PLAYR: The GPS device bringing Premier League stats to park football

Get ready to analyse your game to a whole new level

Statistics can make or break a footballer, and GPS tracking technology has quickly revolutionised how the world game keeps track of every little detail on the pitch.

Catapult, an Australian company founded by Shaun Holthouse and Igor van de Griendt, have led the charge when it comes to the software and are supplying Premier League clubs Chelsea, Tottenham and Leicester City with their GPS devices. 

Making the most of this experience, they've decided to launch PLAYR - a tracking technology for the ordinary park footballer.

Coming in the form of a vest with a small GPS device slotted into the back, PLAYR covers key metrics including distance, speed, power and even positioning in the form of a detailed heat map.

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These stats are then relayed to the PLAYR's SmartCoach app which are broken down via comparisons to an average professional footballer and a general park footballer to see how performances stack up.


Going one step further, the app then utilises advice from real Premier League coaches as well as general conditioning tips to ensure stats are improved upon over time.

Head of fitness and conditioning at Leicester City, Matt Reeves, praised Catapult's role at the club and is excited to see what PLAYR can do for the average footballer.

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"Catapult has been integral to our recent successes, allowing us to revolutionise our training regime leading to top quality performances on the pitch," Reeves said on Catapult's website.

"The opportunity for aspiring players to now use technology such as PLAYR is fantastic."

The PLAYR system is available now and can be purchased here