorente to convert.
47' GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! LLORENTE PUTS SPURS AHEAD!!!! Tottenham retake the lead as Llorente lifts his effort over Lillis into the net. Lucas raided forward from the middle of the park before poking a pass through to Llorente. The Spaniard held his composure to guide his strike over the on-rushing Rochdale keeper before the ball rolled over the line. The perfect start to the half for Pochettino's men.
46' We're back underway at Wembley.
An entertaining first half comes to an end with the scores level at 1-1, although it could have been so very different. Tottenham thought they had taken the lead in the fifth minute when Erik Lamela fired home from close range, only for VAR to disallow the goal for a foul by Fernando Llorente. Son Heung-min did put Spurs ahead and then had the opportunity for a second from the spot. However, he was penalised for illegal feinting from his effort after dispatching his kick into the net. Rochdale then equalised through Stephen Humphrys fine strike and the visitors could well have taken the lead, only for Andrew Cannon to be denied by the post. What will the second half bring?
45' + 6' The referee ends the first half.
E. Lamela
Yellow Card
45' + 5' Lamela goes into the book for a foul on Camps.
45' + 4' Son rises highest in the box to head the corner clear of danger. The home side will want the half to end here.
45' + 3' Done breaks into acres of space down the left, but Trippier closes him down before he can fire the ball across the face of goal. However, the visitors have a corner.
45' + 2' Lamela has a strike from the edge of the box, but his effort is deflected wide of the post.
45' + 1' OFF THE POST!! Vorm is closed down in possession by Henderson. Humphrys tees up Cannon after collecting the loose ball. He goes for the strike in the right inside channel, only to be denied by the post.
45' There will be five minutes of added time.
J. Foyth
Yellow Card
44' Foyth takes out Humphrys on the right flank and goes into the book
43' Henderson makes a good run into the left channel to collect a long ball forward from the back. Foyth gets across to make the challenge and wins back possession for the home side.
41' SAVE! Trippier has space down the right and he lifts a cross into the box for Lamela to head at goal. However, the Argentine can only guide his header straight at Lillis.
40' Lucas weaves his way through traffic on the edge of the box and goes for the pass across the face of goal. However, Camps gets back to force the ball behind.
39' Trippier floats a lofted pass over the top of the Rochdale defence and Son makes an excellent run, but he just cannot take the ball in stride in the box.
38' Rose raids down the left flank and fires a low cross into the box. However, Cannon is there to make the block and keep the full-back at bay.
36' SAVE! Lamela latches on to Son's throughball in the box and goes for the blast on his left foot, only to be denied by a sharp save from Lillis. McNulty is aware on the rebound to react ahead of Son to clear the danger.
35' Son goes on the charge down the left flank, but he cannot break past McGahey. The defender goes down in the process and wins a free-kick for the visitors.
33' Rochdale are taking the game to Spurs. They've taken heart from the decisions that have fallen in their favour.
A. Cannon
31' Cannon lifts the ball over the top for Humphrys, who keeps his composure to finish.
S. Humphrys
31' GOALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! HUMPHRYS FIRES HOME AN EQUALISER!!! WHAT A GAME!! Cannon slips through a brilliant pass over the top for Humprhys. Foyth goes for the interception, but misses the ball. Humphrys collects with a brilliant first touch before slotting his effort past Vorm at the near post. A fine finish from the forward.
30' This is incredible. Referee Tierney consulted with VAR before ensuring that he made the correct decision.
Son Heung-Min
Yellow Card
28' OH MY WORD!!! Son dispatches his strike into the bottom corner. However, he stopped on his run up and started again before scoring. Son is booked for unsporting behaviour and the goal is disallowed.
26' PENALTY TO TOTTENHAM! VAR rules that the foul on Trippier continued into the box. As a result, referee Tierney awards the penalty.
25' Trippier is brought down by Done on the flank. The referee awards a free-kick on the edge of the box, although the review system will come into play.
E. Lamela
23' Lamela raids forward before sliding a pass to Son to complete the finish.
Son Heung-Min
23' GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!! SON PUTS SPURS AHEAD! No doubt about this one for Tottenham as Son curls his effort into the bottom corner. Lamela starts the move with a surge into the final third before offloading to the winger. Son cuts inside on his right foot from the left inside channel before picking his spot, firing his shot past Lillis.
22' VAR! The review system takes a look at the challenge from McGahey, but it deems that it was not a foul by the Rochdale defender.
21' PENALTY SHOUT! Referee Paul Tierney will not be endearing himself to Spurs and their fans this evening. Lucas goes on the surge in the box and is blocked off by McGahey, but the officials says no in real time.
