Orlando Pirates' years of transfer wastage: These numbers are TERRIFYING

Orlando Pirates signingsGOAL

Orlando Pirates' quest to buy themselves success in the PSL has likely cost a lot of money but yielded little in results.

Pirates have twice managed to claim the MTN8 cup in the last three years, though it can be argued that it's the easiest competition to win - it only really requires three or, in some cases, just two victories.

Meanwhile in the league, it's now a decade since Bucs have won the title. All the while though the squad has been changing substantially, with players coming in and out but no real progress being made.

In terms of transfer fees, signing on fees, agent fees, relocation costs and salaries, one can only assume that a great deal of money has been laid out.

Pirates are not the only ones - a lot of PSL clubs go the same way, but Bucs turnover seems especially high.

Over the past 10 seasons, a staggering 120 players (give or take a couple, some players were signed more than once) have been purchased or brought in - here's the breakdown, according to Transfermarkt.

The list excludes youth team players who were promoted.