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Aston Villa v Liverpool Live Commentary, 02/11/2019

1 - 2
Trézéguet (21)
A. Robertson (87)
S. Mané (90+4)
Villa Park


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So, Klopp's side remain unbeaten in the Premier League and stay six points ahead of Manchester City in second. He'll be pleased with how his side finished the game but will be hoping for a better performance against Genk in the Champions League. Smith will be disappointed as his side came so close to winning that game, only to let it slip at last minute. He will want them to bounce back when they face Wolves next time out. 
Two late goals from Liverpool seal a 2-1 win over Aston Villa. The home side led for a long time in the game after Trezeguet scored in the 21st minute when he fired McGinn's cross over the line. Liverpool dominated throughout though and finally got their breakthrough in the 87th minute when Robertson caught out the Villa defenders and nodded home from close range. Then, in the final minutes of stoppage time, Mane flicked his header past Heaton and into the far netting to earn the three points. 
T. Alexander-Arnold
90' + 4' It's yet another brilliant cross into the box from Alexander-Arnold and this time he manages to pick out a team-mate to set up a goal. 
S. Mané
90' + 4' LIVERPOOL LEAD! It's yet another corner into the box from Alexander-Arnold and Mane pulls away from his defender to make the run to the near post and flick his header into the far side netting. 2-1 Liverpool!
90' + 4' Alexander-Arnold is the one to step up to the free-kick and he curls his effort brilliantly over the wall, but can't keep his effort down and it sails just over the crossbar.
90' + 3' Liverpool have a free-kick in a very dangerous position on the edge of the box after Nakamba catches Oxlade-Chamberlain late. The referee tries to play an advantage but Hourihane clears his lines and the set-piece is given.
90' + 1' Hourihane does really well to keep the ball under pressure from two Liverpool defenders on the left before cutting inside to put a cross into the box. None of his team-mates are there though and the away side have the ball again.
89' Liverpool win the ball back quickly from the restart and they are pushing forward once again as they believe they can go on and win this game now. Alexander-Arnold puts yet another great cross into the box but it's cleared by El Mohamady.
S. Mané
87' Mane might not have spotted Robertson's run to the far post until late, but it's a brilliant cross into the box that caused Villa a lot of problems.
A. Robertson
87' ROBERTSON EQUALISES! None of the Villa defenders spotted his run around the back to the far post and he gets on the end of Mane's cross and nods it past Heaton and into the back of the net. 1-1!
J. Kodjia
Aston Villa
86' Villa make their final substitution of the game now as well and it's Kodija that's coming on for Wesley.
N. Keïta
A. Lallana
84' Final roll of the dice for Klopp now as he looks to get something out of this game and it's Lallana that makes way for Keita.
84' ALEXANDER-ARNOLD COMES CLOSE! The ball falls to the right-back on the edge of the box and he decides to have a go himself. It's a great strike and he's looking for the top corner, but he can't get it on target.
83' Liverpool are just slowing down the pace of the game a little bit now as they try to get Villa to break their shape. It's very compact in the Villa box as they have all their players back to close the space ahead of Liverpool.
A. El Ghazi
Yellow Card
Aston Villa
81' El Ghazi is the latest player to be shown a yellow card after he catches Oxlade-Chamberlain with a late challenge. 
80' GOOD CHANCE! It's a sloppy pass from Henderson that gives El Ghazi the ball and he puts a quick cross into the box to find Trezeguet. The Egyptian hits the shot on the volley but sends it just wide of the post.
78' Villa have a rare chance to counter-attack and Hourihane plays a great pass over the top to Trezeguet who holds the ball up well before laying it off to the substitute. Hourihane then squares the ball back into the middle but Wesley can't get on the end of it. 
76' Once again, Villa fail to clear their lines from a corner and Liverpool have an opportunity to shoot. Origi nods it down to Lallana on the edge of the box and he hits the shot first time but it's blocked by Engels.
74' GREAT CHANCE! It's brilliant worked by Liverpool to get the ball to Firmino on the right of the box. He cuts his cross back to Lallana in the middle of the box from the byline but the midfielder can't direct his effort on target. 
C. Hourihane
Douglas Luiz
Aston Villa
73' Second change for Villa now and this time it's Luiz that's coming off to be replaced by Hourihane. 
71' Villa are sitting back very deep in their own half now as Liverpool continue to push forward with more intent as they're desperate to get an equaliser.
Ahmed El Mohamady
F. Guilbert
Aston Villa
69' Smith makes his first change of the game now as well and it's Guilbert that's coming off to be replaced by El Mohamady because of an injury. 
69' Alexander-Arnold picks out Origi at the near post with his corner and the substitute turns with the ball before having a shot. It's a wild effort though that sails high over the crossbar from a tight angle. 
67' Oxlade-Chamberlain almost has an instant impact after coming on. Robertson picks him out with a good cross to the edge of the box and he fires his shot low into the middle, but it's blocked well by Mings. 
