From The Selecao to La Albiceleste - What are the nicknames of the 32 teams heading to the 2022 World Cup?

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The World Cup is the grandest stage of international football where people, art, and culture from across the globe come together. It is a month-long carnival where the finest footballing nations lock horns for the ultimate prize in football.

Almost every football team has got nicknames that gives an insight into their roots or their distinct characteristics. There is usually a story behind each of these monikers that also resonate well with the fans at large. These nicknames would be used by commentators and journalists.

In fact, Brazil, the most successful nation in World Cup history, has got around six nicknames. Argentina are popularly known as La Albiceleste for its colour of the flag and jersey. Cristiano Ronaldo's Portugal are known as The Navigators for their rich naval history whereas England are known asThe Three Lions.

  • Australia fans France Australia World Cup 2018.jpgGetty

    Australia - Socceroos

    The term 'Socceroos' was coined by Sydney-based journalist Tony Horstead who wanted to highlight Australia's iconic kangaroos. The words soccer and kangaroo are combined into a portmanteau word as soccer-roo.

  • dbefab4fdb54d7a94629152f174eac4f06a78655

    Iran - Team Melli

    Team Melli in the Persian language means "The National Team". There are a few other nicknames as well such as Shiran e Iran meaning the "The Iranian Lions", Shirdelan meaning the "Lion Hearts" and "Princes of Persia".

  • Japan Fans, JPOKGetty Images

    Japan - Samurai Blue

    The Japanese team is nicknamed the Samurai Blue in close reference to their historical Samurai background.

  • Qatar National teamGetty

    Qatar - The Maroon

    Qatar is nicknamed The Maroon, corresponding to the colour of their home jersey.

  • Saudi Arabia Fans 150110Getty Images

    Saudi Arabia - Al Akhdar

    Saudi Arabia have got a few nicknames, the most popular one being Al-Akhdar which means "The Greens". They are also known as as-suqur al-akhdar which translates to "The Green Falcons". The third nickname is that of as-suqur al-arabiyyah, the "Arabian Falcons".

  • south korea fans WC Russia 2018Goal

    South Korea - Taegeuk Warriors

    Fans often call the South Korean team The Reds, their primary kit colour. They are also known as the Taegeuk Warriors and the Lions of Asia. Taegeuk is the symbol found on the South Korean flag.

  • Cameroon fans in GabonISSOUF SANOGO/Getty

    Cameroon - Les Lions Indomptables

    The Cameroonian team is called Les Lions Indomptables which means The Indomitable Lions.


    Ghana - Black Stars

    Ghana is known as the Black Stars. They are called so after the black star at the centre of the Ghanaian flag.

  • Morocco fans wave their national flag at the start of their match against AngolaGetty

    Morocco - The Atlas Lions

    Morocco, the six-time World Cup participants, are nicknamed The Atlas Lions after their official national animal the Barbary lion which was also called Atlas lion. The animal is now extinct but used to be found in Morocco.

  • Senegal fansGetty

    Senegal - Lions of Teranga

    Teranaga is a word that is sipped into Senegalese culture which loosely means good hospitality. Hence the team is known as Teranga Lions.

  • 20220614-tunisiaGetty Images

    Tunisia - Eagles of Carthage

    Carthage is an important commune in Tunisia and was also the seat of an ancient civilisation. Whereas, the eagle has its place in the logo of the Tunisian football federation. The team is known as the Eagles of Carthage.

  • Canada celebrate 2022Getty Images

    Canada - The Reds

    The Canadian football team is nicknamed The Reds corresponding to their colour of the home kit. They are also known as the Maple Leafs in close reference to their country flag, which has a maple leaf in it.

  • 140622 Costa Rica Nueva ZelandaGetty

    Costa Rica - Los Ticos

    Costa Ricans are often called Ticos because of their unique way of saying diminutives in Spanish. So, they have the nickname of The Ticos. They are also known as The Selection (La Sele) and The Tricolour ( La Tricolour).

