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90' + 1'
J. Grealish
Yellow Card
90' + 1'
D. Sánchez
Yellow Card
C. Romero
P. Højbjerg
Lucas Moura
Yellow Card
Son Heung-Min
S. Bergwijn
1 - 0

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34% 65%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 3 4
Total Passes 293 548
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That's all for today, goodbye! 
City's title defence gets off to a losing start, and Guardiola will be hoping they can put these last two losses behind them when they travel to newly-promoted Norwich City next week. Nuno's time in charge of Spurs starts with a win, and next up for him is a trip to his old side, Wolves.
Son's second-half strike seals a 1-0 win for Spurs over Manchester City. It took a while for both sides to get going, but it was a counter-attack that caught out City's defence, with Son curling his shot around Dias and into the bottom corner. Bergwijn had a chance to wrap it up but fired into the side netting from close range, while Lloris made saves to deny Grealish and De Bruyne at the other end.
90' + 5' Gundogan is down at the side of the pitch holding his shoulder after a collision with Reguillon. The game will carry on for the last few seconds while the German receives treatment on the sidelines.
90' + 3' Zinchenko plays an early cross into the box to try and catch out Spurs' defence, but he overhits it. None of his team-mates are in the box and Lloris comes off his line to hold onto it and waste a few seconds.
D. Sánchez
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Sanchez is also booked for dissent after his reaction to Grealish's challenge.
J. Grealish
Yellow Card
90' + 1' Grealish slides in on Lucas and although he gets a touch on the ball, it is a late challenge. He's adamant that it's not a free-kick, and that earns him a booking for dissent.
C. Romero
P. Højbjerg
90' Hojbjerg just went down holding his ankle and he's going to come straight off. New signing Romero replaces him, and Spurs are switching to a back five for added time.
88' Skipp is caught on the ball by De Bruyne and he switches play out to Grealish on the left with a wonderful pass. He runs at Doherty, taking it to the byline before his cross is blocked by the substitute.
86' Cancelo dribbles his way into the box before sliding in Torres ahead of him on the right. He's at a tight angle near the byline and tries to pull it back across goal but Lloris sticks out a leg to send it out for a corner.
84' GOOD SAVE! Grealish wrongfoots Doherty before squaring the ball to De Bruyne on the edge of the box. He takes a touch to set himself before curling a shot towards the far post, and Lloris stretches to tip it wide.
M. Doherty
J. Tanganga
83' Second change for Spurs now as Doherty comes on to replace Tanganga.
82' De Bruyne has dropped deep to get on the ball and he tries to pick out Jesus' run down the left of the box. There's too much on the pass though and it rolls harmlessly out of play.
80' Son has a chance to double the lead as the ball bounces up in front of him and he takes it around Dias. He's trying to curl it into the near post, but the defender recovers brilliantly to stick out a leg and help it wide.
O. Zinchenko
B. Mendy
79' And Mendy is also going off, with Zinchenko on for him.
K. De Bruyne
R. Mahrez
79' City are making a double change now as Guardiola tries to get his side back into the game. Mahrez is the first to make way, with De Bruyne on for him.
G. Lo Celso
S. Bergwijn
77' Spurs are making their first change of the game now and Bergwijn is being replaced by Lo Celso.
75' SAVE! It's City's turn to break on the counter and Torres slides a lovely throughball into Grealish on the left of the box. He's aiming for the near post with his shot, but Lloris gets behind it and holds onto the shot.
74' Son whips the free-kick in from the right and it bounces to Lucas on the edge of the box. He hits the shot on the volley, but there's a crowd of players in front of him which blocks his sight of goal.
72' Spurs are closing City down high up the field and the visitors just can't get out of their own half at the moment. They're keeping possession well, but aren't doing much with it right now.
Gabriel Jesus
R. Sterling
70' City are making the first change of the game, and it's Sterling that's making way for Jesus.
70' MISS! Gundogan takes the free-kick short to Cancelo, and he drills a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. Torres makes a late run onto it, but it bounces off the bottom of his foot before looping out of play.
68' City are pushing to try and find an equaliser, but they can't find a way through Spurs at the moment. Mahrez is trying to pick out Grealish's run when he's brought down by Alli, and they have a free-kick through the middle.
Lucas Moura
Yellow Card
66' Grealish goes to ground after being caught by Lucas, but the Brazilian isn't happy with the free-kick decision. He holds onto the ball, keeping it from Dias, and picks up a yellow card for time-wasting.
64' Mahrez whips another corner into the box for City and it hits Dias, who doesn't know too much about it. Sterling keeps it alive in the box, but can't find a way around Dier to open up space for a shot.
