EXTRA TIME: Football fans on Morocco, Egypt and Iran playing on Eid

There's been questions posed on Fifa for asking three Muslim teams to play Fifa World Cup matches on Eid Day, while a fourth was close enough

As you can see there are many soccer fans who celebrated Eid with watching the World Cup, but others found this strange on a religious day.

Even more strange is that the majority of the teams who played in that time window were Muslim based nations. That included Morocco, Iran and Egypt, while Saudi Arabia finished the opening game against Russia about two hours before Eid began.

All four of these nations would be struggling to cope with their energy levels toward the end of games, and three of them conceded late. Egypt lost against Uruguay in the last minute, while Morocco scored an own goal late in injury time.

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The teams can't complain now because they've been aware of this schedule for months. Should Fifa show more respect for Islamic religious days when creating the draw?