Klopp out to ‘fulfil dreams’ as Liverpool seek to end 29 years of title pain

Jurgen Klopp Liverpool 2018-19
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The Reds boss claims that he does not "dream too much" but is aware of the pressure building around him in the battle for Premier League supremacy

Jurgen Klopp is not dreaming “too much” in Liverpool’s Premier League campaign, with the German claiming it is merely his “job to fulfil dreams” after 29 years of title pain.

With the Reds having last captured the English top-flight crown in 1990, they have been forced to watch on as the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City have overtaken them.

That balance of power may be about to change in 2018-19, with Liverpool back at the front of a race they have failed to win for the best part of three decades.

Pressure is building on Klopp and his side, but the man steering the ship at Anfield insists he is not allowing himself to get caught up in the hype which intensifies with each passing fixture.

He told Sky Sports ahead of a trip to West Ham on Monday which could see the Reds restore a five-point lead at the summit: "I don't dream too much. My dream is to stay healthy until I am 96, 97, having no disease, can remember everything. I dream of that. [Being] together with my missus, having grandchildren - that is my dream.

"I don't dream in the job. I am working to be honest! Our job is to fulfil dreams. Not our own ones. Maybe the boys have one. I am not a big dreamer. I am still a happy person."

Klopp added on the expectation around a team which has suffered just one defeat through 24 games: "Somebody told me before the game [Leicester] that if we won we would be seven points ahead.

"Only one team in the history of English football dropped that advantage. It was Kevin Keegan's Newcastle and I thought what do we do with this information? But human beings are like that.

"You can lose something - a lead or something else when you have that feeling - but we don't feel like we can lose something. We don't expect being six, seven, eight, 12 points ahead and then we feel safe.

Liverpool vs Leicester

"We only do our job and so far we have done it really well. That is what we will do again. You decide what you think, I decide what I think.

"We are relaxed in this situation - not too relaxed, it is not that we don't care. We care a lot but we know that we have to give our best until the last match and then we will see what happens and where we will finish the season.

"It is not about losing. It is about the opportunity to win something. We are in the situation that we can win something. Do we think we will win it? No, because we cannot be sure but we can do everything to try and be as high as possible in the table. I can promise that."

It has been suggested that nerves are already starting to show on Merseyside, with two points dropped last time out on home soil against Leicester, but Klopp considers tension to be natural.

He said: "There were a few discussions about the atmosphere in the last game but since I am in when we are 1-0 up the people are not relaxed, because they think we can still concede of course.

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"The atmosphere is completely fine and it is our job to perform on the pitch and create atmosphere. Our crowd is always ready to step in and do their job. No doubt about that.

"Everything is fine but people understandably become a bit nervous in situations like that. That is normal. My experience at [Borussia] Dortmund was no different there. It's not like they celebrate when you are 1-0 down. They pushed us on Wednesday.

"Everything is like it should be but, of course, we haven't won a title for 29 years so it is normal that the people are not used to it. They really care about it and I like that fact."