F2Tekkz: The world's best FIFA player who qualified to represent Liverpool in the ePremier League

The esports pro flew from America straight to the qualifier event where he won following 12 hours of traveling and no sleep

Having won three FUT Champions Cups this season, 17-year-old Donovan 'F2Tekkz' Hunt is the clear world number one in FIFA 19 with a staggering 9045 points in the FIFA Global Series Rankings - over 6,000 points more than any other player on Xbox in the world.

The young Englishman has continued his remarkable form by winning qualifiers for both the ePremier League and eNations Cup which will see him represent Liverpool and England in FIFA 19 over the coming weeks.

And the manner in which Tekkz qualified for the ePremier League is remarkable. Tekkz is so good that many would joke that he could beat most players in his sleep but as he told Goal , that was almost the reality in Liverpool:

"I won at Atlanta and I think I had my flight home three hours later and I couldn't sleep during the journey because of the adrenaline from winning. I think I might've managed an hour but not a lot for an eight-hour flight. Then I got to Heathrow and had a four-hour car journey up to Liverpool.

"I went straight there to the event, had no warmup games and I just went into my first game. As I was playing, my eyes kept shutting but I managed to get an early lead in most of my games so I could chill towards the end. I was fully sweating in the first leg games and then playing it cool, keeping the ball in the second leg."

Having not missed a tournament this year, Tekkz has picked up invaluable experience and it shows as he was able to adapt his playstyle to still win despite being completely exhausted.

He has come a long way since his debut at the FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona where he shocked the world and won his first ever tournament. Tekkz has gone to earn many other achievements, but he told Goal that his debut will always be his career highlight:

"I think my biggest achievement was winning my first tournament, the FUT Champions Cup in Barcelona. That will always be my biggest achievement but the ePremier League would 100% be up there because I wanted to play for Liverpool as a kid and play against the likes of Everton and United.

"I can't do that in real life but I can in esports so doing that with the ePremier League would be sick.

"This year has been mental, I expected to do well but not this well. I'm representing my nation, my childhood team and I've won three FUT Champions Cups, although I was hoping it would be more because I've reached the semi-final of every tournament I've been to.

"I'm working on my semi-finals so if I can keep that up I'll hopefully win the ePremier League, the eNations Cup and at the end of the year, the eWorld Cup."

Back when Tekkz qualified for Barcelona, he didn't have access to the best players in the game, so playing with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo was quite the experience for him at the time as he was used to playing with Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah at home.

The ePremier League requires all players to use Premier League players only in their Ultimate Team squads which had Tekkz reminiscing of his tournament debut: "I've got a better team now than I did when I qualified for Barcelona.

"So going back to playing with the lower rated players was actually quite fun, to be honest. Everyone having to use a Premier League team made things quite refreshing. I still prefer using my best players but if I have to use Mane and Salah I don't mind it.

"Squad restrictions have just been put in for the next qualifiers and I'm quite excited for it because everyone is going to be using different teams so every game will be different.

"Personally, though, I prefer having the best players in the game because you can do more things with them, but I still think I'll do really well with these restricted squads."

And you can expect to see Tekkz using a few Liverpool players at the ePremier League too, especially his favourite Dutchman.

"My favourite Liverpool player in FIFA 19 is probably TOTY Virgil van Dijk because he's by far the best player," Hunt said. "He wins every header, you can't run past him, he's just a wall.

"Everyone at the ePremier League will be using TOTY Van Dijk, everyone will be using De Gea, every player will have Kante and every player will have De Bruyne.

"But other than those four, I think it'll be pretty varied. Heading is really good in FIFA at the moment so we could see a lot of tall players but say someone wants to go against the style of FIFA 19, we might see quick players like Hazard and Salah.

"I really liked using Mahrez at the start of the year, I really enjoyed using him before qualifiers with his five-star skills so I might use him again."

Tekkz's incredible year is continuing. And while this will already be a season he will remember forever, it's come with one drawback - he hasn't been able to watch much football.

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"I was going to get a Liverpool season ticket but I was waiting for the schedule of the FIFA Global Series to see how busy I would be.

"I ended up going to a few Liverpool games at the start of the season before qualifiers and events started but I haven't had a free weekend since October.

"I haven't had a chance to go since September but I'm hoping to go to Liverpool vs Porto in the Champions League."