Henry Menezes proposes new structure for Super Cup

Henry Menezes
The CEO of WIFA wants teams from the lower leagues to be given a chance to qualify for the tournament..

The first edition of the Super Cup, a tournament that brought together Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League clubs, saw Bengaluru FC crowned winners as they defeated East Bengal in the final.

The tournament saw the bottom four sides of Indian Super League (ISL) and I-League contest in the playoffs before heading into the knockout competition where the top six teams of both leagues were granted automatic entry in the tournament.

Western India Football Association (WIFA) CEO Henry Menezes is not really happy with the format and has put forth a suggestion.

‘’I wrote to the All India Football Federation (AIFF) for the Super Cup to consider not only the ISL and I-League teams but also introduce second division champions and runners-up and to bring every state champion, qualify them and take eight teams into the Super Cup,’’ Menezes told Goal.

‘’This is because then tomorrow every club in India can say that they are a part of the Super Cup.

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''For example, if it is Mumbai: the elite division, the super division, first division, second division and third division champions could play a qualification round in the state and then the best team could get in the Super Cup qualification."

Menezes believes this structure could boost the existence of the lower league teams. ‘’If we can build up a structure like that, I think the interest in the existence of the teams will go up and there will be more search for players in order to build better teams,’’ he commented.

The former General Manager of Mumbai FC is yet to receive a written response from the AIFF but reveals that the Indian FA has shown a positive reaction. "AIFF have had a look at it and they believe it is a great idea. They might introduce in the future, however nothing concrete or in written as well (is out) right now. But their expression was that this is something that could be taken into consideration."