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E. Buendía
Yellow Card
F. Schär
Yellow Card
E. Martínez
Yellow Card
A. El Ghazi
Penalty Goal
2 - 0
45' + 3'
D. Ings
T. Mings
1 - 0

Match Stats

47% 52%
Shots Off Target
Shots On Target 2 1
Total Passes 303 333
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That win lifts Villa up to eighth in the table, but their attention now turns to the EFL Cup on Tuesday when they travel to League Two side, Barrow. Newcastle drop into the relegation zone after failing to win their opening two matches. Next up for them is Burnley in the EFL Cup on Wednesday.
Villa get their first win of the season, with a 2-0 victory over Newcastle. It was a slow first half, with the only piece of quality coming on the stroke of half-time when Mings flicked on a long throw-in to pick out Ings and he scored an incredible overhead kick. El Ghazi fired in their second from the spot, after Lascelles used his arm to block Mings' header. Newcastle thought they had a penalty themselves after a poor challenge from Martinez, but Wilson was offside in the build-up and VAR took away the spot-kick.
90' + 5' The Newcastle fans are filtering out of the stadium already, but the visitors are still pushing for a late consolation. Murphy swings a deep cross into the far post from the right, but it's over Wilson's head and he can't keep it in play.
90' + 3' CHANCE! Joelinton turns away from Mings on the edge of the box before laying the ball off to Almiron, but he can't open up space for a shot. He tees up Fraser on the left, but he curls his effort high and wide of the far post.
D. Ings
90' + 1' And Ings is making way for Villa, with Wesley on in his place.
R. Fraser
J. Willock
90' Both sides are making their final changes now, with Newcastle up first. Willock is going off, with Fraser on to replace him.
A. Tuanzebe
Douglas Luiz
88' Villa's second change sees Tuanzebe coming on to make his first appearance since rejoining Villa on loan, in place of Luiz.
J. Philogene-Bidace
E. Buendía
86' Villa are making their first change of the game now and that yellow card was Buendia's last involvement. Philogene-Bidace is on to replace him.
E. Buendía
Yellow Card
85' There's another yellow card here, this time for Buendia after he catches Willock with a late challenge.
F. Schär
Yellow Card
84' Schar makes up a lot of ground as he closes down Ramsey, but he slides in and clips the back of his heels which earns him a booking.
83' Saint-Maximin makes another good run down the right, catching out Young with some clever footwork. He cuts inside before fizzing a low cross into Wilson, but it's cut out by McGinn on the stretch.
81' Mings stayed down holding his ribs after making another important block for Villa, but he gets back up without needing treatment. Straight from the restart, El Ghazi goes down clutching his face, but there was nothing in it and he's told to get back to his feet.
79' CHANCE! It's a lovely cross into the far post from El Ghazi on the corner, and Ings peels off the back of Lascelles to get on the end of it. He glances his header on but doesn't get his angles right, and it bounces wide of the post.
F. Fernández
78' Newcastle's second change of the game is an attacking one which will bring a change in shape to a back four. Fernandez is the defender making way, with Joelinton on in his place.
77' NO PENALTY! VAR is just checking the penalty to see if Wilson was offside as the ball was played by Willock. It's a very tight call, but he set off too early and there will be no spot-kick for Newcastle.
E. Martínez
Yellow Card
75' Martinez is pleading his innocence, but the referee is in no doubt and shows him a yellow card.
75' PENALTY TO NEWCASTLE! Wilson sticks out a leg to send the ball past Martinez, who rushes off his line. It's a poor challenge as the keeper goes over the top of Wilson, bringing him down just inside the box and giving away a penalty.
74' At one end, Saint-Maximin has a go from long range which he sees blocked by Mings on the edge of the box before Villa counter. Ramsey drives forward through the middle, holding off Almiron, but his effort from distance flies over the bar.
72' Mings has called the medical team across and it looks like he has a problem with his ribs. He's already bandaged up, but extra strapping is being added so he'll be able to continue.
70' CLOSE! Another corner is swung into the box for Newcastle by Ritchie, and this time he picks out Wilson on the penalty spot. He flicks his header towards the near post which has Martinez scrambling, but it bounces wide of the target.
69' Since their return to the Premier League in 2019, El Ghazi (15) has scored more league goals than any other Villa player.
67' Villa are being penned back deep in their own half as Willock pushes forward down the right again. His cross is blocked by Mings at the near post, and Saint-Maximin can't pick out Wilson on the follow-up.
65' It's Schar with the long ball over the top this time, and Wilson leaves Konsa on the floor as he cuts inside from the left. He can't open up space for a shot, so pulls it back for Longstaff, but he fires his effort over the bar.
63' SAVE! Newcastle are looking to get an instant reply here as they go for a more direct route to goal. Almiron goes long to Willock and he drills a low shot across goal from the edge of the box. Martinez gets a strong hand to it, but it wouldn't have counted anyway as the flag goes up.
