Newcastle Jets say no FFA's A-League 'entertainment' proposal

Lawrie McKinna
The club's CEO made it clear the plan to liven up games wouldn't be supported by the Jets

Newcastle Jets supremo Lawrie McKinna has made it clear his club does not support Football Federation Australia's proposal to add entertainment at A-League games.

Football fans were highly critical on social media of the suggestions made by A-League chief Greg O'Rourke, which included controlled flares, music at goal kicks and corners and a World Cup-style fan fest at venues.

Responding to an angry supporter on Twitter, McKinna explained the Jets had not committed to the controversial parts of the FFA's plan.


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"Did the Jets say we were doing any off this stuff?" McKinna tweeted.

"I don’t think we did - so why the threats?"

McKinna also said he hadn't learned much about the entertainment proposal and he expected it to be up the individual club whether they implemented it or not.

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"We have not been told [too] much but it will be up to the individual clubs I would imagine," he tweeted.

Stressed out football fans can relax as it appears these measures are unlikely to forced upon A-League clubs.