We have a plan for empty stadiums at Euro 2016 - Lambert

The organising committee and French sports minister are developing a plan to play matches behind closed doors at the summer showpiece in case of any terrorist threats

The Euro 2016 organising committee has a plan for empty stadiums at Euro 2016 in case of any terrorist threats, according to its president Jacques Lambert, though he is confident it will not be necessary.

While France played Germany at the Stade de France in November last year, terrorists swept through Paris and killed around 130 people, with the stadium being one of the intended targets.

A bomb was detonated outside the ground but no one inside was harmed, though the incident raised concerns that venues around the country could be targeted at the summer showpiece this year.

And while Lambert and French sport minister Thierry Braillard are adamant there will be no need for stadiums to remain empty during matches, they admit there is a plan in place should the need arise.

"It's not an option I'm working on as president of the organisation," Lambert told RTL. "It is quite legitimate for Uefa services to consider all possibilities.

"We have crisis scenarios to try to deal with all the cases that may arise, including matches carrying over from one day to another.

"Remember at Euro 2012, the game between France and Ukraine was almost postponed because of a colossal storm.

"The empty stadium hypothesis is a working one. I say it is not an option because we are not organising Euro 2016 for that. We want to provide entertainment to people, not to play in front of empty stands.

"There was never an option taken in this direction by the highest level of Uefa, the president or the executive committee.

"Those kinds of decisions are highly political decisions, it cannot simply be the result of study at a level administrative by Uefa."

Braillard added: "At this point, it seems impossible to me. The Interior Ministry worked for months or years with the organising committee over security.

"There were the attacks on November 13, but I remind you that since then, a game has been played Stade de France and everything went very well.

"I remind you that the security of the Stade de France worked very well that night. There was a victim, but there could have been many more if the security system was not complete."