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Key Events

L. Mejía
Yellow Card
A. Machado
É. Davis
1 - 1
Yellow Card
Lucas Paquetá
1 - 0
H. Cummings
Yellow Card

Match Stats

77% 22%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 4 2
Total Passes 611 179
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Brazil remain unbeaten following their World Cup exit, but their winning streak has now come to an end with this draw as has their run of six clean sheets. Tite didn't look happy as he left the pitch at the end of the game and he will be hoping his side can produce a better performance when they face Czech Republic on Tuesday. Panama still haven't ended their winless streak, but Dely Valdes will be able to take a lot of positives from the match. 
Panama put in a great defensive performance to earn a 1-1 draw with Brazil. Paqueta had given Brazil the lead just after the half hour mark with his first goal for his country after finding the back of the net from a tight angle. It took Panama less than five minutes to get an equaliser though as Machado got on the end of Rodriguez's free-kick and looped his header over Ederson. Brazil dominated throughout the game and did hit the crossbar twice, first through Richarlison's volley before Casemiro's header also bounced off the woodwork. Cummings also hit the bar and Panama almost snatched a late winner, but Nelson could only find the side netting with his effort. 
90' + 5' PANAMA ALMOST GET A LATE WINNER! It was worked upfield well and it's pulled back to Nelson who is waiting in the middle of the box. He hits the shot first time but he can only find the side netting, but for a second, the fans thought they had scored again.
90' + 4' GOOD CHANCE FOR MILITAO! Brazil have a free-kick right next to the corner flag on the right wing and Coutinho whips the cross into the box. Militao gets on the end of it, but it looks like it comes off his shoulder before it sails over the crossbar. 
J. Vargas
A. Godoy
90' + 2' Final change for Panama now as Godoy comes off and is replaced by Vargas. 
90' + 1' From a corner, Brazil work the ball across to Casemiro on the right wing and he calmly swings his short cross to the near post, but Escobar gets across to it first and is able to put it out for a corner.
A. Arroyo
José Rodríguez
89' Another change for Panama now and it's Rodriguez who comes off and Arroyo is on in his place.
87' Coutinho tries to curl his cross towards the far post after cutting back inside from the left wing and Jesus comes close to getting on the end of it, but Mejia is quickly off his line again to intercept the pass. 
C. Blackman
M. Murillo
85' Murillo is also taken off and replaced by Blackman.
O. Browne
A. Quintero
85' Quintero is the latest player to come off and he's replaced by Browne.
84' Brazil have dominated possession throughout the game, but their passes into the final third during the second half have been poor. This time it's Fagner who tries to pick out Richarlison, but it's an easy clearance for Escobar. 
E. Walker
A. Cooper
82' Second change by Dely Valdes now as Cooper comes off to be replaced by Walker.
81' Davis played a very risky ball back to Cummings, who just manages to reach the ball ahead of Richarlison. He does go down briefly after the heavy collision, but he is back on his feet without any treatment. 
79' Whenever Panama win a free-kick or throw-in, they are taking their time to get the ball moving again as they try to run down the clock heading into the final 10 minutes of the game.
77' Panama have the chance to move out of their own half now, but Casemiro gets across well to smother Quintero on the right wing and win the ball back for his side and Brazil are once again on the attack.
75' Coutinho whips a cross into the box right on the goal line and Mejia comes off his line to try and push the ball away. He doesn't get it clear very far though and Anderson can't take advantage of him being off his line as his shot is blocked by Escobar.
J. Fajardo
G. Torres
74' Panama make their first change of the game as Nelson comes on for Torres.
L. Mejía
Yellow Card
73' Mejia has been shown a yellow card for time wasting. 
73' Brazil have a free-kick outside the box and it's Casemiro who takes it this time. His shot is well-struck as it curls around the wall but Mejia gets across his line well to make the save.
Felipe Anderson
72' Third change for Brazil now as Arthur is taken off and replaced by Anderson.
71' CASEMIRO HITS THE CROSSBAR! Coutinho's corner is put into the centre of the box and the captain rises highest to get on the end of it. His header has beaten the keeper but once again the woodwork is rattled. Richarlison does have a chance to put it in on the rebound, but his shot is wide.
70' GOOD SAVE MEJIA! Richarlison is in on goal once again and sets up his shot at a tight angle on the edge of the six-yard box, but the keeper is once again off his line quickly and he smothers the shot and sends it out for a corner.
69' Panama haven't been able to get on the ball much in the last few minutes apart from making the odd interception, but at the minute it's all Brazil going forward.
67' Mejia has gone down after that tackle on Richarlison and is receiving some treatment near his goal line. It doesn't take him long to get back to his feet though and he looks like he's able to carry on.
66' GREAT GOALKEEPING FROM MEJIA! It's great build-up play from Brazil once again and Coutinho chips the ball over the defence and into the box where Richarlison is making the run to get on the end of it. The keeper is quickly off his line though and he slides forward and is able to clear it with a very well-timed tackle.
