PFAM urges players to avoid venting on social media

The players' union wants footballers to use the right channel to express their disappointment, and not through their personal social media accounts.

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Rezal Zambery Yahya, the vice president of Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) has reminded all footballers in the country to be careful with what they said on their social media accounts.

In regards to the recent refereeing issues, Rezal stated that many players have been expressing their frustration through their social media.

However, Rezal said the players must be more careful when making any online statements, and must choose the right channel to express their anger and disapointment.

According to Stadium Astro, Rezal said: “Players must not continue the controversy by making statements on their social media because they have the right channels through which to report their dissatisfaction.”

Commenting on the issue, Rezal also stated that there is a need for the referees to improve their communication and message delivery with the players as well.

“The explanation to the players is also important so that the players can understand better the punishments handed by the referee.”

“The right explanation can help the players understand their mistakes and will also help them accept the punishment,” added Rezal.

Earlier this week, the Malaysian FA president Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has urged all responsible parties to find a solution to the refereeing issues immediately.

Tunku Ismail also insisted that match officials can be banned for life they are found guilty of corruption in carrying out their duty.


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