Indian Football - Ranjit Bajaj and AIFF in Twitter war of words

AIFF Media
Minerva Punjab's owner and the Indian FA's Twitter account wanted to set right a number of talking points on the U17s tie in Goa...

The All India Football Federation's (AIFF) official Twitter account were compelled to lay down the facts, on Thursday 23rd March, when Indian football aficionados debated the loss of the Under-17 World Cup participant national side to Minerva Punjab's academy team on Wednesday evening. 

The Chandigarh-based team recorded a 1-0 win over the Tiger Cubs in Goa, under the close watch of new U17 team coach Luis Matos. 17-year-old Baoringdao Bodo recorded the only goal of the match. 

However, it isn't the nature of the defeat, or the result itself, that seemed to have ticked off a nerve. It is the necessity to set right the number and nature of first team candidates who actually participated in the tie, that seems to be the bone of contention. 

Take a look for yourselves from the Twitter exchanges of the I-League side's owner Ranjit Bajaj and the Blue Tigers'.