  • Mexico fansGetty

    Mexico - El Tri

    The Mexican team is known as El Tri which means The Tricolour corresponding to the three dominant colours of their national flag.

  • Argentina fans day 16Agencia Uno

    Argentina - La Albiceleste

    The colours of the stripes on their jerseys, and on the Argentina flag are sky blue and white. Hence they are known as La Albiceleste.

  • Brazil fans Toronto 191113Getty

    Brazil - Seleção

    Selecao is a pretty common term in the Portuguese language which means the selected players. Brazilians call every football team 'selecao'. However, the national team is distinguished and is known as 'The Selecao'.

  • Ecuador Fans Argentina Eliminatorias 29032022Getty Images

    Ecuador - La Tri

    Ecuador is also nicknamed La Tri and La Tricolour after their national flag which has three colours.

  • México Uruguay Amistoso 2022

    Uruguay - La Celeste

    Uruguay are nicknamed La Celeste which means the Sky Blue, referring to their jersey colour.

  • Belgium fans Euro 2016Getty Images

    Belgium - Die Roten Teufel

    The Belgian squad is known as Die Roten Teufel which means The Red Devils. It was attributed to the team by former manager Pierre Walckiers inspired by their jersey colour in 1906.

  • Croatia Fans Paris EuroSanjin Strukić/Pixsell

    Croatia - Kockasti

    Luka Modric are co. are known by the nickname of Kockasti which means the chequered ones in accordane to the patern on their national flag.

  • Denmark fans Euro 2020

    Denmark - Da Rod-Hvide

    De Rød-Hvide menas The Red and Whites in Danish. It is inspired from the colours of their primary kit.

  • England - Three Lions

    The Football Association of England has three lions on their logo which is why the English team is known as the Three Lions.

  • France fans, France vs Kazakhstan, 13/11/21, Parc des Princes GETTY IMAGES

    France - Les Blues

    The French team is known as Les Blues beacuse of the blue colour of their jersey.

  • German fans France Germany World Cup 2014 07042014FIFA/Getty Images

    Germany - Nationalelf

    The German national football team is nicknamed as Nationalelf which means the National Eleven. They are also known as DFB Eleven. Die Mannschaft also means The Team.

  • Netherlands fans Oranje-fans Nederlands elftal 11202013PROSHOTS

    Netherlands - Oranje

    The Netherlands team is known as Oranje in correspondence to their home kit colour and the logo of KNVB, the governing body of football in the counry.

  • Poland fansGetty

    Poland - Biało-czerwoni

    The Poland national team's nickname is a bit of a tongue twister as it is known as Biało-czerwoni in Polish. In English, it means the White and Reds.

  • Portugal fans

    Portugal - Os Navegadores

    Portugal has a rich history of famous navigators who criss-crossed the oceans in search of new countries. Hence the national team is known as Os Navegadores which means The Navigators.

  • Serbia Portugal 2021Getty

    Serbia - Orlovi

    The Serbian team is known as Orlovi which means The Eagles in reference to their white double-headed eagle, a national symbol of Serbia.

  • Spain fans in Sochi ahead the World Cup game against PortugalGoal

    Spain - La Roja

    The Spanish national team is known as La Roja which means The Red One. They are also known as La Furia Roja which means The Red Fury.

  • Switzerland FansGetty Images

    Switzerland - Rossocrociati

    The Swiss football team is known as the Rossocrociati which means The Red Cross. They are also known as Nati which means the National team in Swiss.

  • Aaron Ramsey Gareth Bale Wales Ukraine Getty

    Wales - The Dragons

    Wales have been nicknamed the Dragons because of the presence of a fire-breathing dragon on their national flag.

  • USA - Star Stripes

    The United States have a straightforward nickname, the Stars and Stripes, which is inspired party from their national flag and a bit by the striped logo of the United States Soccer Federation. They are also known as The Yanks.