62' Son has only scored more against Southampton (11) than he has against City (seven) in all competitions for Spurs. Only Jamie Vardy (nine) has scored more goals in all competitions against Guardiola's City than the South Korean (seven).
60' WHAT A CHANCE! Lloris claws Ake's header away from goal at one end and Spurs break on the counter yet again. Lucas is dragged down in midfield but manages to slide in Bergwijn, who is through on goal. He fires it at the near post but sends it into the side netting.
59' Mahrez cuts inside before curling a good cross into the middle of the box. It's too high for Sterling, and he goes to ground asking for a penalty, but there's nothing in it and the referee tells him to get up.
57' City are looking to get an instant response and are straight on the attack after the restart, with Fernandinho teeing up Cancelo. He drags at the shot though and sends it well wide of the far post.
S. Bergwijn
55' It's another good run from Bergwijn to get Spurs upfield on the counter, and this time, he picks out the right pass to set up a goal.
Son Heung-Min
55' SON SCORES! It's another Spurs counter-attack that catches out City's defence, with Bergwijn leading the way. He picks out Son on the right and he cuts inside away from Ake to curl his shot past Ederson and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Spurs! 
53' Ake gets a slight touch on Son's cross to take it away from Alli, but Spurs keep hold of the ball. Lucas' inswinger is too high for Son and Bergwijn's has too much power on it for Alli to control.
51' Cancelo plays a long ball over the top, but it forces Torres wide as he holds off Dier. He pulls it back for Fernandinho, who decides to have a go from long range, only to drag the shot well wide of the far post.
49' The first shot on target in the game comes from Sterling, but it was never going to trouble Lloris. He cuts inside from the left before poking his shot towards the near bottom corner, but it's an easy one for the keeper to hold onto.
47' Fernandinho is caught on the ball by Alli and he drives forward before switching it out to Hojbjerg on the right of the box. He drills it to the far post first time, and Ake sticks out a leg to stop it from reaching Son.
46' City get us back underway for the second half! 
Spurs made a sluggish start, but Nuno will be encouraged by the way they ended the half and will be hoping they can test Ederson when they break on the counter. As for City, they've looked out of ideas in the final third and Guardiola will expect a big improvement when they come back out for the second half.
It's goalless at the break between Spurs and City. We're yet to see a shot on target in the game, with neither keeper having a save to make in the opening 45 minutes. Cancelo, Mahrez and Fernandinho have all come close for the visitors, while Son had the best chances at the other end, but he couldn't find the target with any of his three shots.
44' Grealish dribbles away from Reguillon to drill a shot on goal, but Dier is there to make a block. It falls kindly for Fernandinho on the edge of the box, but his first-time effort is always rolling wide of the near post.
42' Spurs are upping the pressure on City now and Lucas picks out Son again on the edge of the box. He lets it bounce before hitting it on the volley, but it loops over Ederson and onto the roof of the net.
40' GREAT CHANCE! Lucas leads the counter for Sputs this time and he picks out a good pass to Son on the edge of the box. He turns before firing his shot towards the near post, but a slight deflection off Cancelo sends it curling wide.
39' Gundogan's corner is cleared by Dier and Bergwijn sets off on another driving run as he leads the counter-attack for Spurs. He has Alli to his left, but the pass into him is too shot and cut out by Cancelo.
37' Another foul from Tanganga on Sterling means that he is on his final warning as Anthony Taylor calls Lloris over to him. That's the right-back's fourth challenge so far, and another one could see him pick up a booking.
35' MAHREZ! Sterling's cross takes a small nick off Tanganga, but he still manages to pick out the unmarked Mahrez in the middle of the box. He hits the shot on the half-volley, but it flies just wide of the post.
33' City are patiently playing out from the back now and trying to regain their control in this game. Grealish slides a good throughball into Sterling, who cuts inside, but he can't find a way past Tanganga this time.
31' Bergwijn drives forward, breaking quickly on the counter, and he picks out Son in space to his left in the box. He should've hit the first time and the pull back gives Cancelo the chance to get back and block his route to goal.
29' There are loud shouts from the City fans and players asking for a penalty for a handball against Skipp. Mendy whipped a cross into the box, but the midfielder's arm was tight to his side, and the referee waves the claim away.
28' Spurs break quickly on the counter and Bergwijn pulls it back to Son from the byline on the right of the box. He turns before picking out Lucas at the far post, but the offside flag goes straight up against him.