A. El Ghazi
Penalty Goal
62' EL GHAZI SCORES! He had to wait a while to take the spot-kick, but he confidently fires it into the bottom-left corner. He only takes a short run-up and Woodman dives the wrong way, giving himself no chance of saving it. 2-0 Villa! 
60' PENALTY TO VILLA! VAR has asked the referee to go over and have a look at the monitor to see if Villa should have a spot-kick. It appears Lascelles actually stuck his arm out to block Mings' header. He's very close to the shot, but his arm is high, and David Coote points for a penalty.
58' BLOCK! McGinn swings the free-kick to the far post from the left and Konsa heads it back into the middle of the box. Mings thumps a header towards goal, but Lascelles sticks out a leg to block the effort.
J. Murphy
Yellow Card
57' Murphy loses the ball and he pulls back Ramsey to stop him from breaking away with it. It's a blatant tug and the referee goes straight to his pocket for the yellow card.
56' Newcastle are still pushing forward, but their play in the final third is letting them down. Schar plays a lovely pass over the top out to Saint-Maximin, but his clever footwork doesn't fool Cash, and the defender clears the danger.
54' Almiron does extremely well to keep hold of the ball with Konsa tight to his back before he backheels it into Longstaff. Willock is to his left, but he goes to ground and Newcastle can't find a way into the box.
52' Ings is the fourth player to score in both of his first two Premier League appearances for Villa, after Dalian Atkinson in 1992, Dion Dublin in 1998 and Ross Barkley in 2020.
50' It looks like Newcastle might have another injury problem here as Schar goes down holding his ankle. He's back on his feet after receiving treatment and it looks like he's going to try and carry on.
48' Konsa nicks the ball back after a good spell of Newcastle possession and he goes long, trying to pick out McGinn. The midfielder trips when he brings it down though and Villa can't get it into the box.
46' Villa get us back underway for the second half! 
S. Longstaff
I. Hayden
46' There's a change for Newcastle at the break. Hayden goes off after picking up that injury at the end of the first half, and Longstaff is on in his place.
Villa grew into the game after a slow start and Smith will be pleased that the pressure eventually paid off. His side looked a threat going forward, but they need to be more clinical. As for Newcastle, they couldn't keep up their early pressure and Bruce will be looking for a big improvement after the break so they can get back into this game.
Ings' overhead kick on the stroke of half-time gives Villa a 1-0 lead over Newcastle at the break. There wasn't a shot on target until the goal, but Wilson had an early chance to give the visitors the lead when he was one-on-one with Martinez, but he curled it wide. McGinn and Cash fired over at the other end before Mings flicked on a long throw-in and Ings nestled his overhead kick into the bottom corner.
T. Mings
45' + 3' Mings had a lot of defenders around him, but he did really well to get in front of all of them to flick on the throw-in.
D. Ings
45' + 3' WHAT A GOAL! It's absolutely incredible by Ings! Cash goes long with the throw-in on the right and Mings gets in front of Fernandez to flick it on at the near post. Ings is unmarked in the middle and he goes for the overhead kick. Woodman is stranded on his goal line and it nestles into the bottom corner. 1-0 Villa! 
45' + 2' CHANCE! Ritchie swings another good free-kick into the box and Fernandez rises highest to get on the end of this one. He can't keep his header down though and it lands in the roof of the net.
Douglas Luiz
Yellow Card
45' + 1' The yellow card is out again and being shown to Luiz this time as he trips and clumsily brings down Willock from behind in the process.
I. Hayden
Yellow Card
45' Hayden has a few attempts at tugging back McGinn, and when the Scotsman finally goes to ground, the yellow card is shown to Hayden.
44' Cash makes a driving run down the right, playing a one-two with McGinn so he can cut into the box. The return ball is just too short for him though and Ritchie recovers well to slide in and put it out for a corner.
42' Hayden has gone down now in need of treatment and it looks like he has a problem with his knee. After being seen by the medical team, he limps to the side of the pitch, but it looks like he's going to carry on.
C. Wilson
Yellow Card
41' Wilson had his hands all over Mings as he held off the defender while waiting for Murphy's cross. When he catches him in the face, the referee blows his whistle and he's shown a yellow card.
40' It's a sloppy pass out from Schar in his own box and El Ghazi squares it to Ings on the edge of the box. He tries to lay it off to Ramsey instead of going for goal himself and it's the wrong option as Fernandez clears his lines. Newcastle get away with one there! 
38' Villa are keeping the pressure on here and Young swings another free-kick into this box. Buendia picks it up at the far post and loops it towards Mings at the back, but it's cut out by Hayden in front of the defender.
36' Young's first-time cross takes a slight deflection off Schar, which actually ends up helping to Ings at the near post. He has two defenders with him, so has to go back to Young, but this time his cross is headed away by Fernandez.
34' Young whips a deep free-kick into the box and Konsa can only flick it onto Buendia on the opposite flank. He pulls it back for Luiz, and it's not clear whether he's having a shot or crossing it, but it ends up flying high over the crossbar.
32' Cash gingerly makes his way off the pitch with the medical team and he's still feeling his ankle. It looks like he's going to try and carry on and he makes his way back on when Woodman takes his goal-kick.
