FFA out, Lowy resigns: New constitution approved for Australia's football governing body

Steven Lowy David Gallop Football Federation Australia 20122016
Change is finally happening to how football is managed in Australia

Football Federation Australia as we know it will no longer exist after a decision was made to dissolve the current board at the extraordinary general meeting on Tuesday.

Eight of the 10 state football federations voted in favour of the changes to the FFA's structure put forward from the FIFA-driven Congress Review Working Group.

FFA chairman Steven Lowy confirmed he will resign from his role after the result of the meeting's vote in a press conference held shortly after.

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Under the new FFA model, member federations will receive 55 votes, A-League clubs 28, the PFA seven and a newly established Women’s Football Council 10.

In a separate vote, the federations voted unanimously for the A-League to be separate from the game's governing body - a change which will occur on March 31.

It's understood the shake-up is likely to delay the proposed A-League expansion - with prospective clubs having to wait until the FFA structure has settled before a decision will be announced.