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F. Kostić
D. Sow
1 - 2
J. Hauge
Yellow Card
D. Upamecano
Yellow Card
M. Hinteregger
F. Kostić
1 - 1
L. Goretzka
R. Lewandowski
1 - 0

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72% 27%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 10 3
Total Passes 776 293
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That's all for today, goodbye! 
That's Nagelsmann's first loss since taking over at Bayern, but they stay top of the league despite it. He'll be hoping they can bounce back against Bayer Leverkusen after the international break. Frankfurt's first win moves them up to 13th and next up for them is Hertha Berlin in two weeks' time.
Frankfurt come from behind to beat Bayern 2-1 for their first win in the Bundesliga this season. Goretzka gave the hosts the lead just before the half-hour mark after Hinteregger's mistake and slotted his shot into the far bottom corner. Just three minutes later, the captain made up for it though as he thumped in a header at the other end. Gnabry hit the post, but Bayern couldn't capitalise on their pressure. After soaking it up, Frankfurt broke on the counter through Kostic, and he drilled a great goal past Neuer and into the far corner. 
90' + 5' Glasner is urging his players to calm down from the sidelines as we head into the final minute of added time. Kimmich whips another corner into the box and Neuer is closest to it, but he's nudged off the ball by Lammers.
90' + 3' Upamecano gifts the ball back to Hauge on the halfway line and Frankfurt break quickly on the counter again. Bayern flood back towards their own box though and eventually, crowd the visitors off it.
90' + 1' GREAT SAVE! Goretzka lets it run when Sabitzer threads it through to him but rushes to the edge of the D to get it off Choupo-Moting. He gets a lot of power behind the shot and Trapp tips it over the bar with a strong hand.
90' It's still all Bayern here but again, sloppy passing in the final third lets them down. Upamecano goes long to Musiala, who tries to cushion it down towards Choupo-Moting, but Trapp comes off his line to collect it.
88' Davies whips another deep cross in from the left, and it bounces off Muller before falling nicely for Goretzka. He hits the shot on the volley, but he can't keep it down, and it flies high over the crossbar.
86' Bayern's attacks are starting to look frantic as they try to avoid a first defeat under Nagelsmann. Their passing is letting them down in the final third though as Choupo-Moting's flick flies high over Lewandowski.
A. Hrustić
84' Frankfurt are making another change following that goal. Tuta went down with cramp a few minutes ago, and he's not able to carry on, so Hrustic comes on in his place.
D. Sow
83' Sow was late to join the attack, but he set up the goal with a perfectly weighted pass into Kostic.
F. Kostić
83' KOSTIC SCORES! He started the move off by nutmegging Upamecano before leaving the defender on the floor as he cut back inside. Lammers couldn't get a shot away, but it came back out to him on the left and he drilled a brilliant effort in from a difficult angle. It's over Neuer's outstretched arm and into the far bottom corner. 2-1 Frankfurt! 
E. Choupo-Moting
L. Sané
81' Another change for Bayern now as Sane goes off for Choupo-Moting.
80' The Bayern defenders sit back and Hauge is allowed to carry the ball a long way. He touches it out to Kostic, who tries to pull it back to him from the byline, but it's behind him and the hosts come away with it.
J. Hauge
Yellow Card
78' The yellow card is out again for Hauge this time as he takes out Sane's legs from behind to give away a free-kick.
S. Lammers
R. Borré
78' Third change for Frankfurt now and it's Lammers that's coming on for Borre.
D. Upamecano
Yellow Card
77' It's clumsy from Upamecano as he clips the back of Borre's heels, and he's shown a yellow card.
M. Sabitzer
N. Süle
75' Second change for Bayern now as Nagelsmann brings on Sabitzer for Sule.
73' LEWANDOWSKI! Bayern are straight on the attack again and Lewandowski latches onto the throughball on the edge of the box. It's a tight squeeze, but he gets a shot away into the side netting. A belated flag goes up though and it wouldn't have counted anyway.
72' Frankfurt try to break, but Neuer is waiting on the halfway line to intercept the counter, and he lifts a good ball over the top to Muller. He tries to flick it over Trapp and into the back of the net, but the keeper holds it.
J. Musiala
S. Gnabry
70' First change for Bayern now and it's Gnabry that's making way for Musiala.
69' Goretzka cuts back inside from the right to get away from Jakic before whipping a great cross into the box. Lewandowski rushes forward to reach it on the stretch, but can't get any power behind it and Trapp holds it.
67' Frankfurt have everyone back in their own half as they continue to close down the space ahead of Bayern. A rogue pass from Hernandez is intercepted and Kostic is set on the counter, but he can't find a way past Upamecano.
65' GOOD SAVE! The corner is only half-cleared by Frankfurt and Ilsanker's header falls nicely for Sane on the edge of the box. He hits it first time on the volley and Trapp dives to push it away from his near post.
