South Africa 2010 best World Cup but there won’t be another in Africa - Blatter

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  • Blatter named South Africa as best World Cup hosts
  • Former Fifa boss does not see the continent as hosts again
  • Blatter pointed to the high cost of organising tournament

WHAT HAPPENED? Blatter lauded South Africa for hosting the ‘best-ever’ World Cup in 2010 but believes no African country has the capacity to organise the global tournament again, at least not soon.

The former Fifa boss says the expansion of the World Cup to 48 teams means only countries with a lot of money can host it and is also not possible for a single country to carry the burden.

South Africa reportedly spent $7.2 billion to host the 2010 tournament which was won by Spain while Qatar, who hosted the 2022 edition, is estimated to have shelled out $220 billion, the most expensive World Cup in history.

WHAT DID HE SAY? “Africa and South Africa organised the best-ever World Cup because it was done with a big heart and everyone was happy,” Blatter told Marawa Sports Worldwide.

“Unfortunately, there won't be another World Cup in Africa in my life.”

“With 48 teams in the world, you need more than one country to organise a World Cup, which is totally wrong. The movements taking place in football are towards Asia and Arabic countries because there is a lot of money.

“Europe must never forget what they did to Africa with the colonies. So, it’s time to pay something back. To give another World Cup there [Africa] would be nice.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: The 2010 World Cup was lauded for providing a different feel, showcasing the best of African culture with Ghana the standout team from the continent after coming close to making the semi-final.

Morocco is the only African country to have expressed an interest in hosting the World Cup, submitting a joint bid for the 2018 tournament which went to Russia before going it alone for the 2026 event, which was won jointly by the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The North Africans have not given up, however, and still have intentions of hosting the 2030 World Cup alongside neighbours Spain and Portugal.

WHAT’S NEXT? The 2030 World Cup cannot be held in Asia or North America, following the selection of Qatar for 2022, and Canada, Mexico and the United States for 2026, leaving Africa, Europe and South America in the running.

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