64' Coutinho takes Brazil's free-kick on the right wing and puts the ball into the crowd of players in the box. Escobar is the first to reach it and he clears it before going down clutching his head, but the referee doesn't stop play and Richarlison almost gets a header away, but Panama get it clear.
62' CUMMINGS HITS THE CROSSBAR! Panama have a free-kick in a similar position to the one they scored from in the first half and this time it's Cummings who gets on the end of the cross and directs his header on goal. He's beaten Ederson, but his shot bounces back off the woodwork. The goal wouldn't have stood if he'd scored though as play was pulled back for offside.
Gabriel Jesus
Roberto Firmino
60' Firmino is the other player to make way and is replaced by Jesus.
Lucas Paquetá
60' Double change for Brazil now as Everton comes on first to replace Paqueta.
59' ANOTHER GOOD CHANCE FOR PAQUETA! Telles put another good cross into the box and picks out Paqueta who turns with the ball so that he's facing the goal. Just as he takes the shot, it looks like he's fouled by Godoy though and the keeper is able to save his effort. The goal scorer is asking for a penalty, but the referee waves away the claim.
57' Panama are getting into some dangerous positions in the final third and are causing Brazil a couple of problems, but their final ball into the box has been poor so far in the second half.
55' Panama have a free-kick on the right wing and Davis is the player stood over it. His cross is sent into a good area at the far post, but it's just too high for the players to get on the end of it and it goes straight out of play.
53' PAQUETA COMES CLOSE! The ball falls to him just outside the box and he tries to curl his shot into the top corner of the net, but he sends it wide of the far post instead.
51' RICHARLISON HITS THE CROSSBAR! Fagner picks him out from the right wing and Richarlison takes the effort first time on the volley and everyone is just stood watching as it flies towards goal, and the keeper looks very relieved as it bounces back off the woodwork.
49' GOOD CHANCE FOR RODRIGUEZ! Panama work the ball well to the edge of the box and the ball falls to Rodriguez who has a go from long range. His shot is drilled on target, but it's straight at Ederson who gets across well to make the save.
48' Brazil have made a bright start to the second half as well and Telles has got into a good position on the left wing to put a cross into the box. He's trying to find Paqueta, but he doesn't make great contact with it and the chance goes to waste.
46' Brazil get the game back underway for the second half!
Tite didn't look very happy as he walked down the tunnel at the half-time whistle and he will feel that his side should be in the lead after they dominated for much of the first half, but they weren't clinical enough when they did get in on goal and they wasted some good chances. Panama will be very happy to go in level at the break, but they will also need to create some more opportunities if they want to stay in this game.
Brazil and Panama go into half-time level at 1-1. Brazil made a bright start to the game and came close to taking the lead first through Firmino's header before Arthur's long-range effort was sent inches wide of the bottom corner. It was Paqueta who put his side ahead though, with his first goal for his country, when he found the back of the net from a tight angle. It took Panama less than five minutes to equalise though, when they won a free-kick and Machado reached the cross first to loop his header over Ederson and into the goal. 
45' + 1' Panama are keeping the ball well in the closing moments of the half, but give the ball away to Telles as they try to mount another attack.
44' Brazil are once again seeing a lot of the ball in the final third, but they just can't seem to find a way through Panama's defence at the minute as they try to find another goal late in the first half.
42' Coutinho was being closed down by three Panama defenders but he managed to cleverly slip the ball through to Paqueta. He sets himself for the shot, but he shows a bit too much of the ball to Cummings who is able to get the danger clear.
40' Panama are pressing much higher up the pitch now and just forcing Brazil to move the ball with a bit more pace than they wanted to. They just anout keep possession though and are able to get out of their own box.
38' GOOD CHANCE FOR RICHARLISON! Brazil are once again on the attack and the forward just pulled away from his defender at the far post to get on the end of Telles' cross, but he can't direct his effort on target.
É. Davis
36' Davis took the free-kick and put his cross into the one area of space in the box without any Brazil defenders in it to pick out Machado.
A. Machado
36' MACHADO EQUALISES FOR PANAMA! From the free-kick, he timed his run just about right to remain onside and was left in a lot of space as he got his head to the ball and his effort looped over Ederson and into the back of the net. 1-1!
Yellow Card
35' Richarlison is shown a yellow card for a foul.
34' Machado puts a long throw-in into the box again for Panama and Torres comes very close to getting on the end of it, but Militao just gets to the ball ahead of him and is able to get it clear.
32' Casemiro's cross was brilliantly looped into the box and missed the crowd of players to pick out Paqueta in all the space at the far post.
Lucas Paquetá
32' PAQUETA GIVES BRAZIL THE LEAD! It was a great ball into the box from Casemiro and Paqueta was left in a lot of space at the far post. He hit his shot low back across goal and the keeper did get a hand to the ball, but he ended up just helping it into the net for his first international goal. 1-0 Brazil!
