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Moutinho: It doesn't matter if it's Man Utd, Liverpool or Watford, Wolves play to win

12:57 am AEDT 2/2/20
Joao Moutinho Wolves 2019-20
The 33-year-old midfielder is impressed by his team's mentality and opened up about his work rate

Joao Moutinho says Wolves always set out to win, no matter who they come up against.

Wolves have had a strong season so far, sitting seventh in the Premier League table and in contention for a place in Europe next term.

Nuno Espirito Santo's team have already beaten defending champions Manchester City twice this term and held the likes of Arsenal and Manchester United to a draw.

And Moutinho says his side do not fear the bigger teams and always plan on taking the three points, regardless of the quality of their opponents.

"We will try to win. It doesn't matter whether it is Saturday's opponents Manchester United or Liverpool, Watford or Southampton, we know that if we compete 100 per cent we have the possibility to win," he said to Sky Sports.

"That is our mentality. That is the kind of team that we are."

He added: "I don't like to lose, no matter what I am playing. Football, tennis, head tennis, no matter what. If I am playing something, I am playing to win. If I am not playing to win, I don't want to play. There needs to be something that moves you, something that inspires you.

"I think it is good for the spirit to have that mentality. You cannot be different when it comes to the small things. Play to win something every day. If you live like that every day then, of course, at the weekend you are going to be winning."

The 33-year-old midfielder has featured in every Premier League, Europa League qualifying and FA Cup match Wolves have played this season.

And he puts his endurance down to his work ethic, saying he puts great effort into training as well as playing the game. 

"I do what I need to do to stay fit. I train well. I eat well. I drink water and hydration drinks," he said. "I rest when I need to rest. I come to training every day as if it is the first day. They are small things but they make a difference.

"I work a lot in the gym on injury prevention. This is important too. You have to believe in this work. You can't just do it because you do it. You have to recognise that if you do this it is good for your body and it will give you something extra that will then help you."

The former Monaco and Porto star continued: "I defend like a man who likes to work too because I know that football is not just about what you do on the ball," he explains. "A team doesn't have the ball for 90 minutes. It is about the recoveries. I do my best to do that and help the team any way I can. If that's a pass, an assist, a tackle or even if it's only running, I do it for the team.

"The defenders attack and the attackers defend. That's how it is here. We play like a team, that's the most important thing. The individual aspect comes afterwards."