The Aussie street footballer that caught Neymar's attention

It takes something special to stand out to the Brazilian superstar and one Aussie has just that

Australian street footballer Daniel Cappellaro, also known as D10, is one of just five people from around the world picked to compete in Neymar Jr's Five side at an upcoming tournament in Brazil.

The slick-footed Aussie submitted an audition tape for the competition with the PSG star clearly rating Cappellaro's skills with the round ball and selecting him in his team after a worldwide search.

Considering the odds of being hand picked by Neymar, Cappellaro admits the selection took some time to sink in. 

"When I found out, I couldn't believe it and I also waited until I had received further information - I've had opportunities turn upside down in the past and I didn't want to get over excited," Cappellaro told Goal.

"That being said, when I realised that I was going to play in Brazil, I was over the moon. The closer the date comes, the more excited I get."

Cappellaro's street football skills have seen him previously play in UEFA's Futsal Champions League and even become a character in FIFA Street. 

While always pushing to create more memories on and off the pitch or pavement, Cappellaro concedes playing in Neymar's five-a-side team is a crowning moment. 

"It's strange, I look at my career as a journey - I'm always wanting to achieve something more, and move to the next opportunity or destination," he said.

"This ranks highly though, as Brazil is always a place I have wanted to visit and a country in which I have always wanted to play, as many of my favourite footballers, idols and heroes are from Brazil.

"It's definitely a tick off the bucket list."

After being picked out by Neymar to compete at the tournament in Sao Paulo, getting a photo with the former Barcelona attacker is unsurprisingly one of Cappellaro's goals when the event kicks off next month. 

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"I'm looking forward to playing at the tournament, I think that's an obvious one," he said.

"We also arrive a few days earlier than the other I hope to see a few parts of Brazil and get a better idea of the country.

"I also hope to meet and speak with Neymar, even if it's for a moment and obviously get a few photos."