26' Sterling is causing Tanganga all sorts of problems down the left side and he wins another free-kick for City. They take it quickly, but it will have to be retaken after the referee has a word with the right-back.
24' BLOCK! Son curls a free-kick into the box and Ederson completely misses the ball as Sanchez's header falls to Lucas at the near post. He hits the shot on the half-volley and it's sneaking in until Gundogan makes the block.
22' Son whips the corner in for Spurs and Dias rises just above Tanganga to flick it on. Alli is waiting at the far post, but it's just behind him and he can't get a shot away.
20' Torres times his run perfectly to get on the end of Cancelo's throughball and the space opens up ahead of him. He chooses to square it to Mahrez instead of taking a shot though and it gives Spurs a chance to get back into their shape.
18' Still, Spurs are knocking the ball around nicely, but they're not going anywhere with it. Tanganga holds off Sterling before switching play out to Lucas on the left, but it's pulled back for a foul against the winger.
16' It's better from Spurs now as they're keeping possession well in their own half, but they're struggling to get upfield. Tanganga goes long to try and pick out Son, but it's a poor pass that's intercepted by Gundogan.
14' City have won their first league match of the season in each of their last 10 top-flight campaigns, stretching back to 2011-12. It's the joint-longest such run in top-flight history alongside Aston Villa between 1891-92 and 1900-01.
12' A clever piece of skill from Mahrez as he cuts back onto his right foot leaves Alli on the floor and he drills a low cross in from the byline. Lloris gets down quickly though and he holds it at the near post.
10' City are still dominating possession here and Spurs just can't get close to them. They work it out to Sterling on the left and he makes a weaving run into the box, only to be cut out by Skipp at the near post.
8' Ake can't keep up with Son's run down the right after he wins the ball back, but he has no one up with him in support. He holds the ball up for as long as he can before he's forced to play it back to Sanchez.
6' CLOSE! Spurs are all over the place at the back and Mendy switches play out to Mahrez on the right this time. His cross is blocked by Dier, but Cancelo gets there ahead of Skipp to hit the shot first time, and it fizzes wide of the far post.
5' GREAT CHANCE! Grealish taps the corner to Mendy and he swings a wonderful cross into the box. Lloris comes out for it but completely misses the ball as Fernandinho heads it on goal, but it's just wide of the empty target.
4' Grealish makes a driving run and is tripped just outside the box by Tripp. Gundogan steps up to take the free-kick and curls it towards the near top corner, but a slight deflection off Dier takes it over the crossbar.
2' Sanchez goes long with a ball over the top when he spots Son breaking through the middle. He gets between the two City defenders, but the pass is just behind him and bounces off his back and into City's possession.
1' Son gets the game underway for Spurs! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
City have lost their last three away games against Tottenham in all competitions - against no side has Guardiola lost four away games in a row in his managerial career. 
Guardiola makes three changes to the side that started against Leicester in the Community Shield. Grealish makes his full debut, with Ederson and Sterling also coming into the team. De Bruyne is fit enough to start on the bench.
The big news for Spurs is that they're without Harry Kane today after he was deemed unfit to be in the squad, so Son leads the line. Nuno has included his three new signings, Romero, Gollini and Gil, on the bench.
MANCHESTER CITY SUBS: Rodrigo, Zack Steffen, Aymeric Laporte, Kyle Walker, Kevin De Bruyne, John Stones, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Bernardo Silva, Gabriel Jesus. 
MANCHESTER CITY STARTING XI (4-3-3): Ederson; Joao Cancelo, Ruben Dias, Nathan Ake, Benjamin Mendy; Jack Grealish, Fernandinho, Ilkay Gundogan; Riyad Mahrez, Ferran Torres, Raheem Sterling.
TOTTENHAM SUBS: Pierluigi Gollini, Bryan Gil, Cristian Romero, Ben Davies, Moussa Sissoko, Harry Winks, Matt Doherty, Dane Scarlett, Giovani Lo Celso.
TOTTENHAM STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Hugo Lloris; Japhet Tanganga, Davinson Sanchez, Eric Dier, Sergio Reguillon; Oliver Skipp, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg; Steven Bergwijn, Dele Alli, Lucas Moura; Son Heung-Min.
Pep Guardiola's men breezed to the title last season, finishing 12 points ahead of rivals Manchester United at the top. The Champions started their season off with defeat last weekend though as they were beaten 1-0 by Leicester City in the Community Shield. Spurs struggled in the second half of last season, but a final day win secured seventh place and a place in Europe. Nuno Espirito Santo is at the helm now and he'll be hoping for a strong start today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Tottenham and Manchester City at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium!