Youth, not Usain Bolt should be A-League priority, says Marco Kurz

Marco Kurz Adelaide United
The Adelaide United coach wants the focus to be on bigger A-League squads and not Usain Bolt

With all eyes on Usain Bolt's A-League trial, Adelaide United coach Marco Kurz believes the focus should instead be on giving young Australians a greater chance of playing in the competition.

Though the Mariners have themselves signed three young NPL players to their squad, the trial of Bolt has dominated headlines and A-League discussion.

For Kurz, that must change and the Adelaide coach has signaled his desire for a larger squad on match days to ensure he can give younger players a bigger opportunity to play.  

"I think the aim for the league must be to improve young Australian players and not bring a sprinter into this position," Kurz said.

"Why not a game-day squad for 18 players and then you can put two young players in the squad and then I can give them game time?

"That's what the league needs. They need strong, good Australian players because the NPL is not strong enough for them to improve. They have to improve in the A-League."

Marco Kurz

Skeptical of Bolt's bid to become a footballer, Kurz stressed the sprint star must add something on the pitch and not simply be used for his attraction off it. 

"I am interested to see what is the next step for Usain Bolt but for sure he must have the quality to play," he said.

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"He is fast enough but I don't know if he is good on the ball or not.

"If you want to improve the league then you must bring quality and he must have a higher quality than the players that are here. That for me is the point.

"If it is only to bring more supporters on game day, it is for me not right. I'd spend the money on other things."