'Totally unacceptable' - Poland FA fumes as FIFA orders Russia to play without flag, anthem and as Football Union of Russia due to Ukraine invasion

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The Poland Football Association has criticised FIFA for ruling that Russia will have to play their next matches without their flag or national anthem and in neutral territory under the name "Football Union of Russia".

The decision comes in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine which began this week.

Russia are scheduled to face Poland in a World Cup qualifying play-off match, initially in Moscow, on March 24, with the winner going on to meet Czech Republic or Sweden.

What has been said?

Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic have all announced that they refuse to play against Russia and called on FIFA to expel the country from the competition.

The Polish association is not happy with FIFA's decision to allow Russia to keep playing, as president Cezary Kulesza criticised the governing body.

"Today's FIFA decision is totally unacceptable," he said.

"We are not interested in participating in this game of appearances. Our stance remains intact: Polish national team will not play with Russia, no matter what the name of the team is."

What has FIFA said?

A FIFA statement read: "First and foremost, FIFA would like to reiterate its condemnation of the use of force by Russia in its invasion of Ukraine. Violence is never a solution and FIFA expresses its deepest solidarity to all people affected by what is happening in Ukraine.

"FIFA calls again for the urgent restoration of peace and for constructive dialogue to commence immediately. FIFA remains in close contact with the Ukrainian Association of Football and members of the Ukrainian football community who have been requesting support to leave the country for as long as the current conflict persists."

The statement then listed the measures that will apply until further notice: "No international competition shall be played on the territory of Russia, with “home” matches being played on neutral territory and without spectators

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"The member association representing Russia shall participate in any competition under the name “Football Union of Russia (RFU)” and not “Russia”

"No flag or anthem of Russia will be used in matches where teams from the Football Union of Russia participate."

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