30' Villa have a problem here as Cash is down holding onto his ankle. He looks to be in a lot of pain after he twisted it on his landing and the medical team are on to give him some treatment.
28' Villa take the free-kick quickly down the left and Young's cross is glanced away by Fernandez. It's only half-cleared out to Cash, who lets it bounce before hitting the shot on the half-volley, but it's always sailing over the bar.
26' Murphy goes to ground under challenge from Young and the left-back isn't happy as he feels he's gone down too easy. He's adamant that he didn't make contact and the referee has to go over to try and calm him down.
24' Cash goes to ground, but isn't given the free-kick he was looking for, and Newcastle break on the counter. Hayden drives forward through the middle, but his team-mates are slow to join him in support and the attack fizzles out.
22' Villa are dropping deeper in their own half now whenever Newcastle have the ball and are blocking their way into the box. Almiron knocks it onto Willock, but three defenders close him down and he can't find a way through.
20' It's a great throughball from Ramsey to pick out Ings, who gets in behind Lascelles. Woodman rushes out to close him down, so he squares it across the six-yard box, but he has no one with him in support and the chance goes to waste.
18' The medical team have come on to see to Saint-Maximin after that heavy landing, but they're not on the pitch for long. He's quickly back to his feet after treatment and he'll be able to carry on.
17' Schar's clearance ends up being a good pass for Saint-Maximin and he knocks it past El Ghazi before driving down the right. Luiz sticks out a leg to trip him and it looks like the forward has landed quite heavily on his arm.
15' CHANCE! El Ghazi gets the ball under his feet but still manages to lay it off to Buendia on the edge of the box before he's closed down. The midfielder squares it to McGinn, but his curling effort is always heading wide of the far post.
13' It's better from Villa now and they're knocking the ball around comfortably in midfield. McGinn tries to switch it out to Young on the left, but he sets off too early and the offside flag stops the attack.
11' Villa are unbeaten in their last six Premier League matches against Newcastle (W2 D4) since losing 1-0 back in February 2015. They haven't gone seven without defeat in the top-flight against the Magpies since winning seven in a row between 1955 and 1958.
9' Newcastle win a free-kick on the right and Fernandez floats a cross into the crowd waiting on the penalty spot. Martinez comes out to collect it and is bundled into by Lascelles, and the foul is given against the defender.
7' Newcastle have made a great start to the game and are keeping the pressure on Villa here. It's Willock that drills a cross in from the right this time, but Cash reads it well and slides in to take it away from Wilson at the far post.
5' MISS! There's a coming together between Mings and Wilson as Lascelles lifts it over the top, but the referee doesn't see anything wrong with it. Wilson is one-on-one with Martinez, who rushes off his line, and the forward curls his effort just wide of the far post.
4' Murphy whips a great cross into the six-yard box from the right but Konsa clears it ahead of Wilson. It loops up into the air and he tries to bring it down, but it bounces just out of reach and Villa actually get it away this time.
2' Young plays a one-two with McGinn as he pushes forward down the left and tries to curl an early cross into the box towards Mings. He doesn't get enough on it though and Schar clears it ahead of him.
1' Saint-Maximin gets the game underway for Newcastle! 
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Newcastle have won just two of their last 18 Premier League games in August (D6 L10), beating West Ham at home in 2017 and Tottenham away in 2019.
Bruce makes three changes to his team after the West Ham game. Willock comes in after making the permanent move from Arsenal following his loan spell last season, with Schar and Lascelles also brought in. Krafth and Clark start on the bench, while Jonjo Shelvey misses out with a calf injury picked up in that match.
Dean Smith makes just two changes to the side after the loss to Watford last Saturday. Ramsey and Luiz, who is available again after returning from the Olympics, come into the team. Targett and Nakamba drop to the bench.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Ryan Fraser, Sean Longstaff, Dwight Gayle, Jamal Lewis, Ciaran Clark, Emil Krafth, Mark Gillespie, Joelinton, Jeff Hendrick.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (5-3-2): Freddy Woodman; Jacob Murphy, Fabian Schar, Federico Fernandez, Jamaal Lascelles, Matt Ritchie; Isaac Hayden, Joe Willock, Miguel Almiron; Callum Wilson, Allan Saint-Maximin.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Jaden Philogene-Bidace, Wesley, Kortney Hause, Carney Chukwuemeka, Conor Hourihane, Matt Targett, Jed Steer, Axel Tuanzebe, Marvelous Nakamba.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): Emiliano Martinez; Matty Cash, Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Tyrone Mings, Ashley Young; John McGinn, Douglas Luiz; Anwar El Ghazi, Emiliano Buendia, Jacob Ramsey; Danny Ings.
A slow start for Villa last weekend meant that they were beaten 3-2 by Watford at Vicarage Road, despite a late fightback. Newcastle also made a losing start to their season last Sunday. They started brightly, but West Ham came from behind to register a 4-2 victory over Steve Bruce's men. Both teams are looking to get their season up and running by putting their first points on the board today.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Aston Villa and Newcastle United at Villa Park!