19' The snow is coming down at Wembley, which is making conditions on the pitch a little difficult for both teams.
17' Done on the slide works the ball into the path of Cannon in behind the Tottenahm defence. However, Rose comes in with a fine sliding tackle to stop his run.
15' Rochdale have been buoyed by their early fortune and are taking the game to the home side in the middle of the park.
14' CLOSE! Done latches on to a ball over the top on the left flank and he goes for the strike at goal. He drills his effort low towards the back post, only to see it trickle inches past the post.
13' Son attempts to weave his way through traffic on the edge of the box, but Camps makes a good tackle to stop his progress.
11' Spurs have to remain composed after the setback. There did not look a great deal wrong with Llorente's battle for the ball, but the officials overturned the goal.
9' Tottenham maintain the pressure down the right flank, but Son's strike from the inside channel is blocked on its way to goal.
7' DISALLOWED GOAL! Everyone's favourite friend VAR rules out a Tottenham opening goal. Lamela slides the ball home after Son sees his shot saved by Lillis. Llorente grappled for possession in the six-yard box before his team-mate turned it home. The goal was given, but on review the decision was overturned.
5' Tottenham push downfield and win their second corner of the match. Lamela swings the ball into the box, but Llorente on the run heads his effort over the bar.
4' Humphrys puts pressure on Foyth in the corner for the visitors, but the Spurs defender uses skill with a Cruyff turn to get himself out of trouble.
2' Son charges through the middle of the Rochdale defence, but his attempted throughball to Llorente is cut out by McNulty, who sends it behind for a corner.
1' Henderson attempts to latch on to an early ball over the top, but the ball bounces away from the forward into the grasp of Vorm.
1' We're underway at Wembley.
STAT! Spurs have won each of their last eight FA Cup replays, last being eliminated in 2007 to eventual winners Chelsea in the quarter-final stage.
Rochdale make two changes from their defeat at the hands of Wigan. Rafferty and Humphrys come into the side this evening as Hill opts for a two-man attack to lead the line, with the latter partnering Henderson in attack. Davies starts on the bench despite his equaliser last time out against Spurs.
Only Dier and Lamela retain their places from the win over Palace for the Spurs this evening. Vorm, Trippier, Foyth, Rose, Winks, Sissoko, Lucas, Son and Llorente all come into the fold.
Rochdale subs: Kgosi Ntlhe, Oliver Rathbone, Joe Thompson, Bradden Inman, Steve Davis, Brendan Moore, Daniel Adshead.
ROCHDALE (5-3-2): Josh Lillis; Joseph Rafferty, Harrison McGahey, Jimmy McNulty, Ryan Delaney, Matt Done; Andrew Cannon, Mark Kitching, Callum Camps; Ian Henderson, Stephen Humphrys.
Tottenham subs: Davinson Sanchez, Harry Kane, Mousa Dembele, Dele Alli, Paulo Gazzaniga, Christian Eriksen, Kyle Walker-Peters.
TOTTENHAM (4-2-3-1): Michel Vorm; Kieran Trippier, Juan Foyth, Eric Dier, Danny Rose; Harry Winks, Moussa Sissoko; Lucas Moura, Erik Lamela, Son Heung-min; Fernando Llorente.
The team news has been announced and we'll start with the home side.
Swansea's victory over Sheffield Wednesday yesterday means that the winner of tonight's match will travel to the Liberty Stadium for the quarter-final. 
Harry Kane's late strike guided Tottenham to victory over Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park on Sunday. Spurs have now moved into the top four of the Premier League and face an important couple of months to secure their berth, along with their impending clash with Juventus in the Champions League round of 16. Mauricio Pochettino's men could do with a straightforward win this evening.
Rochdale have failed to win their two matches since their positive result and are still rock bottom in League One. Their defeat at the hands of Wigan has left Keith Hill's men 11 points off safety, with 16 matches to play in the campaign. Their cup run has been a pleasant distraction, but they will need a strong outing this evening to even come close to advancing to the last eight.
Steve Davies' late strike sent the match to a replay as he fired home in stoppage time at Spotland Stadium. Ian Henderson had put Rochdale ahead in the contest, only for Lucas Moura to equalise with his first goal for Spurs. Harry Kane's penalty appeared to have ended the contest, but Davies was there to drill home his volley to send the League One outfit to Wembley.
Good evening and welcome to the live commentary of the FA Cup fifth-round replay between Tottenham and Rochdale at Wembley Stadium.