A. Oxlade-Chamberlain
Mohamed Salah
65' Salah is the other player to make way as Oxlade-Chamberlain comes onto the field.
D. Origi
G. Wijnaldum
65' Klopp has decided it's time to make some changes and he makes a double substitution. Wijnaldum is the first player to make way and he's replaced by Origi.
63' Mane has either attempted (four) or created (two) six of Liverpool's 10 shots so far.
61' El Ghazi is leading the counter-attack for Villa down the right and whips a great cross into the box. The clearance from Lovren goes straight to McGinn who tries to pick out Wesley, but Van Dijk is there to block it. 
59' GREAT SAVE! Villa don't clear their lines properly from a corner and Alexander-Arnold whips a good cross into the far post to pick out Mane. The forward heads his effort on target but Heaton is quickly across to smother the chance. 
V. van Dijk
Yellow Card
58' Van Dijk receives a yellow card after catching El Ghazi with a late challenge. 
57' Just like in the first half, Liverpool are dominating in possession and barely letting Villa have a touch of the ball. They haven't really been able to do anything with it though as it's all in front of the home side.
55' Liverpool work the ball upfield quickly once again and Wijnaldum tries to slip the ball through to Salah, but he can't keep the ball in play. The referee's whistle goes and he pulls play back after spotting a foul by Firmino on Nakamba. 
53' Villa are enjoying a spell of possession in Liverpool's half at the minute, but they're struggling to get in behind the away side. Their passing has been sloppy in the second half and they're giving the ball away needlessly.
51' Luiz pulls away from Robertson and puts a good cross into the box which Wesley tries to bring down but his first touch lets him down and Liverpool are able to clear their lines and set off on the counter again.
49' Villa just can't keep hold of the ball and Liverpool are attacking once again. Robertson plays a short pass to Wijnaldum who has a shot from the edge of the box, but it's a comfortable save for Heaton. 
47' GREAT CHANCE! Mane does really well to get away from Guilbert on the left wing and he curls a brilliant cross into the box. He picks out Firmino in the middle, but the Brazilian's effort is fired straight over the crossbar.
46' Villa get the game back underway for the second half!
Klopp won't be pleased with the scoreline at the break and he will be expecting a lot more from his players when they come back out for the second half. They've had a lot of possession but only managed one shot on target other than the disallowed goal and he will want to see more from his attacking players. Smith will be pleased with how his side performed. They've looked dangerous on the counter-attack and looked solid in defence so he will hope for more of the same.
Villa take a shock 1-0 lead into half-time over league leaders Liverpool. The Reds have dominated throughout the half, but without asking too many questions of Villa. The home side scored through Trezeguet in the 21st minute when McGinn's free-kick was fired into the net. Firmino did have the ball in the back of the net for Liverpool when he scored from close range, but the linesman and VAR both judged he was offside before Mane's cross came in.
45' + 2' Henderson finds himself in a pocket of space on the right and he chips a cross over Targett and into the box. Firmino and Mane are both in the middle of the box, but he can't pick out either of them as Villa clear their lines.
45' Villa have all of their players back around their own box defending as Liverpool push higher up the field in search of a goal late in the half. Liverpool are trying to get into the box with some intricate passes, but they just can't find a way through.
43' GOOD CHANCE! Liverpool break quickly and Mane cuts inside before laying the ball off to Salah in the middle of the box. He leans back as he takes the shot though and fires it over the crossbar.
41' Liverpool fans and players are asking for a penalty now as they feel Salah was held in the box. Mane played a throughball into him which he doesn't get to but the referee waves away the claims. 
39' Alexander-Arnold drifts inside from the right again and chips the ball into the box to try and pick out Firmino in the middle. The forward just can't reach it though and Villa are able to clear the danger.
S. Mané
Yellow Card
37' Mane receives the first yellow card of the game for diving. He was under pressure from Guilbert when he went to ground, but there was no contact from the defender.
36' Villa break quickly on the counter-attack after a Liverpool corner and El Ghazi whips a brilliant cross into the box to pick out Trezeguet at the far post. He tries to hit the shot on the volley, but scuffs the shot, sending it well wide of the target.
34' Trezeguet is the first Egyptian to score a Premier League goal for Villa, with Egypt the 32nd different nationality to score for them in the competition (excluding own goals).
32' It's all Liverpool at the moment as they continue to push forward in search of an equaliser. Their final passes into the box have been sloppy though and making it easy for Villa to defend against.
30' Mings and Mane are both trying to go for a loose ball on the edge of the box and there's a tangle of legs that sees both players fall to the ground. There's a half-hearted shout for a penalty from the forward, but the free-kick goes Villa's way.
28' OFFSIDE! Firmino gets on the end of Mane's cross and beats Heaton as he taps it into the back of the net. The flag has gone up for offside though and after a quick VAR check, the goal is disallowed.
