Armed with a range of exciting features, EA Sports' FIFA 19 hits the stores!

EA Sports
The popular football-based game has released its latest version and it is a sight to behold.. and play

One of the world’s most hotly anticipated console and computer games, FIFA 19, has finally premiered. 

Electronic Arts’ (EA) FIFA series has commanded widespread fanfare over the years. Now with FIFA 19, the much-loved household moniker looks to make sure aficionados of ‘joga bonito’ expand their nous with a range of innovative features.

Starting with the evolution of ‘Gameplay’, the creators have made significant improvements such as disguised first touch and flick-up volleys which provide not just greater player personalization but also enhanced fluidity and creativity. These features have fundamentally altered the way players will receive and adjust to the ball.

EA has also introduced ‘Dynamic tactics’ which will aid players shift through multiple strategies in the flick of a button. Formations, mentalities, and attacking and defensive play styles are some of the facets which a player can adjust throughout a match, bringing greater variability to their team.

The most significant evolution in the game involves the ‘Timed Finishing concept’, wherein users can enhance the power and accuracy of their teams’ shots on goal by double pressing the ‘shooting’ button with timeliness and precision. The addition is sure to test the players’ ability to manufacture chances and finish them off with aplomb.

Real Player Motion technology, which is the state-of-the-art animation mechanism that captures various spheres of a player’s personality, has also been improved. There is a special focus on tactical shielding, impact balancing and physical jostles. This offers more for users to look forward to with respect to player responsiveness and personality bridging the gap between virtual and reality.  

50/50 battles were another element in the game that made it a challenge to master. With further dependence on user reactions and player attributes, the fight for loose balls across the pitch is set to get even tighter.

Besides the plethora of refurbishments, the game also includes standalone Champions League, Europa League and Super Cup modes - wherein a user can pick a European side and craft their way to the trophy. Official matchday elements such as balls and broadcast accessories will be available in the respective modes.   

Besides Kick-off, Career mode and FIFA Ultimate Team, the presence of a more structured format to fighting the European continent’s most revered trophy adds a layer of competitiveness to the game.

The commentary team for the game has undergone a shake-up as well, with the baritones of Martin Tyler now replaced with the voices of M/s Derek Rae and Lee Dixon. Rae’s excited tone lays the platform for Dixon’s analysis of the move, which is an all-round treat for the users, though they will need some getting used to.

The game will feature the concluding chapter of Alex Hunter’s dramatic ‘Journey’ with the final instalment titled Champions, wherein players will possess Alex Hunter and drive him to UEFA Champions League glory. A fitting end to what has been a brilliant narrative can be expected by the users with Hunter’s evolution and success completely based on their ability.

Now, EA Sports has come up with another bonanza for its dedicated users. Join FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) and win a chance to go on an amazing trip to Europe to watch a Champions League match, complete with tickets, flights and accommodation. 

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Contest is open till 29th October.

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