63' CLOSE! Kimmich goes across to take another corner for Bayern and he curls a dangerous cross into the six-yard box. It has Trapp worried as he swings a hand at it. He makes no contact, but it still ends up bouncing just wide. 
J. Hauge
J. Lindstrøm
61' Lindstrom is also going off, with Hauge on in his place. 
D. da Costa
A. Touré
61' There's a double change for Frankfurt here and Toure, who picked up an injury minutes ago, is being replaced by Da Costa.
60' Bayern get it out to Sule on the right again and he brushes past Chandler before whipping an early cross into the box. There's no one waiting in the middle though and Trapp holds onto it.
58' Toure has gone down in the box for Frankfurt, and it looks like he has a problem with his knee. He's straight back to his feet after treatment though, and it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
56' GREAT SAVE! Sule whips a brilliant cross in from the right and Lewandowski stoops in the six-yard box to get his head to it. It's very close range, and Trapp sticks out a leg to deny him with an excellent stop.
55' There are big shouts for a penalty from the Bayern fans and players after Lewandowski goes to ground in the box. He was looking for the contact from Ilsanker though and the referee waves the claim away.
54' Gnabry bundles the ball through to Muller and he squares it into Sane on the left. Frankfurt are quick to get everyone back into their box though and there's no way through for the hosts.
52' There's some sloppiness creeping into Bayern's play and they're struggling to string a run of passes together. Goretzka makes another good interception before laying it off to Gnabry, but his throughball is overhit straight back to Tuta.
A. Davies
Yellow Card
50' Davies tugged back Lindstrom's arm to stop his run and he's shown the first yellow card of the game.
48' Kimmich takes a heavy touch which gifts possession to Jakic through the middle and he looks for Borre with a throughball. He looked to be offside even though no flag went up, but he ended up losing out to Upamecano anyway.
46' Frankfurt get us back underway for the second half! 
Nagelsmann looked a frustrated figure going into half-time after his side dominated in the first half. He'll be expecting a much more clinical performance to regain their lead. Frankfurt started poorly but came to life after Bayern's goal and Glasner will be hoping to pick up where they left off at the break.
It's 1-1 at the break between Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt. The hosts had the better of the early chances before Goretzka broke the deadlock after intercepting Hinteregger's pass and coolly slotted into the bottom corner. Just three minutes later, Hinteregger equalised with a thumping header from a corner. Gnabry then hit the woodwork before Toure was denied by a good save from Neuer.
45' + 1' It looks like Upamecano is going to deal with Chandler's throughball, but Jakic gives him absolutely no time on it and dispossesses him at the byline. He fizzes a lovely, low cross into the box, but no one is there to get a touch on it.
44' OFF THE POST! Goretzka lifts it out to Sane on the left of the box and he plays a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. Gnabry makes a late run onto it at the far post, but his close-range shot rebounds off the woodwork.
42' GOOD SAVE! Sow plays a long ball over the top and Davies is waiting for it to drop on the edge of the box, but Toure cuts in front of him to chest it down. He's one-on-one with Neuer when he hits the shot and the goalkeeper smothers it.
40' Frankfurt are dropping deep to close down the space ahead of Bayern again, but it's patient play by the hosts to try and break them down. They work it out wide to Davies again, but his cross is too high for everyone in the box.
38' Toure is still trying to create something for Frankfurt down the right, and he slides the ball through Sane's legs before surging down the wing. Eventually, he runs into Davies though and can't find a way through.
36' Davies is being closed down quickly so he lifts an early cross into the box. It's ahead of Sane and Lewandowski gets caught on his heels at the far post, so can't do anything with it.
34' It took Bayern scoring for Frankfurt to come alive, but they're pushing for another goal already. Lindstrom drives down the right, but it's a poor cross into the box which Hernandez hooks away.
F. Kostić
32' It's a good corner from Kostic as he whips it into the middle of the box to pick out Hinteregger.
M. Hinteregger
32' HINTEREGGER SCORES! It's a great header as he rises highest on the edge of the six-yard box to get on the end of Kostic's cross. He thumps it over Neuer in the middle and makes up for his mistake that led to the Bayern goal at the other end. 1-1! 
31' GOOD SAVE! Bayern break quickly on the counter again and Sane times his run perfectly to stay onside this time. He breezes past Tuta to get in on goal, but Trapp is quickly off his line to smother the shot.
R. Lewandowski
29' Lewandowski is closed down when the ball comes to him, but he does well to quickly get the ball out of his feet to Goretzka.
L. Goretzka
29' GORETZKA SCORES! He's the one that intercepts Hinteregger's pass and the rebound bounces into Lewandowski. He drives through the middle to get on the end of the return pass and coolly slots his effort past Trapp and into the far bottom corner. 1-0 Bayern! 
27' Again, Frankfurt are sloppy in possession when they do advance out of their own half and Goretzka steps in to intercept it. He spots Sane in space down the left, but the winger sets off too early, and the offside flag goes up against him.