26' Alexander-Arnold goes across to take the resulting corner and it's a dangerous ball into the six-yard box. Mings gets across to the near post though just manages to squeeze it past the outside of the post.
25' It's a sloppy pass from Luiz that gives the ball straight to Alexander-Arnold and he decides to go for goal when he reaches the edge of the box. It's a powerful strike, but Engels makes a good tackle to take it over the crossbar.
23' VAR has just had a very long look at the goal to see if Trezeguet was offside before McGinn struck the ball. The fans are getting frustrated with the long check, but go back to celebrating when the goal is given. 
J. McGinn
Aston Villa
21' McGinn curls his cross into a dangerous area into the box and it misses out all of the Liverpool defenders before finding Trezeguet. 
Aston Villa
21' VILLA LEAD! It's a great free-kick from McGinn and Trezeguet is left unmarked at the far post as he runs onto it and fires his shot over Alisson and into the back of the net. 1-0 Villa!
20' Villa have a free-kick on the right wing and Luiz takes it short to McGinn. He starts his run down the wing but is quickly cut off by Mane and wins another set piece for his side. 
18' GOOD SAVE! Van Dijk decides to switch play to Salah, who is making a run into the box from the right, and he picks him out with a brilliant pass. Salah hits the shot first time from a tight angle, but Heaton is at his near post to palm it away.
16' GREAT CHANCE! Henderson finally pulls away from Targett on the right and puts a good cross into the middle of the box. Mane is being marked tightly by Mings but still gets his head to the ball. His effort bounces just wide though.
15' Every time Liverpool go forward, they're trying to make something happen down the right wing, but they're struggling to find space in behind Villa who are now moving as many players into that area.
13' Villa are enjoying a good spell of possession at the moment, but it's all in their own half. Liverpool are keeping their shape well which is making it hard for the home side to find space to push forward into.
11' Alexander-Arnold is making his 100th appearance in all competitions for Liverpool today. Since his debut in October 2016, only Firmino (36), Salah (28) and Milner (22) have more assists for the Reds than him (21). 
9' Villa play a corner short to Targett and he catches out the Liverpool defenders with his cross into the middle. Wesley is waiting for it in the middle, but he can only direct his header wide of the far post.
7' Alexander-Arnold swings a good cross into the middle of the box from a corner and Mane brings it down and touches it onto Salah, but the Egyptian can't do anything with it under pressure from Mings.
5' Liverpool are keeping the ball well at the moment and Lovren puts a very good cross into the box. Firmino just misses it in the middle and Salah can't sort his feet out quick enough to have a shot when it runs through to him.
3' Alexander-Arnold and Henderson link up well down the right side before the right-back gets enough space to swing a cross into the box. He's looking for Firmino in the middle, but Mings reaches it first and heads it clear.
1' GOOD CHANCE! It's worked quickly up the field by Villa and Luiz picks out El Ghazi on the edge of the box. It looks like he's lost the ball under Lovren's challenge, but he keeps it under control. His shot is straight at Alisson though.
1' Henderson gets the game underway for Liverpool!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.
Liverpool have won 13 Premier League away games against Villa, more than they've beaten any other side on the road in the competition.
Jurgen Klopp makes just one change to the team that started against Spurs last weekend. Lallana is the player to come in and is the only one who played from the start against Arsenal in midweek. Fabinho drops down to the bench.
Dean Smith makes eight changes to the side that beat Wolves in the EFL Cup on Wednesday, with only Trezeguet, Luiz and El Ghazi, who scored in the win, retaining their places. Jack Grealish misses out with a calf injury after failing a late fitness test ahead of the game. 
LIVERPOOL SUBS: Adrian, Naby Keita, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Divock Origi, Fabinho, Joe Gomez, James Milner.
LIVERPOOL STARTING XI (4-3-3): Alisson; Trent Alexander-Arnold, Dejan Lovren, Virgil van Dijk, Andy Robertson; Jordan Henderson, Georginio Wijnaldum, Adam Lallana; Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino, Sadio Mane.
ASTON VILLA SUBS: Jed Steer, Jonathan Kodija, Conor Hourihane, Ahmed El Mohamady, Ezri Konsa Ngoyo, Neil Taylor, Henri Lansbury.
ASTON VILLA STARTING XI (4-3-3): Tom Heaton; Frederic Guilbert, Bjorn Engels, Tyrone Mings, Matt Targett; John McGinn, Marvelous Nakamba, Douglas Luiz; Anwar El Ghazi, Wesley, Trezeguet.
Liverpool are still unbeaten in the Premier League so far this season, winning nine of their opening 10 games (D1). In the last week, the league leaders have come from behind twice - beating Tottenham 2-1 on Sunday before scoring a last-minute goal to draw 5-5 with Arsenal in the EFL Cup on Wednesday and winning the penalty shoot-out. As for Villa, they've lost just one of their last six matches in all competitions (W4 D1), although that did come last time out in the league when they suffered a 3-0 defeat to Manchester City.
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