31' Brazil have once again slowed the pace of their attacks down and Panama are really struggling to get on the ball at the minute as they can't get close to them.
29' Murillo and Quintero link up well on the right wing and it's Quintero who has a go from the edge of the box, but his shot is blocked by Militao. They're claiming there was a handball, but his arm was tight to his side and the referee awards a corner instead.
28' Coutinho takes the free-kick on the edge of the box and he curls it high over the wall, but there isn't any dip on the shot and it finishes high over the crossbar.
H. Cummings
Yellow Card
26' Cummings is shown a yellow card for dragging back Firmino on the edge of the box. 
25' Brazil are keeping possession well now but have just slowed down the pace of their attacks in the last couple of minutes as Panama sit back once again.
23' ARTHUR COMES CLOSE! He gets the ball outside the box once again, but this time he hits his shot low across goal and it comes very close to sneaking in at the bottom corner, but his effort is just wide this time. 
22' Good spell of pressure from Brazil now which started with a good cross into the box by Fagner who tried to pick out Richarlison, but he couldn't get on the end of it. The ball then fell to Arthur outside the box, but his shot was off target.
20' Brazil have a free-kick on the right wing and Coutinho whips it into the middle of the box. Richarlison rises the highest to get on the end of it, but he committed a foul before he made contact with the ball and gives away a free-kick.
18' FIRMINO COMES CLOSE! Coutinho loops a brilliant cross into the middle of the box after cutting inside from the left wing and picks out Firmino. The forward gets his head on the ball but he can't direct his header on target and it is wide of the far post.
17' Brazil are back on the front foot now as Arthur picks out a good pass to Fagner on the right wing, but he can't get away from his defender and his cross is blocked and goes out for a corner which comes to nothing.
15' Tite is looking very frustrated on the touchline and he is urging his players back up the pitch after Panama's recent spell of possession.
13' Godoy puts a long throw-in into the box, but Miranda gets it clear and the ball falls to Escobar who is a long way out from goal. His shot is powerful, but it's straight into the crowd of players at the edge of the box and is intercepted by Torres who is offside.
11' Cooper is down after a heavy tackle by Richarlison and has stayed down in some pain. He gingerly gets back to his feet and the referee awards a throw-in to Panama.
9' Panama have their first bit of real possession following a free-kick, but Davis brings the ball down with his arm in his own half and gives away a free-kick to Brazil.
7' Panama have given away quite a few needless free-kicks in dangerous positions since the start of the match and the referee has pulled across the captain to have a word with him after he took out Firmino with a bad tackle from behind.
5' Richarlison rises highest to get on the end of a long ball in the box and nods it down to Paqueta who hits a powerful shot straight at the goalkeeper, but the whistle goes as Richarlison had been offside.
4' Panama are sitting back very deep and they are allowing Brazil to keep possession around the halfway line and so far they are doing well to keep the space tight so they can't get through.
2' Brazil have made a bright start to the game and are straight on the attack with Richarlison down the right wing, but his touch lets him down when he reaches the byline and it goes straight out of play.
1' Panama get the game underway at the Estadio do Dragao!
The teams are out on the field now, with kick-off just moments away. 
Brazil's last three wins have all been 1-0 victories, but they haven't managed to score more than two goals in a game since their 5-0 win over El Salvador in September. 
Julio Dely Valdes makes 10 changes to the team that lost 3-0 to the USA in January, with only Escobar keeping his place from that game. 
Tite chooses to make eight changes to the Brazil side that beat Cameroon 1-0 in November, with Ederson, Arthur and Firmino retaining their places. 
PANAMA SUBS: Orlando Mosquera, Abdiel Arroyo, Cesar Blackman, Jose Fajardo Nelson, Jan Carlos Vargas, Ernesto Walker, Omar Browne.
PANAMA STARTING XI (5-4-1): Luis Mejia; Michael Murillo, Adolfo Machado, Harold Cummings, Fidel Escobar, Eric Davies; Alberto Quintero, Armando Cooper, Anibal Godoy, Jose Luis Rodriguez; Gabriel Torres. 
BRAZIL SUBS: David Neres, Danilo, Everton, Weverton, Marquinhos, Alisson, Alex Sandro, Gabriel Jesus, Allan, Felipe Anderson, Fabinho, Thiago Silva. 
BRAZIL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Ederson; Fagner, Eder Militao, Miranda, Alex Telles; Arthur, Casemiro, Lucas Paqueta; Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Richarlison.
Brazil are currently on a six-match winning streak following their quarter-final elimination from the World Cup and have not conceded a goal in that time. Panama, on the other hand, have lost five of their last six friendly games since being knocked out of the tournament (D1), which extends their winless run to 11 games in all competitions. 
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the international friendly between Brazil and Panama at the Estadio do Dragao!