25' WIDE! Sule touches it into Muller on the right of the box before continuing his run into the area. He jinks away from Hinteregger before trying to catch out Trapp at his near post, but he fires it into the side netting from close range.
23' Davies just skips away from Tuta's challenge as he cuts inside from the left. He pulls it back to Gnabry, but again, the first touch lets Bayern down and Frankfurt are able to clear their lines.
21' Frankfurt are meeting Bayern for the 101st time in the Bundesliga. Of the 100 matches so far, Frankfurt have lost 55, more than against any other team.
19' Frankfurt just can't keep hold of the ball when they try to move out of their own half and Kimmich sets his side on the counter. Davies touches it into Muller, who stretches to pick out Lewandowski, but his layoff goes straight to Hinteregger.
17' Gnabry isn't picked up down the right again and is slid in by Goretzka. He has space to cut inside but chooses to square it to Sane instead. His heavy first touch takes it away from him though and Tuta steps in to win it back.
15' Frankfurt clear the initial corner, but it comes back out to Kimmich on the right again. He curls another cross in, which is hit first time by Muller, but his low shot is comfortably saved by Trapp.
13' SAVE! Gnabry is unmarked down the right again and he drills a low ball onto the edge of the area. It's behind Muller, but Jakic gets a foot to it in an attempt at a clearance, and Trapp backpedals as he's forced to tip it over and prevent the own goal.
12' Davies pushes forward down the left and breezes past two Frankfurt players to get to the corner flag. He slips as he tries to turn and whip a cross in which allows the visitors to get the ball back.
10' CLOSE! Goretzka is tripped by Jakic and Bayern have a free-kick in a good position. Sane stands over it through the middle and whips his shot over the wall and towards the near post, but it's just wide.
8' Kimmich's corner is cleared in the middle by Ilsanker and his header almost ends up being a good out ball for Borre. The forward has Hernandez and Muller tight to him though and can't bring it down in the centre circle.
6' Frankfurt go for a more direct approach as Sow switches it out to Chandler on the left. The left wing-back peels off the back of Sule to get into space on the far side, but can't keep it in play.
4' Davies gets away from Toure with some clever footwork down the left before curling a great cross into the near post. Lewandowski gets the flick on, but he sends his header looping high over the crossbar.
2' SAVE! Bayern move the ball upfield much quicker this time, with Sane laying it off to Muller, who then lifts the ball over the top to Lewandowski. He hits it on goal first time, but Trapp gets behind it to push it away. It wouldn't have counted anyway though as the flag goes up.
1' Muller gets the game underway for Bayern! 
The teams are coming out onto the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away! 
Frankfurt won the last Bundesliga encounter with Bayern (2-1) and could win two league games against them in a row for the first time since 1995. However, in Munich, Bayern have won each of the last 12 meetings in the competition.
Oliver Glasner makes three changes to the side that started on Thursday, bringing in Tuta, Ilsanker and Lindstrom. Hrustic and Lammers drop to the bench, along with Paciencia, who is named as a substitute despite scoring the late goal that secured the manager's first win in charge of the club.
Nagelsmann was clearly impressed with the win over Dynamo Kiev in the Champions League in midweek as he names an unchanged line-up today. Benjamin Pavard is serving a suspension after being sent off last weekend, so is unavailable.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT SUBS: Aymen Barkok, Jens Hauge, Diant Ramaj, Daichi Kamada, Goncalo Paciencia, Ajdin Hrustic, Ragnar Ache, Danny da Costa, Sam Lammers.
EINTRACHT FRANKFURT STARTING XI (3-4-2-1): Kevin Trapp; Tuta, Stefan Ilsanker, Martin Hinteregger; Almamy Toure, Djibril Sow, Kristijan Jakic, Timothy Chandler; Jesper Lindstrom, Filip Kostic; Rafael Borre.
BAYERN MUNICH SUBS: Christian Fruchtl, Omar Richards, Bouna Sarr, Tanguy Kouassi, Jamal Musiala, Marc Roca, Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting, Marcel Sabitzer, Josip Stanisic.
BAYERN MUNICH STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Manuel Neuer; Niklas Sule, Dayot Upamecano, Lucas Hernandez, Alphonso Davies; Joshua Kimmich, Leon GOretzka; Serge Gnabry, Thomas Muller, Leroy Sane; Robert Lewandowski.
Bayern remain unbeaten across all competitions this season, with Julian Nagelsmann making an almost perfect start to his time in charge of the club. After opening their season with a draw against Borussia Monchengladbach, they've won their last nine in a row and conceded just six goals in that run. Frankfurt are still looking for their first Bundesliga win this campaign. They did beat Royal Antwerp in the Europa League on Thursday which ended a run of six consecutive draws in all competitions for the club.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Bundesliga meeting between Bayern Munich and Eintracht Frankfurt at the Allianz Arena!