Rudiger: Chelsea players should be ashamed of Bournemouth display

Antonio Rudiger Chelsea 2018-19
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The Blues suffered their worst league defeat in 23 years against the Cherries and the defender places the blame with the players, not the manager

Antonio Rudiger has said Chelsea should be ashamed of their performance against Bournemouth on Wednesday night.

The Blues lost 4-0 on the south coast, causing manager Maurizio Sarri to lock his players in the dressing room for 45 minutes after the game, as he searched for answers to Chelsea’s subpar showing.

While Rudiger did not offer an explanation as to what happened on Wednesday, he did claim the performance - which ended in Sarri's side suffering the club's worst league defeat for 23 years - was unacceptable.

“Everyone needs to be ashamed of what happened in the last game,” the Germany international told Sky Sports.

“Everyone needs to think very deeply about that because you can win, lose or draw, but it's the manner which is important.

"In the second half, I can't really describe it. We went out and they scored after two minutes then things went very badly. Nothing came from us - N'Golo [Kante] had a half chance but that was it.

"If you look at the view of football, we made it too easy for Bournemouth by losing the ball up front - everyone knows Bournemouth are going on the counter, and they were waiting for this.

"We have played better this season and that's what hurts, we didn't really try to change this result, that is what is bad

Rudiger has called for calm after the shock defeat and believes that Chelsea’ success during the remainder of the season will depend on their mental strength.

“We call ourselves a top team, but this cannot happen to us,”he said.

Antonio Rudiger

"We have to be mentally strong for the rest of the season. It's clear now, we are Chelsea, there has been a lot of criticism from outside but here we must be cool in our mind and be honest with ourselves.

"Tactics is not my business because I am not the coach, I am a player, but everyone needs to commit again

“We need to go back to basics because it's not normal for a Bournemouth player to take on four defenders and go through.

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"Those basics are to win challenges, to look for challenges. It's nice if you have possession but everyone needs to know what their job is, which is, first and foremost, getting a clean sheet.

"We have to find continuity because right now there are too many ups and downs. We have to win against Huddersfield and show a big reaction after the Bournemouth defeat.”

The Blues will look to bounce back when they host bottom side Huddersfield Town on Saturday.